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This page contains the sightings of all the butterflies and moths reported on the main Sightings page during 2007.

Photos submitted during the year can be seen by clicking here.

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First & Last 'Website' Sightings 2007

  Chalkhill Blue 8th July <-> 29th Sep  SW Fritillary 7th July <-> 6th Sep
  Marbled White 21st Jun <-> 4th Aug  White Admiral 20th Jun <-> 28th July
  Ringlet 20th Jun <-> 9th Aug  Small Skipper 13th Jun <-> 6th Sep
  Purple H'steak 10th Jun <-> 3rd Aug  Gatekeeper 9th June <-> 30th Aug
  Black H'streak 9th Jun <-> 17th Jun  Essex Skipper 9th Jun <-> 25th Aug
  W-L H'streak 8th Jun <-> 28th Jul  Meadow Brown 3rd Jun <-> 9th Sep
  Large Skipper 20th May <-> 9th Aug  Heath Fritillary 15th May <-> 15th July
  Common Blue 4th May <-> 21st Oct  Grizzled Skipper 28th Apr <-> 27th June
  Brown Argus 24th Apr <-> 14th Oct  Dingy Skipper 24th Apr <-> 15th May
  Small Heath 22nd Apr <> 29th Aug  Wall Brown 18th Apr <-> 4th Oct
  Green Hairstreak 16th Apr <-> 23rd May  Holly Blue 5th Apr <-> 2nd Nov
  Orange Tip 12th Apr <-> 22nd May  Clouded Yellow 11th Apr <-> 4th Nov
  Speckled Wood 2nd Apr <-> 4th Nov  Large White 2nd Apr <-> 19th Oct
 Camberwell Beauty 31st Mar <-> 2nd Sep  Small Copper 27th Mar <-> 20th Oct
  GV White 14th Mar <-> 22nd Sep  Painted Lady 12th Mar <-> 20th Oct
  Small White 9th Mar <-> 23rd Oct  Comma 2nd Mar <-> 19th Oct
  Small T'shell 1st Feb <-> 21st Oct  Brimstone 19th Jan <-> 29th Oct
  Peacock 1st Jan <-> 21st Oct  Red Admiral 1st Jan <-> 29th Dec
Note: Some of these sightings may have been made at private sites with no public access
December 2007

Saturday 29th December
Thundersley, Essex (Grid ref:TQ784885) A Red Admiral was sunning itself on my garden wall on and off in the afternoon. Andy Jarrett

November 2007

Wednesday 21st November
Abberton Reservoir Visitor Centre (Grid ref:TL962184) One Peacock at approx. 12.30hrs. Bruce Brown
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) Lunchtime: Peacock basking on a gravestone. Nick Ballard

Monday 12th November
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) Lunchtime: Red Admiral basking in the sun, with (unidentified) black ladybird (photo attached). Nick Ballard

Friday 9th November
Newmarket Road, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL470594) A Peacock flying up the sunny side of an office building. Keith Edkins

Sunday 4th November
Hadleigh Castle CP (near Southend-on-Sea) (Grid ref:TQ800860) A Speckled Wood and a Clouded Yellow. Andrew Woodhouse
Walton-on-the-Naze (Grid ref:TM258221) Red Admiral and Peacock (plus a couple of Rusty Dot Pearls in the gents loo!). Simon Wood

Friday 2nd November
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL461581) 1 Red Admiral and 1 Holly Blue. Keith Edkins

October 2007

Monday 29th October
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) At lunchtime, today 2 Red Admirals (photo attached) on the ivy - one of the few nectar sources around as they have to share with a number of bees and wasps and other insects. Nick Ballard
Barton, near Cambridge (Grid ref:TL408555) Two Brimstones here in the garden. Vince Lea

Tuesday 23rd October
Spaldwick (Grid ref: TL127723) Small White butterfly (photo attached) in a meadow ... it was flying fairly strongly. Charles Nicol

Monday 22nd October
Writtle, near Chelmsford, Essex (Grid ref:TL672060) In my garden this morning, a Red Admiral in pristine condition with temperature about 8 deg. Richard Bigg

Sunday 21st October
Devil's Dyke, Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) As we gathered up the tools from the Branch's first conservation work party of the season, a Small Tortoiseshell flew over and several volunteers mentioned seeing Red Admirals during the day. One person saw a probable female Common Blue. Vince Lea

