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First Sightings 2015

 Speckled Wood 10th Mar 
 Brimstone 5th Mar Comma 6th Mar
 Small Tortoiseshell 17th Feb Small White 25th Feb
 Red Admiral 2nd Jan Peacock 9th Jan

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ALERT: Scarce Tortoiseshells in our area! In 2014 there was an unprecedented influx of Scarce (Yellow-legged) Tortoiseshells, which look similar to the (also rare) Large Tortoiseshell. There is speculation that they would have gone straight into hibernation, so keep and eye out for any emerging when the first warm days of Spring arrive! If you are lucky enough to see or photograph one, please try to record the leg colour and an underside shot, as this is a key distinguishing factor between the two

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March 2015
30thWelland Rd Rec Ground, Peterborough (TF193017)Small whiteDavid Withrington12.20 pm - one Small White flying; my first spring butterfly of the year.
30thMill Green Common (TL637013)PeacockRob Smitha single Peacock at lunchtime, before clouding over
30thBack garden Hadleigh, Essex (TQ807876)CommaGraham GodfreyWeather sunny, with slight wind
27thEnd of Springfield Lyons Approach (TL735083)PeacockPatricia CleggOne sunning itself on the bank near stream. Flew off into birch tree.
23rdMaldon (TL862062)PeacockRussell Neaveone
23rdMaldon (TL861054)Small TortoiseshellRussell Neaveone about the garden
21stFowlmere RSPB Reserve (TL405457)Small TortoiseshellDave CurnowSunny conditions, butterfly settling for long periods. Very worn, clearly emerged from hibernation. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
20thPaines Brook, Harold Wood (TQ551912)CommaColin Jupp1 Comma late afternoon.
20thMill Road Cemetery (TL461582)Comma, PeacockNick Ballard1 Peacock and 3 Comma this afternoon
20thGidea Park Sports Ground (TQ531904)CommaColin Jupp1 Comma mid afternoon.
20thGarden in Little EversdenBrimstoneJames FowlerAt least two males enjoying the first sunshine for a few days. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
20thComberton Garden (TL388543)Small Tortoiseshell, BrimstoneTony RobertsSmall Tortoiseshell 1. Brimstone 1
20thColdhams Common (TL474584)Small Tortoiseshell, CommaNick Ballard1 Comma and 4 Small Tortoiseshell. Small Tortoiseshell nectaring on early flowering Blackthorn (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
17thBillericay Norsey WoodRed AdmiralJudy Ashton
13thTollesbuy WickRed AdmiralKevin TaylorCold windy but one Red Admiral
13thNew Shardelows Farm (TL538542)Small TortoiseshellKevin WilsonOne Small Tortoiseshell seen. 10.09am.
12thRise Park, Romford (TQ515911)PeacockColin Juppsingle Peacock mid afternoon.
12thBedfords Park LNR (TQ5292)Small Tortoiseshell, PeacockColin Jupp4 Small Tortoiseshell and 3 Peacock early pm.
11thWitchford (TL4880)Small TortoiseshellStella Wolfe1
11thCoe Fen Cambridge (TL448578)Small TortoiseshellTrevor SawyerSmall Tortoiseshell patrolling the Southern face of the white wall near the back of Peterhouse College. A real sun-trap and often the first place I look for the species each year.
11thBack Garden - CM3 8EL (TQ767982)Small TortoiseshellKen UlrichNectaring on Erysimum Bowles Mauve
10thcambridge botanic gardens (TL455571)Comma, BrimstoneAnn PiperVisited the botanic gardens on a bright warm day.One brimstone seen flying over the gardens and one comma basking in the sun.My first butterflies this year.
10thWeald Brook (TQ562925)Small Tortoiseshell, PeacockColin Jupp1 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 Peacock during 90 minute bird survey in full sunshine, not quite warm enough for more butterflies to emerge.
10thMill Road Cemetery (TL461582)Small Tortoiseshell, PeacockNick Ballard1 Peacock nectaring and a Small Tortoiseshell pair; they don't waste any time... (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo )
10thMill Green Common (TL637013)CommaRob Smithsunny. just warm enough to open its wings slightly
10thGreat Holland Pits EWT (TM202191)Small Tortoiseshell, CommaBob SeagoBoth came through winter quite well (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo )
10thCambourne (TL3159)Speckled WoodSian Williamsfirst one of the year
8thWanstead Park, London E11 (TQ4287)Red AdmiralKathy HartnettOne Red Admiral seen, flying along beside the Ornamental Waters in Wanstead Park. Mild, sunny afternoon.
8thSandbeach Outfall, Dengie, Essex (TM029053)Small TortoiseshellGraham SmithIn small thicket along seawall
8thOrpland Managed Retreat, Bradwell, Essex (TL988069)Small TortoiseshellGraham SmithOn seawall
8thMy garden in Gosfield (TL783295)Small TortoiseshellColin DavisThree Small Tortoiseshells on my heather bank today at 12.15pm. Sunny, breezy 17deg.
8thLangdon HillsRed AdmiralAndrew Cox
8thHorsley Cross Street (TM123287)Small Tortoiseshell, Red AdmiralJim ReedSingle specimen of each species. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
