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April 2019
23rddevil's dyke. race course end (TL048380)Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Dingy Skipper, Holly BlueTrevor Goodfellowonly 2 x holly blues and the odd orange tip. others in singles. dingy skipper at least four just beyond before first steps down (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo )
23rdWandlebury CP (TL494532)Peacock, Brimstone, Large white, Orange-Tip, Small CopperAlan Coulson1 Small Copper. Meadow opposite Cherry Pond. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
23rdHigh Ongar to Fyfield, circular walk. (TL564036)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Small white, Large white, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodRosie & Bill Perkins, Margaret & Jim Dalgarno.r4,Peacock, 2.Small Tortoiseshell, 7,Speckled Wood, 7,Large White, 20+,Small White, 15,Orange Tip.
23rdEssex Way between Gt Waltham / PlesheySmall Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodMike HardwickWarm and sunny only 1 speckled wood
23rdDevil's Dyke (racecourse end) (TL6161)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Dingy Skipper, Holly BlueEdward PollardWalked the full length from car park to A14. 5 Dingy Skipper (with Trevor Goodfellow) in the middle near the July racecourse buildings. At least 1 more close to the car park. 1 Small White, 2 Holly Blue, 7 Peacock, 5 Small Tort., 1 Speckled Wood, 6 Brimstone, 7+ Orange-Tip, 1 G V White. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
23rdCanvey Wick (TQ768833)Peacock, Small white, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Green HairstreakAndrew WoodhouseJust one Green Hairstreak found during an hour's search.
22ndbramptonPeacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Brown ArgusSharon HearleA very early Brown Argus
22ndWillow Park EWT (TQ6887)Peacock, Brimstone, Green-veined white, Speckled WoodRob Smith3.30pm transect - 5 Peacock, 2 Green-veined White, single male Brimstone and a Speckled Wood
22ndRainham/Wennington A13 slip (TQ549802)Peacock, Orange-Tip, Green HairstreakRob SmithThe A13 eastbound cutting between A1306 and M25 looks perfect Green Hairstreak habitat with lots of Broom on disturbed ground. I ventured 100 yards down the slipway and found one on Hawthorn. I would think they are in great number along the main road cutting. Also Orange-tip 2m,1f, Peacock 1 (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
22ndOne Tree Hill (Johnsons west) (TQ700863)Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Grizzled Skipper, Green HairstreakRob Smith3pm disturbed a Grizzled Skipper nectaring on dandelion; could not relocate. Green Hairstreak - probable female looking for egglaying sites in sward. male Brimstone & Orange-tip. singles all species
22ndMatching garden (TL516124)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Brimstone, Speckled WoodBryan RussellM and f brimstone.
22ndGreenway, Beckton (TQ436820)Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Green Hairstreak, Holly BlueRob Smith2 Green Hairstreaks on Field Maple (TQ436820 & TQ438820), Also Orange-tip 2m, Green-veined White 1, Holly Blue 1 (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
22ndGreat Holland Pits EWT (TM101124)Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodRobert SeagoLots of Brimstones including this female egg laying. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
22ndFobbing: old sea wall (TQ720836)Peacock, Speckled WoodRob Smithsingles
22ndFingringhoe EWT (TM048193)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Large white, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Green Hairstreak, Small CopperRosie & Bill Perkins, Linda & George Jenkins.3,Brimstone, 4,Large White, 9,Small White, 3,Green-veined White, 8,Orange Tip, 18+Peacock, 3,Small Tortoiseshell, 1,Comma, 4,Speckled Wood, 3,Green Hairstreak, 1,Small Copper.
22ndDevil's Dyke, Newmarket (racecourse) (TL6161)Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Dingy Skipper, Green Hairstreak, Holly BluePaddy Grove2 or 3 Dingy Skippers found with some difficulty! A couple of Green Hairstreaks, one at each end of the dyke. (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo photo )
22ndDavy Down, Stifford (TQ593800)Peacock, Brimstone, Small CopperRob SmithSmall Copper 6, Peacock 2, Brimstone 1m
22ndBeckton: Royal Docks Road (TQ438817)Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Green Hairstreak, Small CopperRob Smith10.30am - 3 Green Hairstreaks, a pair of Small Coppers - the female was in the clutches of a crab spider. Brimstone 3 (2m,1f), Orange-tip 2f, Green-veined White 2, Small White 1. Also 2 sparring male Green Hairstreaks by Tesco Xtra (TQ440817) (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo photo )
22ndBeckton Alps (TQ431819)Small Tortoiseshell, Brimstone, Green-veined white, Speckled Wood, Green Hairstreak, Holly Blue, Small CopperRob Smithincredible showing of 17 Green Hairstreaks on territory. 3 Speckled Wood, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, singles others (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
22ndAilsworth (TL121997)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Green Hairstreak, Holly BlueMatthew WebbA new site to me for Green Hairstreak locally. 3 seen with an incredibly confiding and docile specimen that enabled close inspection. My best ever view of this species. (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo photo )
21stWeald Brook (TQ562925)Comma, Peacock, Small white, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodColin Jupp2 Orange-tip m+f, 1 Small White, 5 Peacock, 1 Comma, 2 Speckled Wood
21stThaxted (TL607312)Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Large white, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Holly BlueStephen DuttonAll sightings West side of River Chelmer except Holly Blue,female, that was near the town centre
21stRSPB West Canvey MarshSmall Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodTrevor James Hockey20+ Peacocks, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 x speckled Wood, 1 x Male Orange tip, 2x Female Orangetips
21stPound Wood, EWT ReservePeacock, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodTrevor James Hockey2 x speckled wood, 1 x Brimstone, 2 x male Orange Tips, 1 x Peacock
21stPaines Brook, Harold Wood (TQ551912)Peacock, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodColin Jupp2m Orange-tip, 2 Green-veined White, 1 Peacock, 4 Speckled Wood
21stPaines Brook, Harold Hill (TQ549914)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Small white, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodColin Jupp5 Orange-tip (4m,1f), 7 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock, 8 Speckled Wood, 5 Small White
21stNoak Hill (TQ545941)Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Large white, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodColin Juppmale Brimstone, 1 Large White, 3 Orange-tip (2m, 1f), 3 Green-veined White, 2 Small White, 3 Peacock, 2 Comma, 1 Speckled Wood
21stMarsh Farm Country Park, South Woodham Ferrers (TQ8296)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Small white, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodChristopher Rawlings3 Small Tortoiseshell, 3 Speckled Wood, 3 Small White, 1 Green-veined white, 1 Peacock & 1 male Orange Tip.