Saturday 20th October
Grange Farm, Witcham (Grid ref:TL465800) Small Copper, Painted Lady, Red Admirals, Small Tortoiseshell and White sp on the wing today. David Hopkins

Friday 19th October
The Naze (Grid ref:TM265234) 1 Large White, 5 Small Whites, 2 Small Coppers, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock and 1 Comma . Martin Peers

Thursday 18th October
Stanground, Peterborough (Grid ref:TL207964) Two Red Admirals and a Small Tortoiseshell on budlia. Trevor Wilson

Wednesday 17th October
Holland Haven (Grid ref: TM2117) 1 Clouded Yellow & 2 Red Admirals. Simon Cox

Monday 15th October
Spaldwick (Grid ref: TL135725) 1 Comma on brambles (photo attached). Charles Nicol

Sunday 14th October
Wallasea Island (Grid ref:TQ956947) Just by the Defra managed realignment site, 2 Clouded Yellows. Also had two Brown Argus, a rare third brood. Rick Vonk
Wallasea Island (Grid ref:TQ970945) Along new seawall, 2 Clouded Yellows and a couple of Peacocks plus Silver Y moths. Jeff Delve
Canewdor, near Southend-on-Sea (Grid ref:TQ899948) 1 Red Admiral. Jeff Delve
River Stort, near Bishop's Stortford (Grid ref:TL491184) 1 Small Tortoiseshell (plus 2 Common Darter & 2 Migrant Hawker). Jono Forgham
Springfield, Chelmsford (Grid ref: TL724081) One Large White in pristine condition seen in the garden during sunny afternoon. Ian Birch
Comberton (4 miles SW of Cambridge) (Grid ref: TL388563) Small White 3, Red Admiral 1. Tony Roberts

Saturday 13th October
Purfleet (Grid ref: TQ558777) 2 Holly Blue & 2 Red Admiral. Jan Hein van Steenis
RSPB Rainham Marshes (Grid ref: TQ547789) 8 Small White & 2 Red Admiral. Jan Hein van Steenis
Rainham Railway Station (Grid ref: TQ521820) 1 Red Admiral. Jan Hein van Steenis
Milton Road Football Ground, Cambridge (Grid ref: TL455598) Small White 2, Red Admiral 1. Tony Roberts

Monday 8th October
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) Monday lunchtime, a rather weather-beaten Comma on the ivy (photo attached), plus 2 Red Admirals. Nick Ballard

Friday 5th October
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) This morning, a Red Admiral nectaring on ivy; during the past few days, several RA's seen doing the same, plus a few Small Whites drifting across the cemetery. At lunchtime in the warm sunshine - 3 Red Admirals and a Comma nectaring on the ivy . Nick Ballard

Over Railway Cutting (Grid ref:TL382687) 4 Small Copper 1 Red Admiral, 1 Peacock, 1-2 Small White. Trevor Grange and several of the BC committee

Thursday 4th October
Thorpe Bay, Southend-on-Sea. (Grid ref:TQ920855) Clouded Yellow on seafront gardens. Bruce Foxall
The Naze (Grid ref:TM265234) A very late Wall Brown in prime condition, 1 Large White, 5+ Small Whites, 5 Commas, 8+ Red Admirals, 4 Peacocks and 10+ Speckled Woods. Martin Peers
Barton, near Cambridge (Grid ref:TL408555) Today's sunshine has brought a welcome handful of butterflies to the garden. Singles of Red Admiral, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Brimstone and Small White. Louise & Vince

September 2007

Sunday 30th September
Stirtloe (Grid ref:TL195665) A single Comma (photo attached). Charles Nicol

Thursday 27th September
North Fambridge (Grid ref:TQ857965) One Clouded Yellow. Ian Birch

Tuesday 25th September
The Naze (Grid ref:TM264244) A Clouded Yellow. Glen Moore

Saturday 22nd September
Woodwalton Fen (Grid ref:TL225845) Along the main ride: Small white, Green-veined White, Brimstone, Red Admiral, Peacock, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood and Small Copper. David Withrington and Gordon Leel

Friday 21st September
Coalhouse Fort (Grid ref:TQ693774) 4 Wall Browns and a Red Admiral this lunchtime. Alan Shearman

Tuesday 18th September
The following was posted on the Essex Moth Yahoo forum today by Philip Smith:
Brian Corben, secretary of the Colchester Natural History Society, found a Long-tailed Blue in the kitchen of his home in Coggeshall yesterday, 17th Sept., it apparently having entered through an open window. The butterfly was taken to Joe Firmin for confirmation of ID, and subsequently passed to me to be photographed prior to release.
Joe says he believes this to be a genuine immigrant and it is believed to be only the third confirmed record for NE Essex, the other two being in the 1930's.