8thHeybridge Gravel Pits (TL858077)Small TortoiseshellRussell Neaveone along seawall path
8thDowns Road, Maldon (TL855070)Small TortoiseshellPatricia CleggOne Small Tortoiseshell flying around near park benches. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
8thBradwell Wick, Essex (TQ975080)Small TortoiseshellGraham SmithOn seawall
8thBradwell St Peter's, Essex (TM032082)Small TortoiseshellGraham SmithNectaring on Cherry Plum
8thBradwell St Peter's, Essex (TM032082)Red AdmiralGraham SmithNectaring on Cherry Plum
8thBedfords Park LNR (TQ5292)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Red AdmiralColin Jupp And Pam DitzelSingles of each, all different individuals to yesterday. Increasing cloud cover during afternoon.
7thWoodwalton Marsh (TL212813)Small TortoiseshellRosalyn Payne1 Small Tortoiseshell basking in a sheltered sunny spot
7thWarley Country Park (TQ584921)CommaColin Jupp1 Comma in the late afternoon sunshine.
7thThe Backwarden EWT Reserve, Danbury, Essex (TL780030)BrimstoneGraham SmithMale flying around fr much of the day. What may well have been the same individual was also seen on 4th.
7thRisebridge Golf Course, Romford (TQ518908)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, PeacockColin Jupp13.00-13.45. On sheltered banks near the A12, 2 Comma and 1 Peacock; on the eastern side of the golf course (TQ524911) 1 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 Peacock. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
7thPaines Brook, Harold Wood (TQ551912)CommaColin Jupp2 Commas mid afternoon.
7thNear Brampton Church (TL205705)BrimstoneCharles NicolFirst butterfly of the season. Active male Brimstone at the edge of the hedgerow.
7thMill Road Cemetery (TL461582)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, BrimstoneNick Ballard3 Brimstone (1 female), 4 Comma, 3 Small Tortoiseshell and 2 Peacock at lunchtime (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo )
7thLinton (TL5547)BrimstoneAlex Petter2 male brimstones seen in garden
7thJermaines Wood, Great Warley (TQ571909)PeacockRob SmithAt the top of the ride
7thIngrebourne ValleySmall Tortoiseshell, Red AdmiralAndrew Cox
7thHorsley Cross Street (TM123286)Small TortoiseshellJim ReedFirst butterfly seen this year in my garden. Sunny 15degC. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
7thGirton hedgerowBrimstoneAlison WebbTwo luminous yellow brimstones flying from hedgerow in warm noon sunshine
7thGarden in Waltham Abbey, Essex (TL383013)BrimstoneAnn SmithSingle male seen in garden at 11.45am
7thEast Fen Road, Soham (TL604734)BrimstoneFrancis WoodroffeMy first brimstone of the year on a mild and sunny Saturday morning.
7thDoggetts Lake (TQ8791)Small Tortoiseshell, PeacockPaul Scott6 x Small Tortoiseshell, 3 x Peacock (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo )
7thBedfords Park LNR (TQ5292)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Red Admiral, BrimstoneColin JuppBetween 10.30-12.45: 3 male Brimstone, 1 Red Admiral, 2 Peacock, 2 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 Comma. (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo )
7thBarrington (TL3950)BrimstonePaddy Grove3 males along hedge on Chapel Hill. Spring at last!
6thPaines Brook, Harold Wood (near A12) (TQ551912)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Red AdmiralColin Jupp1 Red Admiral, 1 Peacock, 1 Small Tortoiseshell (+ 1 Small Tort on the Harold Hill side of the A12) (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo photo )
6thMill Green, Ingatestone, Essex (TL637013)BrimstoneGraham SmithA male appeared for about an hour midday.
6thLinton (TL5547)BrimstoneAlex Petter1 male seen in garden
6thLangham (TM033334)BrimstoneMartin Peersmale Brimstone at end of track to church.
6thGarden in Little EversdenCommaJames FowlerBasking on a grass tussock in sun, 12oC. At 13:00.
5thMaldon (TL861054)Small TortoiseshellRussell Neave1 came down to sun itself on white refuse sack in the garden at 15.10.A sunny and sheltered area, temperature in the shade 8 degrees. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
5thHavering Country Park (TQ505926)Small Tortoiseshell, BrimstoneColin Jupp2 male Brimstones fluttering around low ivy early pm, just out of hibernation. Also Small Tortoiseshell southern area of CP. (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo )
5thGarden in Little EversdenBrimstoneMartha WinterMale flying in afternoon sun by ivy covered wall
5thFleam Dyke (TL541549)BrimstoneNick BallardSingle male Brimstone this lunchtime - my first butterfly of the year!
5thCambridge Botanic Garden (TL458571)Small TortoiseshellRob Pople2+ on heather in Winter Garden, at 13:10.
3rdTemple Grove Park, Essex (TL7101)Red AdmiralKevin TaylorFirst Butterfly of the year
3rdHitchcock Meadows EWT Reserve, Danbury (TL787653)Small TortoiseshellGraham Smith
3rdBlue House Farm EWT Reserve, North Fambridge (TQ877977)PeacockGraham Smith