21stJermaines Wood/Tylers Common (TQ571907)Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodRob SmithOrange-tip 5, Small White 4, Green-veined White 1, Brimstone 2, Peacock 5, Speckled Wood 10
21stColne Point EWT (TM101124)Peacock, Small CopperRobert SeagoGood to see at least 8 Small Coppers
21stCentral Park, Harold Hill (TQ546922)Small white, Large white, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodColin Jupp7 Orange-tip (6m, 1f), 1 Large White, 1 Small White, 6 Sml/GV White, 10 Speckled Wood
21stAudley End (TL5238)Small Tortoiseshell, Brimstone, Small white, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodMartin PeersSmall Tortoiseshell 2, Small White 3, Green-veined White 2, Speckled Wood 2; others single males
20thWanstead Park - Epping Forest (TQ4287)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Holly BlueChristian Moss4 Speckled Woods, 5 Small Whites, 4 Orange Tips, 1 Brimstone, 9 Peacocks & 5 Small Tortoiseshells all seen in the park. Plus a bonus Holly Blue as I walked home. (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo )
20thTiptree Heath (TL882146)BrimstoneRichard BiggWalked the eastern end of the heath and saw only two butterflies one was a Brimstone the other a white which could have been an Orange Tip or Small White.
20thTiptree (TL886162)Peacock, Small white, Orange-TipRichard BiggSpent 35mins. walking meadows which I would think are old gravel workings filled in :- Orange Tip(2),Peacock(1),Small White(2). Other whites were flying in small numbers and some were probably female Orange Tips.
20thRSPB Old Hall Marshes (TL9612)Peacock, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Small CopperGeorge BrownSunny and very warm. Light NE wind. c6 Peacocks, single Green-veined white and male Orange tip, and 4 Small coppers.
20thOver cutting (TL382687)Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Grizzled Skipper, Holly Blue, Small CopperPaddy GroveOne or two Grizzled Skippers seen. Also a pair of squabbling Small Coppers which I was very pleased to see here. I'm pretty sure I saw a Small Heath as well but didn't confirm 100% (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo )
20thOrton Brick Pit, Peterborough (TL174934)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Holly BlueDavid WithringtonSouth side of the main lakes - Small Tortoiseshell(3), Comma(2), Peacock(5), Brimstone(6), Small White(7), Green-veined White(2), Orange Tip(17 males), Speckled Wood(8), Holly Blue(1).
20thGt Holland Pits nature reserve (TM203190)Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Green HairstreakLiz Huxley3+ male orange tip; 2+ peacock; 2 brimstone; 5 speckled wood; 2 green hairstreak; 1 comma. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
20thDoddinghurst Garden.Comma, Brimstone, Orange-TipRosie & Bill Perkins.1,Comma, 2,Brimstone, 2,Orange-Tip
19thWeeleyhall Wood Nature Reserve (TM158210)Peacock, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodGavin Price5 x Peacocks one Male Orange Tip One Speckled Wood
1500hrs warm & sunny but a little breezy. All on the wing
19thWanstead (garden) (TQ409888)Peacock, Large whiteRob Smith1 of each
19thMagog Down (TL488531)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Green Hairstreak, Holly BlueBarbara Massingham-Stubbs
19thM25 embankment Brentwood (TQ572915)Peacock, Small white, Orange-Tip, Green HairstreakColin Jupp6 Green Hairstreaks on oak, hawthorn, hazel and field maple. 11m , 1f Orange-tip, 5 Small White, 10 Peacock, 3 Speckled Wood. At Nags Head Lane (TQ567914) 13 Speckled Wood
19thLong Running Epping Forest (TQ4399)Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodChristian Moss11 Speckled Woods, 4 Peacocks, 3 Orange Tips, 2 Brimstones, 1 Small White. Cracking morning. (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo )
19thLangdon Hills (Dunton Plotlands)Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodAndrew CoxBrimstone-two: Male & female (egglaying).
Orange tip- four males.
Small white- at least six.
Peacock- three.
Speckled wood- two.
19thHolme Fen (TL1989)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Small CopperRosalyn PaynePeacock 14, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Brimstone 1, Small Copper 1, Orange-tip 1, Whites 6 (not stopping to be identified)Green-veined I would think
19thHarold Park (TQ559914)Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-TipColin Jupp2m Orange-tip, 2Peacock, 1m Brimstone near River Ingrebourne
19thHarold Hill (garden) (TQ548926)Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Holly BlueColin Jupp1Holly Blue, 1m Brimstone, 2m Orange-tip, 2 Peacock, mixed whites
19thHare Park Six Mile Bottom (TL583589)Brimstone, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Holly BlueKevin WilsonWhilst gardening late afternoon I noted 4 species of butterfly nectaring on Honesty. Sunny and Warm. 2 Male Orange Tips. Brimstones.1 Holly Blue and 1 Green-veined white. (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo photo )
19thDevil's Dyke, Reach (TL5765)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Brimstone, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Small Heath, Green Hairstreak, Holly BlueNick Littlewood & Rose ToneyEstimates: 6 Small Heath (along railway cutting), 8 Green Hairstreak, 50 Brimstones, 10 Holly Blue, 1 Speckled Wood, 5 Green-veined White, 5 Orange-tip, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 8 Peacock. (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo )
19thCrowsheath Community Woodland (TQ7196)Other butterflyKeith LuscombeA Large Tortoiseshell (Nymphalis polychloros) basking after 5pm. Photos sent to recorder suggest this is the same individual that was seen about 500 yards away by same observer on 1st April
19thComberton Garden (TL387546)Brimstone, Small white, Holly BlueTony RobertsBrimstone 2, Small White 2, Holly Blue 3
19thCanvey Wick (TQ762834)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Small white, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Small CopperAlan Waddoups10 Sp.Wood, 15 Peacock, 3 G-v White,1 Sm.White, 1 sm.Copper, 1 Sm.Tortoiseshell, 1 male Orange Tip between 12.00 and 2.00 pm on a warm, sunny spring day - and not to mention the cuckoos, whitethroats, blackcaps, etc. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
19thBlackmore. Edge of fields & hedgerows. (TQ607999)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Large white, Green-veined white, Orange-TipMargaret DalgarnoVery warm sunny afternoon. ( 3.30 ----4.15.
6 peacock. 3 small white. 4 Brimstone.1 green-veined white. 1 large white. 4 small tortishell.
2 orange-tip.
19thBlack Notley (TL7620)BrimstoneGeorge BrownSunny and warm; light NE wind. 1 Brimstone laying eggs on Alder buckthorns in garden, 12.45p.m. Most leaf buds unopened yet and eggs then laid just below bud. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
19thBelfairs Woods (TQ822876)Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodAlan Waddoups4 Speckled Wood, 5 Peacock, 5 Orange Tip (4m 1f), 6 Brimstone (5m 1f), 3 Comma plus many unidentified whites, on a bright spring afternoon between 3.00 and 4.00 pm. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
19thBarnack Hills + holes (TF077044)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Green Hairstreak, Holly BlueSteve Binding / Paul Fisher09.30am/12.30pm 18c sunny getting warmer all the time but breezy. Green Hs (14) Brimstone (5) male (3) female. Holly Blue (8) Comma (3) Sm Tort (1) Orange Tip (1Female) . The Green hairstreak were found in all areas of the site on Ivy as well as Hawthorn and Apple blossom. Strange no Spec Woods??