Sunday 16th September
Holehaven Creek, Canvey (Grid ref:TQ761832) 3 Clouded Yellows along the sea front. Alan Shearman
Swabridgeworth Marsh (EWT/H&MWT Reserve) (Grid ref:TL493158) 1 Comma & 2 Small White. Also 1 Migrant Hawker, 1 Southern Hawker & 1 Common Darter. Mike Harris

Saturday 15th September
Barking Abbey ruins & St Margaret's churchyard (Grid ref:TQ440838) 2 Red Admirals, I Speckled Wood, 1 Small White. Kathleen Black
St Mary Magdalen Church & Nature Reserve (Grid ref:TQ429824) 1 Peacock flying in the church, at least 5 Speckled Wood in the nature reserve. Kathleen Black

Tuesday 11th September
Wat Tyler CP (Grid ref:TQ736862) A Clouded Yellow at 14.30. Alan Shearman

Sunday 9th September
Wicken Fen (Grid ref:TL555705) A Clouded Yellow along Wicken Lode half way between VC and Tower hide (photo attached). Kathleen Rosewarne and Ian Barton
Stansted Airport Lagoons (Grid ref:TL550216) 15:00 - 16:30: 1 Large White, 13 Small White, 2 Green-veined White, 2 Common Blue (MM) & 1 Meadow Brown. Mike Harris

Saturday 8th September
Isleham Washes (4 miles NE of Soham) (Grid ref:TL644764) Small White and Red admiral this morning. Mark Hows

Thursday 6th September
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL181701) A very worn Silver-washed Fritillary at Brampton Wood (TL181701) this afternoon. Also Brimstone (1) , Red Admiral (14), Speckled Wood (5), Small Skipper (1), Small White (1), Green-veined White (19) and Meadow Brown (1). Malcolm Anderson
Creeksea, near Burnham-on-Crouch (Grid ref:TQ933957) Clouded Yellow this afternoon. John Dobson

Wednesday 5th September
Fobbing Marshes (Grid ref:TQ725845) A Clouded Yellow. Ken Laban
South Woodham Ferrers (Grid ref:TQ819967) This afternoon a Clouded Yellow. John Dobson

Monday 3rd September
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) A quick walk round the graveyard at lunchtime revealed 4 Red Admirals and a Comma nectaring on the ivy, plus 3 Small Whites. Nick Ballard

Sunday 2nd September
Radwinter (near Saffrom Walden) (Grid ref:TL606373) Camberwell Beauty seen by Clarissa Cochran on the 29th August & 2nd September feeding on fallen greengages in a Radwinter garden. Report in Walden Weekly newspaper (Editor: thanks to Stephen Patmore for spotting this one)

Saturday 1st September
Serpentine BP, Peterborough (Grid ref:TL165943) Clouded Yellow and Red Admiral. Brian Stone
Fordham Hall Estate (Woodland Trust) (Grid ref:TL926277) Two Clouded Yellows. Joe Firmin

August 2007

Thursday 30th August
Comberton (4 miles SW of Cambridge) (Grid ref: TL388563) Tony Roberts has sent in his August maximum counts for his garden: Large White 1, Small White 10, Green-veined White 4, Common Blue 1, Holly Blue 1, Red Admiral 2, Painted Lady 2, Peacock 2, Speckled Wood 1, Gatekeeper 3, Meadow Brown 5.
Spaldwick (Grid ref:TL122727) 15 Speckled Woods (photo attached), 6 Red Admirals, 2 Small Tortoiseshells & 6 various Whites. Charles Nicol

Wednesday August 29th
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL380550) 8.50 to 10.11: Small White 70, Green-veined White 13, Small Copper 1 & Meadow Brown 2. Tony Roberts
Devil's Dyke, Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) Walked the transect and recorded very low numbers of butterflies; Chalkhill Blue 23 all females, Common Blue 8, Small White 7, Meadow Brown 4, Speckled Wood 1 and Small Heath 3. However the real highlight of the day was walking back alongside the lower parallel bank on Nemarket Heath where there is a sandy vehicle track and counting 100 Small Heath in about 15 minutes! Sharon Hearle