February 2015
25thSt Ives (TL313712)Small TortoiseshellRob PartridgeA single flew high over the river bridge during a late morning spell of sunshine.
25thFort Road Tilbury (TQ646753)Small whiteAlan DayBright and mild afternoon approx 4pm. Settled on office 2nd floor window. Sorry about the poor quality picture, taken with i-phone at max zoom (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
25thBack garden in Little EversdenSmall TortoiseshellMartha WinterSettled on patio.
18thGreat Holland Pits EWT (TM202191)PeacockBob SeagoSingle individual
18thBedfords Park LNR (TQ5292)Red AdmiralColin Jupp And Pam Ditzel2 Red Admirals in flight together over the EWT car park at 12.30. Our first butterflies of the year.
17thHedgerows Business Park, Chelmsford (near Sainsbur (TL733086)Small TortoiseshellPatricia CleggFlying on grassed area outside offices and near access road.
17thEpping Forest - Long RunningRed AdmiralChristian MossMy first butterfly of the year, Red Admiral sunning itself at Long Running.
17thChurch Yard, Coalhouse Fort, Tilbury (TQ689769)Red AdmiralAlan Day
17thCanvey Island Back Garden (TQ799825)PeacockDiane Day
9thFowlmere Nature Reserve (TL408459)PeacockDoug RadfordIn flight at 14.30 in the sun
9thColne Point EWT (TM102124)PeacockBob Seago1 Flitting around in bright sun 6C
4thGreat Holland Pits EWT (TM202191)PeacockBob SeagoOnly ~ 4C but sunny. 1 Peacock probably wishing it hadn't woken.

January 2015
18thHare Park (TL583589)PeacockKevin WilsonI was pleasantly surprised to see a Peacock butterfly sunning itself on the edge of a log pile. My first butterfly of this year. Tried sending a photo but would not submit.
11thCollier Row Lane, RomfordPeacockCarol & Ian PhillipsSunning itself on the pavement at 1pm
9thMeldreth (TL378458)PeacockJim Reid1 Peacock butterfly sunning itself on rockery
2ndBarrington (TL401499)Red AdmiralPaddy GroveRather surprising to see a Red Admiral flying at around 1.30pm, sunny but only 8degC

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