19thAversley Wood (TL162820)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Holly BlueRosalyn PayneHad a good walk around the wood, sunny, 20 deg C, little wind. Peacock 4, Brimstone 3, Orange-tip 5, Speckled Wood 1. On the route from St Judith's Field 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 6 Holly Blue
18thWestfield Farm, Comberton, Cambbs (TL374545)Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Large white, Orange-TipTony RobertsPeacock 1, Brimstone 8, Small White 8,
Large White 1, Orange Tip 6
18thRiver Roding walk, Woodford (TQ419926)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Large white, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodJerry Dennis4 male and 2 female Orange-Tio, 1 Brimstone, 5 S White, 2 L White, 1 GV White, 1 S Tort., 5 Peacock, 2 Speckled Wood, 2 Comma
18thOld Railway Line, Comberton, Cambs (TL383546)Brimstone, Small white, Large white, Orange-TipTony RobertsBrimstone 9, Small White 12, Orange Tip 4,
Large White 1
18thNoak Hill (TQ545941)Peacock, Brimstone, Speckled WoodColin Juppmale Brimstone, 3 Peacock, 1 Speckled Wood
18thMill Green Common (TL637013)BrimstoneRob Smitha first female Brimstone of the year for me
18thMaxey Cut, Peakirk (TF173075)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Brimstone, Green-veined white, Orange-TipDavid WithringtonMorning walk along Cut and up towards River Welland: Small Tortoiseshell(3), Peacock(4), Brimstone(6 males), Green-veined White(12), Orange Tip(9 males).
18thHarold Hill (TQ548926)Green-veined whiteColin Juppnectaring on apple blossom in the garden
18thHadleigh Country ParkPeacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Small CopperAndrew Woodhouse5 Peacock, 2 Brimstone, 1 Orange Tip and a Small Copper.
18thGarden (TL9723)Peacock, Small white, Green-veined white, Orange-TipLen Cornwell1 of each. Sunny and warm
18thDagnam Park LNR (TQ5593)Peacock, Brimstone, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodColin Juppmale Brimstone, 2m Orange-tip, 1 Green-veined White, 3 Peacock, 1 Speckled Wood
17thWalk along river Wid from Doddinghurst. (TQ593998)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Large white, Green-veined white, Orange-TipRosie & Bill Perkins.4,Large White, 2,Small White, 1,Green-veined White, 2.Brimstone, 2,Orange-Tip, 17, Peacock, 8.Small Tortoiseshell.
17thTylers Shaw (TQ572916)Peacock, Brimstone, Large whiteColin Jupp1m Brimstone, 1 Large White, 4 Peacock
17thLagoons Perry (TL157671)Comma, Peacock, Red Admiral, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Green HairstreakSteve Binding10.12am / 12.05pm warm sunny 11c and rising. first Green hairstreak of the year here at a different location than usual (1) Brimstones(4)P,cock (1) Red Ad (1) Comma(2) Spec wood (5) Org Tip male. (2) (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
17thJermaines Wood/M25 (TQ571907)Comma, Peacock, Small white, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodColin Jupp5 male Orange-tips incl 3 sparring together, 2 Small White, 2 Green-veined White,, several unidentified, 6 Peacock, 1 Comma, 2 Speckled Wood
17thHarold Court, Thames Chase (TQ558911)Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Green-veined white, Speckled WoodColin Jupp2 male Brimstone, 1 Green-veined White, 2 Small White, 4 Peacock, 1 Speckled Wood
17thGarden in Little EversdenPeacock, Brimstone, Small white, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Holly BlueJames Fowler12:00, warm, sunny and still, numerous Peacock and Brimstone including a female. 5 Orange Tip, three Holly Blue and single Small White and Green-veined White. (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo photo )
17thGarden (TL9723)Small whiteLen Cornwell1 single
17thColdham's Common (TL4758)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Holly BlueEdward PollardWarm and sunny. 20 mins of observations.
4 Small Tort. 5 Speckled Wood. 3 Holly Blue. 2 Orange-Tip. 1 Brimstone. 1 Small white.
17thCherry Hinton old pit (TL485560)Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Holly BluePaddy GroveGood numbers out in the warmer weather. Looked for GHairstreak but nothing spotted
17thCentral Park, Harold Hill (TQ546922)Large white, Speckled WoodColin Jupp1 Large White, 2 Speckled Wood
17thBurwell Cambs (TL589665)Orange-TipPaul CraskeFlew gently across the garden at 1pm today.
17thBarnwell East LNR, Cambridge (TL479582)Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Green-veined white, Orange-TipEdward PollardMy first visit to the site. Surprisingly quiet. Looks like the site is becoming over-grown with hawthorn and bramble.
16thSouth Woodham Ferrers (TQ809967)Brimstone, Small whiteChristopher Rawlings1 of each flying through a garden in Hullbridge Road.
16thSouth Woodham Ferrers (TQ805971)PeacockChristopher RawlingsI fly through our garden
16thMatching garden (TL516124)Peacock, BrimstoneBryan Russell
16thGarden (TL9723)Brimstone, Small whiteLen Cornwell1 of each late morning when it was fairly sunny and warm
16thCambridge Botanic Gardens (TL4557)Peacock, Red Admiral, Brimstone, Small white, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Holly BlueEdward PollardWarm and sunny. Lots about, but casualy obervations during a trip with young family. 4 Holly Blue, 4+ Brimstone, 1 fml Orange-tip, 3 Speckled Wood, 2 Small White, 1 Peacock, 1 Red Admiral.
15thWestlands Park (TL9623)Peacock, Green-veined whiteLen Cornwell2 Peaacocks 1 Green-vein.
15thSawtry Brook (TL167846)Small Tortoiseshell, PeacockRosalyn PayneSunny, 12 deg, windy. 1.30-2pm Small Tortoiseshell 8, Peacock 4
15thMere Way from Cambridgeshire R. College (TL460627)Small white, Speckled WoodScott Boydlunchtime walk along Mereway from behind the college to Milton road/Butt lane. Sunny. 4 small whites and 5 speckled woods
15thHarold Hill: Central Park (TQ546922)Peacock, Small white, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodColin Jupp2 Orange-tip (male and female), 1 ea others
15thHarold Hill (TQ548926)Orange-TipColin Juppmale Orange-tip in the garden
15thHare Park Six Mile Bottom (TL583588)Brimstone, Small white, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Holly BlueKevin WilsonNear to the garden I saw 2 Small whites. 1 Speckled Wood. 1 male Brimstone. 1 male Orange Tip and 1 Holly Blue. 11.35.am-12.30.pm. Sunny but a cool wind.
15thColdham's Common (TL471591)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Red Admiral, Small white, Speckled WoodEdward PollardStrong, chill wind, but sunny. 2 Speckled Wood, 2 Coma, 3 Small Tort. singles of the other species.