Tuesday 28th August
Langenhoe (just E of Abberton reservoir) (Grid ref:TM007188) A rather tatty Camberwell Beauty was found in garden. Hugh Owen per Philip Smith
Braiswick, Colchester (Grid ref:TL979268) Camberwell Beauty. per Joe Firmin

Monday 27th August
Chigborough Lakes (EWT Reserve) (Grid ref:TL877086) Single Clouded Yellow. Simon Wood
Lawford, Manningtree (Grid ref:TM106310) Two Clouded Yellows. Reg Fry
Dogsthorpe, Peterborough (Grid ref:TF199013) In a 25-minute walk, just inside the Parkway, I saw: Large White, Small White, Red Admiral, Peacock, Small Tortoisheshell (Welland Estate, Painted Lady (on my front driveway), Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Speckled Wood and Holly Blue. Not spectacular, but good to see something after such a poor summer. David Withrington
Thundersley (4 miles E of Basildon) (Grid ref:TQ7988) For an hour mid-morning, had two Camberwell Beauty butterflies feeding on rotting plums in a back garden. He managed a photo of one which I have enclosed. Andy Jarret per Vince Kinsler.
Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL512534) Small Tortoiseshell settling on dandelions. Kathryn Grumball
Odsey (5 miles NE of Baldock) (Grid ref:TL2986) Camberwell Beauty spotted sunning wings on garden bench and then on Fuschia at 11:00am (2 photos attached). Barbara Needham

Sunday 26th August
Alton Water (Grid ref:TM155358) Two Clouded Yellows. Joe Firmin
Fleam Dyke (Grid ref:TL544545) Transect - Total count 60 - an end-of-season feel to the walk. The cold and wet weather has taken it's toll it seems! Brimstone 12, Small White/Green Veined White 28 (mainly GVW), Brown Argus 1, Common Blue 3, Holly Blue 1, Painted Lady 5, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Speckled Wood 3, Meadow Brown 2, Small Heath 4. No Chalkhill Blue seen at all.
Outside transect - Red Admiral, Small Skipper and some more Meadow Browns, Brown Argus and Common Blue - some females egg-laying in the short grass - picture enclosed. Nick Ballard
Foxton & Newton (Grid ref:TL425489) Approx 2.5 hour walk around the local footpaths White spp. 19++ , Large White 1 male, Small / Green-veined White 2, Small White 2 (1 male), Green-veined White 3-4, Holly Blue 2, Red Admiral 18-19, Painted Lady 4, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Peacock 2, Speckled Wood 1. Guy Manners
Woodwalton Marsh (CWT reserve 6m N of Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL212813) Red Admiral 3, Painted Lady 1, Small Tortoiseshell ~5, Peacock ~10, Brimstone 1 male, Green-veined White a pair, Speckled wood - several. Vince Lea & Louise Bacon
Kingfisher's Bridge (3 miles NW of Wicken Fen) (Grid ref:TL544732) Red Admiral - about 15 on over-ripe plums. Peacocks - 16 in a bat hibernaculum and one on top of a wooden bat-box. Vince Lea & Louise Bacon

Saturday 25th August
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL380550) Essex Skipper 1, Small White 15, Green-veined White 16, Red Admiral 4, Painted Lady 2, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Peacock 2, Speckled Wood 1 & Gatekeeper 1. Tony Roberts
Hardwick Wood (Grid ref:TL352575) Transect - Red Admiral 4, Speckled Wood 5, Holly Blue 1, Green veined White 1, Brimstone 1 & Small White 1. Louise Bacon
Fleam Dyke (Grid ref:TL544545) Transect - a smattering of butterlies including several Painted Lady. Vince Lea
Great Totham (between Maldon & Tiptree) (Grid ref:TL854115) While working in the garden today a superb and most unexpected CAMBERWELL BEAUTY flew in to feed on one of the buddleia davidii bushes. It gave very good views, being only two or three yards from the house, but stayed only about three minutes. Also in the garden today single Painted Lady and Peacock along with small numbers of Large White and Green-veined White. Bob and Debbie Graves
Near High Easter (8 miles NW of Chelmsford) (Grid ref:TL635162) 4-30 pm. I was sitting, in my garden, in the sun watching Red Admirals feeding on over-ripe greengages, when a perfect CAMBERWELL BEAUTY joined them! To my astonishment it then landed on the path beside me (1m away) and 'sunned' itself. Flew off whilst getting my camera. Ken Hoy