14thWanstead Park - Epping Forest (TQ421870)Small Tortoiseshell, Green-veined whiteChristian MossSearching for Orange Tips & Speckled Woods in the Old Sewage Works, none seen as of yet. I did however see my first Small Tortoiseshell & Green veined white of the year. (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo photo )
12thMatching - garden (TL516124)Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled WoodBryan RussellSunny but only 12 degrees
11thCambridgeshire guided bus way (TL464614)Small white, Holly BlueScott Boyd1 small blue and 1 holly blue seen in 30 minute walk along the busway. Light breeze and sunny. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
10thstrethall (TL482406)Small Tortoiseshell, Painted LadySharon Hearlesheltered field edge public footpath
1 PL
3 ST
10thPaines Brook, Harold Wood (TQ551912)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Speckled WoodColin Juppsouth side of A12: a female Brimstone, 3 Peacock, 2 Comma, 1 Small Tortoiseshell & 1 Speckled Wood
10thPaines Brook, Harold Hill (TQ549914)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Small white, Speckled WoodColin Jupp16 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Peacock, 2 Comma, 2 Small White, 1 Speckled Wood
10thHemingford Grey (TL289701)Holly BlueUte Mokros1 male holly blue in garden, early afternoon (sunshine but cool breeze)
10thBorley (TL850423)Peacock, Orange-TipMartin PeersPeacock 2, Orange-Tip male
10thBlackmore. (TQ604993)Peacock, Red Admiral, Brimstone, Small white, Speckled WoodMargaret DalgarnoSunny afternoon with cool breeze. Wind quite sharp so it was a nice surprise to see the butterflies.
At least 6 speckled wood and 2 brimstone.
8thTanholt Pits, Peterborough (TF238017)Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Speckled WoodDavid WithringtonA lovely sunny morning - along the path by the lakes I saw: Peacock (3), Brimstone (3), Small White (7) and Speckled Wood (1).
8thLagoons Perry (TL157671)Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodSteve Binding1.30pm/3.10pm warm sunny 15c+ 4 Orange tip males 1 female mostly on the wing save one on dandelions. 3 male Brimstones. 9 Peacocks sunning as was 3 Comma. 2 Spec woods a bit on the small side looking fresh. (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo )
8thHare Park Six Mile Bottom (TL583588)Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-TipKevin WilsonWalking to my car at 1.45.pm I noted 2 Brimstones,1 Peacock and 1 male Orange Tip. Warm and sunny.
8thGarden (TL9723)PeacockLen Cornwell
8thFordham Estate (TL926288)Comma, Peacock, BrimstoneRichard BiggAn hour and ten mins. walk in warm sun with no wind temp. 17deg. Peacock(4), Comma(3) and a male Brimstone.
8thCambridgeshire guided bus way (TL464614)Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Green-veined whiteScott Boyd30 minute walk along the bus way from Milton road to College at 12.30. Sunny with slight breeze. Saw 4 brimstones, 1 small white, 1 green veined white, 2 unidentified whites, and 1 peacock.
5thJermaines Wood/Tyler's Common (TQ571907)Comma, PeacockRob SmithPeacock 3, Comma 1
4thFootpath off of Harwich Road Little Clacton (TM170205)CommaGavin PriceSingle Comma sunning on hedgerow. Weather breezy cool at 5c sunny intervals
1stStonebridge Corner, Knarr Fen (TF277009)Green-veined whiteDavid Withrington
1stReach end of Devils Dyke and the Burwell rail cutt (TL575653)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Small white, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Speckled Wood, Green HairstreakKevin WilsonI walked the reach end of Devils Dyke and along the Burwell rail cutting. I was pleased to see 5 fresh Green Hairstreaks spiralling over an Ivy covered bush. Other butterflies seen-10 Peacocks,4 Small Whites, 3 Small Tortoiseshells, 2 male Brimstones, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 male Orange Tip, 1 Comma, 1 Green-veined white and 5 unidentified whites. Sunny. Warm out of the breeze. (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo photo )
1stPaines Brook, Harold Wood (TQ551912)Comma, Peacock, Green-veined whiteColin Juppsouth side of A12: 1 Green-veined White, 3 Comma, 1 Peacock
1stPaines Brook, Harold Hill (TQ549914)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Small white, Speckled WoodColin Jupp18 Small Tortoiseshell on nettle banks from Petersfield Ave to A12, 5 Comma, 4 Speckled Wood, 2 Small White
1stMilton Country Park, Cambridge (TL4762)Comma, Peacock, Green-veined white, Orange-Tip, Holly BlueIan JohnstoneSightings between 11:00 and 13:00.
Weather sunny with gentle breeze - Temp about 12'C.
Comma (1)
Orange Tip (1)
Holly Blue (2)
Peacock (1)
Green-Veined White (2)
1stGarden in Little EversdenSmall Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Holly BlueJames FowlerEarly afternoon, cool, still and sunny. 6 Peacock, 4 Small Tortoiseshell, 3 Comma, 3 Brimstone, single Orange Tip and Holly Blue.
1stCrowsheath Community Woodland (TQ7196)Other butterflyKeith LuscombeA Large Tortoiseshell (Nymphalis polychloros) seen in the late afternoon (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
1stCentral Park, Harold Hill (TQ546922)Comma, Peacock, Small white, Green-veined white, Speckled WoodColin Jupp1 Green-veined White, 3 Small White, 4 Speckled Wood, 5 Peacock, 2 Comma

March 2019
31stOrton Brick Pit, Peterborough (TL174934)Peacock, Speckled WoodDavid WithringtonAlong footpath on south side of lakes - Peacock (3), Speckled Wood (1).
31stHolme Fen (TL198896)Comma, PeacockRosalyn Payne & Phil BromleyMidday. 4 comma, 10 peacock
31stHardwick wood (TL3557)Peacock, Red Admiral, Large whiteLouise Bacon, Vince Lea
31stBrampton Wood (TL187701)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodRoger OrbellAlso many Light Orange Underwings around
31stBradwell-on-Sea, Essex (TM030083)Holly BlueJohn SutherbyOne nectaring on cherry blossom in the Othona Camp "meadow" during the afternoon when the sun came out.
31stAversley Wood (TL162820)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, PeacockRosalyn Payne4 peacock, 2 comma. A small tortoiseshell in the field just before you get to the wood. Sunny but a cold wind
30thTylers Common (TQ566905)Small Tortoiseshell, PeacockColin Jupp7 Peacock, 5 Small Tortoiseshell
30thOrwell Chalk PitSmall Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Brimstone, Speckled WoodSharon Brown18 degrees C.
30thOne Tree Hill, Basildon (TQ697861)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Small whiteAlan Waddoups18 x peacock, 2 x Small White, 5 x Small Tortoiseshell, 3 x Comma. All sightings in the area of the Country Park between 2.00pm and 4.00pm.
30thLeez ReservoirOrange-TipGeorge BrownSunny and warm. Male at 11.10a.m.
30thLangdon Hills (EWT Willow Park & Mark's Hill).Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, BrimstoneAndrew CoxBrimstone- three, all males.
Peacock- at least seven.
Comma- one.
Small tortoiseshell- one.
30thJohn Weston Reserve EWT (TM2624)Peacock, BrimstoneSimon & Pat CoxSingle Brimstone & Peacock
30thJermaines Wood/Tylers Common (TQ571907)Comma, Peacock, Small white, Orange-TipColin JuppJermaines Wood, Warley: 1m Orange-tip, 1 Small White, 6 Peacock, 2 Comma
30thHemingford Grey (TL289701)Brimstone, Orange-TipUte MokrosOne male orange-tip flying through garden mid day.
30thHarold Hill (TQ554917)Small whiteColin Jupp3 Small White near the A12
30thGarden (TL9723)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, PeacockLen Cornwell1 of each. Sunny and warm
30thCircular walk from Tollesbury Square. (TL956104)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Holly BlueRosie & Bill Perkins, Linda & George Jenkins.28,Peacock, 2,Small Tortoiseshell, 1,Comma, 1,Holly Blue.
30thCherry Orchard Country Park, Rochford - Eastermn eSmall Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Red Admiral, Brimstone, Small whiteTrevor James HockeyLots of Peacocks 20+, two comma's, two Brimstones, Two small tortoiseshell's, one Red admiral and one Small white. (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo photo )
30thCastor Hanglands (TF117022)Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-TipDavid WithringtonAt the top end of the nature reserve I saw - Brimstone (5), Peacock (4), Comma (1), and Orange Tip (3 males).
30thBack garden (TL969201)Small Tortoiseshell, Brimstone, Small whiteDavid AllenSingles of each.
29thhaddenham cb6 3xdSmall Tortoiseshell, Brimstone, Small white, Holly BlueIan Dickersonbrimstone 2 holy blue 2
29thSt Ives (TL3171)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Holly BlueIan JohnstoneSunny day (15'C) with light breeze.
Male and Female Orange Tip flying around near Slepe Hall playing field.
Holly Blue, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacocks (3) and a Brimstone flying round garden.
29thSouth Woodham Ferrers (TQ805971)Small whiteChristopher Rawlings1 fly through our garden
29thSouth Woodham Ferrers (TQ802966)CommaChristopher Rawlings1 Settle on lawn of a garden
29thSouth Woodford, garden (TQ397900)BrimstoneNick ChallonerFirst brimstone of the year for me
29thRisebridge Golf Course, Romford (TQ523911)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, PeacockColin Jupp4 Peacock, 2 Comma, 1 Small Tortoiseshell
29thRise Park, Romford (TQ515910)Small Tortoiseshell, PeacockColin Jupp7 Peacock, 5 Small Tortoiseshell
29thReach end of Devils Dyke and the Burwell railway c (TL574654)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Green-veined white, Speckled WoodKevin WilsonI walked along Devils Dyke, Reach end to and along the disused Burwell railway cutting. 10.00.am-11.15.pm. Butterflies seen-12 male Brimstones and 3 females,7 Peacocks,2 Small Tortoiseshells, 1 Green-veined white, 1 Speckled Wood and 1 Comma.
29thQueen's Park, Billericay (TQ672968)Peacock, Brimstone, Small whiteAlan Waddoups! Small White, 4 Brimstone (all male), 7 Peacock (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
29thNewmarket Road, Cambridge (TL474593)Holly BlueEdward Pollard1 Holly Blue
29thLangdon Hills (Dunton Plotlands)Comma, Peacock, Red Admiral, Brimstone, Speckled WoodAndrew CoxBrimstone- at least five, all males.
Peacock-at least three.
Red admiral- one.
Speckled wood- one.
29thLaindon West garden.Red Admiral, BrimstoneAndrew CoxBrimstone- one Male.
Red admiral- one.
29thLagoons Perry (TL157671)Comma, Peacock, Red Admiral, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodSteve Binding11.30-2pm v warm sunny 16c slt breeze 7 male Brimstones +1 female. 9 Peacocks. 7 Comma. 1 Red Ad. 2 very fresh Spec Woods. 1 male org Tip. Some of the Brimstones were taking nectar from willow catkins ,violets and ground ivy. Also found a comma on catkins. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
29thItter Park, Peterborough (TF183020)Holly BlueDavid WithringtonOne flew through the middle of the park gardens.
29thHome Farm Road, Houghton (TL284723)Holly BlueJohn WinterbottomOne briefly, on Camellia in my garden; warm, sunny.
29thHolland Haven CP (TM2117)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, BrimstoneSimon & Pat Cox7 Peacocks, 2 Small Tortoiseshells, 1 Brimstone & a Small/G-v White
29thHarold Hill (TQ548926)Comma, Peacock, Small whiteColin Juppsingles. garden sightings, late pm
29thHare Park Six Mile Bottom (TL583588)Orange-TipKevin Wilson1 female Orange Tip settling occasionally but not long enough for me to obtain a photo in my neighbour's garden 1.15pm. Warm and Sunny.
29thGarden in Little EversdenSmall Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Small whiteJames FowlerMild sunny morning. Numerous Brimstone and Peacock. Two Comma and a single Small Tortoiseshell and Small White.
29thGarden Oakington (TL412645)Comma, Peacock, Small white, Holly BlueJulie GroveJust reporting the Holly Blue as the others may have been the gang from yesterday.
29thGarden (TL9723)PeacockLen Cornwellx1 sunny and warm
29thDogsthorpe, Peterborough (TF192010)Peacock, Small whiteDavid WithringtonIn my garden just before noon - Peacock (1), Small White (1).
29thCombertonHolly BlueJames Fowler14:15, sunny and warm. A single Holly Blue flying. First of 2019.
29thColdham's Common (TL4758)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Brimstone, Small whiteEdward PollardWarm and sunny, light breeze. 7+ Brimstone; 3 Peacock; 1 Small Tortoishell; 3 Small White
29thBedfords Park LNR (TQ5192)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Red Admiral, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Speckled WoodColin Jupp1 male Orange-tip, 2 Speckled Wood, 8 Brimstone (7m, 1f), 2 Red Admiral, 38+ Peacock, 9 Comma, 5 Small Tortoiseshell.
28thNew Shardelows Farm near Fulbourn (TL538542)Small Tortoiseshell, BrimstoneKevin Wilson2 sightings of a Brimstone, the first at 11.41. am the second at 1.54.pm. Also 2 sightings of a Small Tortoiseshell, 12.25.pm and 1.14.pm.Sunny and mild.
28thHarold Hill: Paines Brook (TQ549914)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Speckled WoodColin Jupp3 Speckled Wood, 10 Small Tortoiseshell, 3 Comma, 2 Peacock
28thHarold Hill: Central Park (TQ546922)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Small white, Speckled WoodColin Jupp1 Speckled Wood, 2 Small White, 5 Peacock, 2 Comma, 1 Small Tortoiseshell
28thGarden Oakington (TL412645)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Small white, Orange-TipJulie GroveWarm 14C Bright sunshine, slight breeze - 2 Peacock, 3 Small white, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Comma, 1 Male Orange Tip - bit worrying as no sign of Garlic Mustard yet.
28thCambridgeshire guided bus way (TL464614)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Small whiteScott Boyd30 minute lunchtime walk along busway from Milton road to college. Sunny with little wind. 3 brimstone, 4 small white, 1 comma, 3 peacock and 1 small Tortoiseshell (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo photo )
28thBrookside Sawtry (TL167842)Holly BlueRosalyn Payne1 Holly Blue at the edge of the field, mid morning
26thWanstead Park - Epping Forest (TQ423869)Comma, Peacock, Red AdmiralChristian MossThree Commas, Two Peacocks and a Red Admiral seen yesterday in the Old Sewage Works. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
26thDogsthorpe Star Pit (TF212027)Comma, PeacockDavid WithringtonOne Comma and two Peacocks on walk round the reserve.