Friday 24th August
Hardwick, near Cambridge (Grid ref:TL373586) This evening, when the sun finally came out, my daughter saw a Camberwell Beauty in next door's garden. Tried to get a shot of it on the house wall from over the fence before it flew off over the roof. See pic attached. Trevor Sawyer
Witcham (Grid ref:TL465806) Small White 2, Green-veined White 2, Small Tortoiseshell 1 & Peacock 1. Tony Roberts

Sunday 19th August
Barton, near Cambridge (Grid ref:TL408555) One Painted Lady seen on a gloomy wet evening at 7pm in Barton village farmland - presumably a migrant that was grounded by the weather. First one seen around here since about May! Vince Lea

Friday 17th August
Devil's Dyke/Burwell Railway Cutting, Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) Afternoon - A couple of dozen Chalkhill Blues, a few Small White's, some Painted Ladies, Brown Argus and Common Blues and my first Clouded Yellow of the year - snatched photo enclosed. Nick Ballard
Devil's Dyke, Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) Late morning: 75+ Chalkhill Blues, 8 Brown Argus, 4 Common Blues, 2 Small Heaths, 4 Meadow Browns, 2 Gatekeepers, Painted Lady, Red Admiral, 3 spp Whites (90% Small Whites).
On other side of A1304 (TL624610): 5 Chalkhill Blues, 2 Speckled Woods, 2 Red Admirals, Painted Lady, Meadow Brown + whites. Martin Peers

Sunday 12th August
Stansted Airport Lagoons (Grid ref:TL550216) A few Insects despite the constant SW wind and mainly overcast conditions: 25 Small White, 8 Common Blue (all males), 2 Painted Lady, 17 Meadow Brown (1 mated pair) & 2 Gatekeeper. Mike Harris
RSPB Old Hall Marshes (Grid ref:TL965125) Painted Lady 8, Common Blue 12. Peacock 1 & Essex Skipper 20+. Bruce Brown

Saturday 11th August
Earith Gravel Pits (Grid ref:TL388763) Lots of Cinnabar moth caterpillars (photo attached). Mark Hows
Over Railway Cutting (Grid ref:TL382687) One Wall this evening in a brief visit (photo attached). Mark Hows & Stephen Patmore

Friday 10th August
Fleam Dyke (Grid ref:TL544545) Chalkhill Blues on Fleam Dyke again! Stella and Roger Wolfe met Rachel Gray on the Fleam Dyke at TL5443854588 (if GPS is to be believed, says Roger,) Rachel had just seen a female apparently egg-laying. Stella then saw 2 males. This is the stretch of good chalk grassland between the disused railway and Mutlow Hill.
The corner of Mutlow Hill near the gate leading towards Fulbourn is very sheltered and is now full of flowers. On 10th August both that part and the area near the southern gate were full of colour and lively with butterflies. Years of mowing and raking off are bearing fruit wonderfully now. As an example of restoration conservation based on an area of surviving flora, this is worth a visit. When I first walked through in summer 2001 there would be one small white and a Meadow Brown. TL5452, across the A11 on the way to Balsham. Stella and Roger Wolfe saw 2 more male CHBs at TL5599753902, (near the junipers) both being seen off by aggressive Whites (same behaviour as when we fist saw CHBs here two years ago). As then, there was a stiff breeze today from the north - could it have brought some 'blow-ins' as they say in Suffolk - from Devil's Dyke?). Julia Napier