25thMill Green Common (TL637013)Comma, PeacockRob SmithPeacock 3, Comma 2
25thHare Park Six Mile BottomPeacockKevin Wilson1 Peacock in a sheltered sunny area 10.10.am. Another seen at 4.00.pm in a different area of Hare Park.
25thFletton Lake, Peterborough (TL196963)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Small whiteDavid WithringtonWalk along west side of lake - Small Tortoiseshell (2), Comma (1), Small White (1).
25thBedfords Park LNR (TQ5192)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Small whiteColin Jupp1.25-4.25pm - 2 Small White, 21 Peacock, 5 Comma, 3 Small Tortoiseshell. Both Small White settled and Peacock males on territory in southern area of park
24thSutton Gault (TL424798)Peacock, Brimstone, Green-veined whiteRob Partridge2 Green-veined Whites; Large White on 23rd, yesterday.
24thSt Osyth Creek (TM1055)Peacock, BrimstoneDr Simon Cox4 Peacocks & 1 Brimstone along the public footpath
24thQueens park fields (TQ677965)Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Small whiteMike WheatleyToday was a sunny day with light winds. Saw 8 Brimstones, 6 comma's,9 peacock and 1 small white
24thMatching villagePeacock, BrimstoneBryan Russell3 of each
24thLower Bedfords Road, Collier RowBrimstoneIan Phillips2 male brimstone flying along road adjacent to Bedfords Park 2pm
24thLangdon Hills (Dunton Plotlands)Comma, Peacock, Red AdmiralAndrew CoxComma- three
Peacock- at least seven
Red admiral- one
24thLagoons Perry (TL157671)Comma, Peacock, Red Admiral, BrimstoneSteve Binding1.30/ 2.45pm warm sunny ,breezy in places. Numbers increasing 1 brimstone male, 6 peacock,7 comma, 1 red ad, 1 white u/d (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
24thGarden in Little EversdenSmall Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, Brimstone, Speckled WoodJames Fowler11:30, cooll, sunny and still. Numerous male and a single female Brimstone. A single Small Tortoiseshell, my first Speckled Wood of 2019 and two each of Comma and Peacock.
24thGarden Oakington (TL412645)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, BrimstoneJulie GroveMidday 14C Sunny but breezy, 1 Brimstone, 3 Peacock, 2 Comma, 1 Small Tortoiseshell. I cannot remember observing Comma this early they were all on our large flowering Cherry - Prunus pissardii Nigra
24thGarden (TL9723)PeacockLen Cornwellsingleton on warm sunny morning
24thDagnam Park LNR (TQ5593)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, BrimstoneColin Jupp11am-2.30pm - 5 male and 1 female Brimstone, 8 Peacock incl. pair in courtship, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Comma
24thCripsey Brook, Ongar (TL048380)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, BrimstonePeter Merrett
24thCherry Orchard Countrey ParkPeacock, BrimstoneTrevor James HockeyMid morning walk around the western end of Cherry Orchard, i.e towards Grove woods -3 Brimstone , 6 peacocks, one photographed. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
24thCambridge Botanic Gardens (TL454571)Red Admiral, BrimstoneEdward Pollard9+ Brimstones, but only 1 Red Admiral.
24thBradwell St Peters to Marshouse OutfallTM (TM0308)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Red Admiral, Brimstone, Small white, Green-veined whiteGraham Smith22Peacock, 7 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Red Admiral (worn individual), GV White, Small White, Brimstone (male).
24thBeachet Wood, Mount End (TL489007)Peacock, BrimstoneIan WattsApprox 15 Peacocks along the woodland edge. Another 10 or so seen walking between there and Theydon Bois. I guess I saw more of this species in an hour or so today than I saw during the entirety of 2018.
23rdBrookes NR (TL812267)Comma, PeacockRichard BiggMy first sighting of a butterfly this year. in weak sun and temperature 14deg. single Comma and Peacock.
23rdAversley Wood (TL162820)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, PeacockRosalyn PayneSunny, 12 deg, light wind. Small Tortoiseshell on the approach to the wood. 6 Peacock, 4 Comma
21stWoodwalton Marsh (TL212812)Comma, Peacock, BrimstoneRosalyn Payne2pm Warm and sunny 1 Brimstone, 3 Comma, 4 Peacock
21stWoodwalton Farm (TL215814)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, BrimstoneRosalyn PayneSections 1,2,3 of transect. 1 Brimstone, 3 Peacock , 1 Small Tortoiseshell
21stGarden Oakington (TL412645)Small Tortoiseshell, Brimstone, Small whiteJulie GroveBright sunshine 16c no wind, around 3.00 p.m. 1 x Small Tortoiseshell, 1 x Brimstone, 2 x Small White feeding on the last of the Winter flowering Honeysuckle
21stFowlmere RSPB nature reserve (TL407457)CommaJonathan WallaceBasking on the top of a phragmites seedhead.
21stFen Causeway (TL448575)Small Tortoiseshell, Green-veined whiteTrevor SawyerGreen-Veined White nectaring near Fen Causeway at lunchtime on Thursday in weak sunlight
. I followed it to check whether it was a Small White or a GV.
21stChurch Lane, North Weald (TL494045)Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, BrimstoneIan WattsSingles.
20thPilgrims Hatch BrentwoodSmall whiteTom Hyde7am very small freshly emerged Small White front garden.
19thTan Lane Little Clacton (TM173204)PeacockGavin PriceSingle Peacock flew into garden, settled for seconds and then flew on. Sunny intervals no wind.
19thLyonshall Wood, S of Great Leighs (TL7314)BrimstoneGeorge BrownSunny spells, 11a.m.-12.50p.m. 2 male Brimstones.
19thHare Park Six Mile Bottom. (TL583589)BrimstoneKevin Wilson1 male Brimstone seen at 11.03am,and another at 12.34pm.
19thEaton Socon St NeotsSmall whiteSteve Bindingsun ,cloud but warm 1130am. whilst gardening a fresh Small White landed on Daffodils in front of me briefly, possibly looking for nectar before flying off . 1st of the year ?
19thBroadway Cemetery, Peterborough (TL195995)Peacock, BrimstoneDavid WithringtonI saw 3 Brimstones and 1 Peacock.
15thHare Park Six Mile Bottom (TL583589)BrimstoneKevin Wilson3 Brimstones seen in a relatively sheltered area of woodland during brief spells of sunshine. 12.08.pm-12.16.pm. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
14thLong Running Epping Forest (TQ435998)CommaChristian MossVery windy conditions. Saw a Comma briefly in flight before hunkering down in the heather.
13thGarden in Little Eversden lRed AdmiralJames Fowler10:30, sunny, cool and very windy. A singleton landed briefly on a path before flying / being blown away.