Hanningfield Reservoir (Grid ref: TQ735977) Gatekeeper 68, Meadow Brown 24, Brown Argus 7, Common Blue 7, Large White 4, Small White 9, Peacock 2, Small Tortoiseshell. 1, Painted Lady 1, Small Skipper 5 & Small Copper 1.
Moths: Latticed Heath 2, Common Carpet 1, Yellow Shell 2 & Shaded Broad-Bar 1.
Dragons: Emperor 1, Black-tailed Skimmer 1, Migrant Hawker 3, Common Darter 7, Ruddy Darter 4, Common Blue Damsels 2, Azure Damsels 1 & Banded Demesoilles 2.
Very disappointing especially as weather was perfect. Especially Common Blue & Meadow Brown numbers and total lack of 6-spot Burnets. Jim Smith
Copt Hall Marshes (Grid ref:TL981146) Joe Firmin reports that he and his wife, Linda, visited Copt Hall National Trust land by Salcott Channel and found literally thousands of Painted Ladies. There were large numbers of them on the approach road to the car park and it was evident that there had been a massive influx of the butterfly. On the circular walk there is a stretch of about a quarter of a mile of Ragwort and walking among this the butterflies 'rose up in clouds'. Beside the sea wall, he says, there were vast numbers of them on Golden Samphire, and again the Painted Ladies rose up in clouds as they walked along. He says ' In all my years, I have never seen so many butterflies in one place - quite an experience'. Philip Smith
Cudmore Grove CP, East Mersea (Grid ref:TM964147) Dougal Urquhart reported yesterday that there were hundreds of Painted Ladies on his reserve at Cudmore Grove. Philip Smith
West Bergholt, near Colchester (Grid ref:TL961277) In my own garden there were a dozen or so visiting Buddleja and basking on my gravel drive. Philip Smith
Abbots Hall Farm (Grid ref:TL962139) A quick walk around Abbots Hall this morning produced high numbers of Painted Lady - at least 30, with a high concentration on the strip of clover near the Salcott hide. Sean Nixon
RSPB Old Hall Marshes (Grid ref:TL965125) Literally hundreds of Painted Ladies along the southern sea wall. Tim Mendham

Thursday 9th August
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL180702) Fantastic (Cambs first for me) Silver-Washed Fritillary on thistles in large sunny glade in wood at TL180700 (next to path just north of two ponds). Also: Brimstone, Peacock, Red Admiral, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Large Skipper, Ringlet, Grenn-veined and Large White. Nige Crowhurst
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) This evening - several Holly Blues, with a few Gatekeepers and old Meadow Browns. Also Speckled Wood, Large White and a few Small Whites, with a ragged Red Admiral - amazing how tough they are! (see attached photos) Nick Ballard

Wednesday 8th August
Thrift Wood transect, near Bicknacre (Grid ref:TL792018) This week the numbers of butterflies are dropping in spite of the good weather. Most prevalent are Gatekeepers, 30 this week as against 40 last week and 59 the week before. Meadow Browns come second with 5, 14 and 26. Speckled Wood, Peacock and various Whites (unidentified) make up the total. Is it a bad year for Purple Hairstreak, or are they generally scarce in Essex ? I have spent much time scanning the oaks over the last few weeks but have only seen one. I would expect Thrift to be an ideal habitat. Some photos attached. Richard Bigg
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL380550) Essex Skipper 2, Small White 10, Green-veined White 8, Brown Argus 1, Holly Blue 1, Peacock 1, Gatekeeper 8, Meadow Brown c60 & Ringlet 4. Tony Roberts
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) Over the last few days, several Holly Blues (photo attached) and a diminishing number of Gatekeepers and a few Meadow Browns and Small Whites. Nick Ballard

Tuesday 7th August
Markshall Estate (4 miles E of Braintree) (Grid ref: TL841257) Visited Marks Hall and there were well over 30 Painted Ladies feeding in the Walled Garden and good numbers elsewhere on the estate, most looked fresh. There were a few Peacocks, Speckled Woods, Meadow Browns and Gate Keepers, but no Silver Washed Fritillary. Walking by the water we saw Banded Demoiselle, Red-eyed and Blue-tailed Damselfly, Brown Hawker, Migrant Hawker, Ruddy and Common Darter. David & Pam Petts
River Stort, near Bishop's Stortford (Grid ref:TL491184) Butterflies noticeably low with just 1 Comma, 1 Holly Blue & 5 Small Whites only. Jono Forgham

Monday 6th August
Witcham (5 miles W of Ely) (Grid ref:TL465806) Small White 10, Green-veined White 15, Peacock 3, Comma 1, Gatekeeper 12, Meadow Brown 20 & Ringlet 6. Tony Roberts
Chigborough Lakes (EWT Reserve) (Grid ref:TL877086) The pick of the butterflies were 24 Speckled Woods and 9 Painted Ladies. Martin Peers