5thPebmarsh, woodland & Prestons Lake (TL8531)Small TortoiseshellMartin Peerssingle Small Tortoiseshell on sunny slope below Preston's Lake.
5thHolland Haven (TM2116)Painted LadyGeorge BrownSunny with fresh SW wind, 12.55p.m. Flew in over seawall and settled on sheltered ground with wings open in the sunshine. Very fresh looking.

February 2019
27thnr St Osyth (TM144159)Small TortoiseshellSimon & Pat Coxsingle Small Tortoiseshell on Viburnum in our garden
27thWheatley Wood, Rayleigh (TQ788912)Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Peacock, BrimstoneGraham BaileyEarly pm walk around site. Small tortoiseshell 4, singles each of Brimstone, Peacock and Comma.
27thWanstead Park - Epping Forest (TQ414876)Comma, Red AdmiralChristian MossFour Commas and a Red Admiral seen in the park today. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
27thPaxton Pits (TL199628)Comma, PeacockSteve Binding17c very warm sunny 1 peacock 2 comma in dispute near carparking area
27thNewnham, Cambridge (TL442570)BrimstoneEdward Pollard2 Brimstone in woods next to the Cam
27thMy garden Belfairs Leigh on sea (TQ831698)PeacockDavid ScofieldQuartering up and down garden
27thLagoons Perry (TL157671)CommaSteve Binding2 comma one sunning on gravel track the other on bramble. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
27thHelpston (TF121060)PeacockDavid Withrington
27thGarden, ElyCommaAndrew Munks1 Comma on blossom of plum tree in garden
27thGarden (TL9723)PeacockLen CornwellFirst garden sighting of the year
27thEly CommonBrimstoneAndrew Munks
27thDanbury Common (TL779048)BrimstoneChristopher Rawlings1 seen flying past the Cricketers Arms. 13.00hrs, warm sunshine.
27thCambridgeshire guided bus way (TL463614)Comma, BrimstoneScott BoydOne comma and one brimstone seen flying along hedge at side of the Cambridge guided busway, beside the Science park. Sunny,Still and mild. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
27thBarnwell East LNR, Cambridge (TL479582)CommaRob PopleTwo Commas (see photos) plus a fly-through white sp. (probably Small White). (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo )
27thAversley Wood (TL162820)CommaROSALYN PAYNE1/2 hour walk, a single comma, 2.30 warm and sunny, no wind
26thStrawberry Hill Epping Forest (TQ413965)Comma, BrimstoneChristian MossTwo Commas and a single Brimstone. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
26thSouth ockendon (TQ592823)Small whiteJanet EdmundsIn flight going over the road at 1pm.
26thRear garden. (TL431608)BrimstoneDerek Cull2 Brimstone seen in flight. Bright, warm sunny day.
26thRamsey GC (TL288847)CommaDavid Withrington
26thIngrebourne Valley (TQ543841)Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, BrimstoneDave McGoughsmall Tortoishell 1, Red Admiral 1, Brimstone 2
26thHatfield forestPeacock, BrimstoneMike HardwickSeveral of both species seen
26thGarden in South Woodham Ferrers (TQ809967)PeacockChristopher Rawlings1 fly through garden without settling
26thGarden Oakington (TL412645)BrimstoneJulie Grove3 x Brimstone, 1 x Small Tortoiseshell another glorious day 20C clear sky, no wind. 2.30 p.m.
26thCodham Hall Lane, Warley (TQ585893)Red Admiral, Brimstone, Small whiteAlan WaddoupsSightings were made on a walk from Great Warley. The location given is that where the Small White was seen (at 2.45 pm) (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
25thnr St Osyth (TM144159)CommaSimon & Pat CoxSingle Comma resting on white garden chair
25thWicken Fen (TL556695)Peacock, Red Admiral, BrimstoneKevin Wilson4 Brimstones and 1 Peacock butterfly seen along Harrisons Drove between 12.45.pm-1.15.pm. 1 Brimstone and 1 Red Admiral seen from West Mere Hide 1.35-1.40pm. Sunny, very mild.
25thStansted,Essex (TL528211)Small Tortoiseshell, BrimstonePaul FisherSeen along a field margin near to Stansted airport: Small Tortoishell x1, Brimstone x1.
25thMatching, Garden (TL516124)CommaBryan RussellJust one....
25thLong Running East Epping Forest (TQ437997)Comma, PeacockChristian Moss1 Peacock & 5 Commas all seen very close together. (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo )
25thHome address garden (TL292424)BrimstoneC UpchurchJust the one, very warm day for February about 15 degrees C.
25thHare Park Six Mile Bottom (TL583588)Peacock, BrimstoneKevin WilsonA walk around Hare Park produced sightings of 9 Brimstones and 1 Peacock butterfly. 11.05am.-12.15pm.Sunny and very mild.
25thGarden Oakington (TL412645)Small TortoiseshellJulie GroveAnother bright sunny day thermometer reading 20C but the garden is sheltered 3.00 p.m. 1 x Small Tortoiseshell good condition again feeding on the winter flowering honeysuckle.
25thA garden in Little Baddow (TL785061)PeacockChristopher Rawlings1 Peacock flew in to garden, briefly basked in sun on path before flying off. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
24thnr St Osyth (TM144159)PeacockSimon & Pat CoxSingle Peacock in our garden
24thWoodwalton Fen (TL2284)CommaNick Littlewood & Rose Toney (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
24thWinter garden Anglesey AbbeySmall Tortoiseshell, Comma, Red Admiral, BrimstoneJeffrey RileySeveral Brimstone. One of each of the others.
24thWheatley Wood, Rayleigh (TQ788912)Small TortoiseshellGraham Bailey2 Small tortoiseshells at about 4 pm
24thThorndon Park (north)Red AdmiralAndrew CoxRed admiral- one,in Good condition, feeding on viburnum.
24thSt Ives gardenBrimstoneJill Sutherland16C sunny.
24thRamsey Height NR (TL2484)BrimstoneNick Littlewood & Rose Toneyc.5 seen
24thOakington, high Street (TL412645)BrimstoneJulie GroveOne Brimstone flying across the Churchyard so possibly not the one recorded on 23rd. Bright sunshine, light breeze 16.4C 2.30p.m.
24thMill Green Common (TL637013)CommaRob Smitha single on the edge of the heath at 3pm
24thJermaines Wood (TQ571909)CommaRob Smitha single Comma on the ride at 1.30pm. considerable thinning taken place over winter. Some large Ash taken down. Looking forward to the transect effects on butterflies (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
24thGreat Wilbraham Common (TL5357)Peacock, BrimstoneRob PopleAround 17 Brimstone (in 1-km square as a whole) plus single Peacock (at TL532576; photo) during visit for English Winter Bird Survey, c.11:15–12:35. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
24thFurze Ground - Epping Forest (TQ431988)Comma, PeacockChristian MossOne Comma and one Peacock. Both seen at Furze ground. No photos unfortunately, lovely to see.
24thEpping forestComma, PeacockLaurence Drummond Andrew MiddletonAround the north of the forest, peacocks at Furze ground and deer shelter plain,also Comma at deer shelter.
24thBrampton Wood (TL177699)Comma, Peacock, BrimstonePaul FisherA walk around the main rides produced: Comma x2, Peacock x1, Brimstone x5 (Brimstones all male and very active, The other two species just sunbathing).
24th8 Fitzwalter Rd, Colchester garden (TL977249)CommaLynsey Anderson1 rather small in bright sunshine mid-am. First sight of the year. Fluttering between open daffodil flowers & dewy patch on lawn nearby daffs.
23rdlittle chesterfordBrimstoneMathilda StarrTwo flying across the garden at late morning.
23rdWat Tyler Country Park (TQ738864)BrimstoneGraham BaileyA male Brimstone at about 13.30 close to the Green Centre.
23rdPaines Brook, Harold Hill (TQ551912)Small Tortoiseshell, Red AdmiralColin Jupp3 Small Tortoiseshell & a Red Admiral
23rdMy garden Cottenham (TL4568)BrimstoneAnn PiperWarm day 15c. Single male brimstone flying through garden. My first sighting this year
23rdGarden Oakington (TL412645)Peacock, BrimstoneJulie Grove15.6C Bright Sunshine, light breeze around 1.30-2.00 pm. 1 x Brimstone 1 x Peacock both on Winter flowering Honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima)
22ndPeterborough, Millfield (TL192996)Small TortoiseshellDavid Withrington
22ndOrton Brimbles, PeterboroughSmall Tortoiseshell, BrimstoneAlan OwersOne of each along hedgerow during lunchtime walk
22ndHare Park Six Mile Bottom (TL583588)BrimstoneKevin Wilson4 Brimstones seen at Hair Park between 12.18.pm.-1.03.pm. 3 males and 1 female. Sunny and mild. (Photo(s) supplied: photo photo )
22ndGarden Bar hillBrimstoneHelen Watkinson
22ndCavendish Road, Cambridge (TL466580)BrimstoneEdward Pollardsingle, in small garden. Mild sunny weather.
22ndCambridgeshire guided bus way (TL460616)BrimstoneScott Boydone brimstone flying along the edge of the guided busway near sciencepark (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
22ndArbury, Cambridge (TL455611)BrimstoneJanet1 Brimstone flying around Bay tree, Sunny/warm 1:30p.m.
21sthendre lake (ST254804)Painted LadyMike Shepherd
21stOld Nene GC, Ramsey (TL290871)PeacockDavid Withrington
21stLongthorpe (TL160983)BrimstoneDon GardenerMale seen flying around the garden
21stLogan's Meadow LNR, Cambridge (TL463592)Red AdmiralRob PopleSingle Red Admiral in sunny area of more 'wooded' part of LNR, at c.13:35. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
21stFerry Meadows (TL145975)PeacockDon Gardener
20thNew Shardelows Farm near Fulbourn (TL538542)Small TortoiseshellKevin Wilson1 Small Tortoiseshell observed basking in brief spells of sunshine. 1.47.pm-2.02pm. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
20thFront garden (TL968202)Red AdmiralDavid Allen1 red admiral sunning itself on the front wall my house.
17thWestfield Farm, CombertonBrimstoneRoger BuissonIn flight, along sheltered hedge
17thSt. Ives Guided Bus Route (TL3270)BrimstoneIan JohnstoneOne Brimstone flitting around.
Sunny day, 14'C, with a light breeze.
17thGarden in Little EversdenSmall Tortoiseshell, Peacock, BrimstoneJames Fowler12:30, sunny, breezy and 12oC. Two, possibly three male Brimstone and a single Small Tortoiseshell flying. A single Peacock basking on the ground. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
17thEpping forest (TQ434998)BrimstoneLaurence DrummondA male at the north end of Long running.
17thDanbury Common (TL782045)BrimstonePaul BeckettBrimstone flying at noon on a sunny day among the gorse on the heath.
15thTrumpington (TL444549)BrimstoneDonal McCarthy1 in the garden at lunchtime
15thSeven Stars Eight Ash Green Colchester (TL9325)Red AdmiralLen CORNWELL1 in the warm sunshine
15thLoughton, wildlife-oriented garden (TQ4296)BrimstoneIan MackJust one Brimstone, flitting a lot near a hedge. Unusually sunny and warm lunchtime
15thLong Running Epping Forest (TQ435998)BrimstoneChristian MossFirst butterfly of 2019. A very fresh Brimstone. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
15thGarden in Little EversdenSmall TortoiseshellJames Fowler11:30, sunny and calm. A single Small Tortoiseshell flying through.
15thGarden Oakington (TL412645)BrimstoneJulie GroveBright sunshine, no cloud temp 16.4C little or no wind 1 x Brimstone also several Ladybirds and Honeybees present on the Sarcococca.
15thCherry Orchard Country ParkPeacock, BrimstoneAndrew Woodhouse1 Brimstone and 1 Peacock
14thIngrebourne Valley (TQ543841)BrimstoneDave McGough2 Brimstone
14thGarden in Little EversdenBrimstoneJames Fowler13:30, sunny, calm and 11oC. A single male patrolling the garden. It didn’t settle but returned an hour later.
14thBrentwood - St Thomas's ChurchBrimstoneAndrew StroudBrimstone flying around the churchyard at 12.30
14thBrampton Wood (TL177703)Red AdmiralTim FryerFleeting sighting as it flew away in silhouette. May have been peacock but cannot claim a first sighting! Warm and sunny however not much sun on the path where seen.
13thYelling garden (TL2662)BrimstoneIain WhitakerMale brimstone drifted over garden on first decent Spring-like day this year.Sunny, 12 degrees with a slight breeze.
11thTennis Court Raod, Cambridge (TL451577)Red AdmiralWilliam Mansfieldafter cold and wet weekend, Monday was warmer and with bright sunshine. Butterfly was basking on south facing wall before it flew off towards Downing College gardens
2ndFingringhoe Wick EWT nature reserveSmall TortoiseshellLiz Huxleyone (Photo(s) supplied: photo )

January 2019
28thRSPB Hope FarmPeacockDerek Gruar
28thLeyton E11 (TQ385870)Red AdmiralTim HarrisSingle, flying across urban street at 14:00
12thCanvey Island (TQ7883)Holly BlueAlan & Diane Daya female found floating in garden pond - rescued and released (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
9thBradwell Bird Observatory, Bradwell-on-Sea, EssexRed AdmiralJohn SutherbyOne Red Admiral on the wing and sunning itself in front of the Obs.
8thThorndon ParkRed AdmiralPete JacksonOn mahonia outside centre
8thFulbourn (TL532559)Red AdmiralRoger LemonOne Red Admiral, first seen in flight then resting on sheltered side of hedge, adjacent to footpath, in sunshine.
5thWest Mersea (TM0012)Red AdmiralNeil Mortimergarden sighting, midday
3rdHigh Woods CP, Colchester (TM001270)Red AdmiralPeter Beardlanded and basked on a leaf (Photo(s) supplied: photo )

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