Sunday 5th August
Easton Lodge Gardens, near Great Dunmow (Grid ref:TL593239) I managed to catch up with my first Hummingbird Hawk Moth of the year and also seen were 2 Painted Lady's, 4 Brown Hawkers, 5 Emporer Dragonfly's, 2 Migrant Hawkers, Large Red Damselfly and good numbers of the commoner butterflies. David Morrison
Wormington Airfield (6 miles NW of Colchester) (Grid ref:TL920305) 10 Painted Ladies. Martin Peers
Epping Green, Essex (Grid ref:TL432054) 1 Painted Lady. Jan Hein van Steenis

Saturday 4th August
RSPB Old Hall Marshes (Grid ref:TL965125) Steve Bacon and I walked the sea wall at Old Hall and found upwards of 10 Common Blues, also > 10 Painted Ladies, 1 Marbled White as well as good numbers of Meadow Browns, Gatekeepers and Essex Skippers. Sam Shippey
Stansted Airport Lagoons (Grid ref:TL550216) A midday visit to catch up on the Insects. The windy conditions again made things difficult, but the second brood of Common Blue Butterflys had started to hatch this morning. 1 Large White, 10 Small White, 6 Common Blue (4M 2F), 1 Peacock, 20 Meadow Brown, 10 Gatekeeper & 3 Small/Essex Skipper. Mike Harris
Burwell Railway Cutting (Devil's Dyke) (Grid ref: TL575650) Wonderfully flowery. Chalkhill Blues everwhere. I counted roughly 85. Not much else. Meadow Browns, a few Gatekeepers, new Brimstones, Whites, frequent Skippers, 2 Brown Argus, a few Common Blues, 5 Peacocks especially on Hemp Agrimony. (Park on verge near Stud Farm, footpath goes past the farm fence to the bridge.) Julia Napier
Editor - See 19th June entry for interesting observation and request for any feedback.

Devil's Dyke, Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) Despite a lot of wind, many Chalk-hill Blues (photo attached) a few dozen Common Blues, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Small White, 2 Large White, 1 Small Heath, 1 Brimstone, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Essex Skipper (other skippers left unidentified). Also c.10 Six-spotted Burnet Moths. Jan Hein van Steenis

Friday 3rd August
Brabaham Park & Ride, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL476543) I did a circular tour of the flowery area and a cut across the middle at about 3.15pm, warm, windy and sunny. Meadow Browns 30 plus, Gatekeepers 5 (but there were more at the edge of the hedge/copses), Large White 5, Small White 5, Essex/Small skipper 2, Common Blue 8, Six Spot Burnet 2, Brimstone 2. It does seem a pity that there is no path for the public, especially for children to walk round before or after being trapped in a car! I shall suggest it to the man in charge.
From there, a beautifully planted path leads up to the Beechwoods. The Bird's Foot trefoil looks like the non-native variety, but clearly the butterflies don't mind, especially because it is nice and sheltered. Usually a place for Common Blue, Brown Argus, Skippers, MBs and GKs. Julia Napier
Hatfield Forest, Essex (Grid ref:TL539205) Spent about three hours at the forest this afternoon. 16 species of butterflies included 3 Commas on the buddleias at Shell House, 2 Large Skippers, 7 Small Skippers, 1 Essex Skipper, 1 Brimstone (male), 2 Purple Hairstreaks, 1 Holly Blue (male), 12 Peacocks, 28 Gatekeepers, 6 Speckled Woods 10 Large White, 30+ Small White, 6+ Green-veined White, 3 Red Admiral, 36 Meadow Brown and 8 Ringlet. Dragonflies included 9 Brown Hawkers, 6 Migrant Hawkers, 1 Southern Hawker, 1 Black-tailed Skimmer and 2 Ruddy Darters. Martin Peers
Stansted Airport Lagoons (Grid ref:TL550216) 20+ Gatekeepers, 10+ Meadow Browns (all v. worn), 15+ Small White, 10+ Burnet sp. Stephen Patmore

Wednesday 1st August
RSPB Vange Marsh (Grid ref: TQ730872 ) 201 Gatekeepers - the highest count on the transect. Marc Outten (RSPB South Essex Reserves Warden)
Orwell Quarry (7 miles SW of Cambridge) (Grid ref: TL362523) Small Skipper 1, Essex Skipper 3, Small/Essex Skipper 3, Large White 2, Small White 6, Green-veined White 15, Small Copper 1, Brown Argus 2, Common Blue 3, Speckled Wood 1, Gatekeeper c70, Meadow Brown c150 & Ringlet 6. Tony Roberts
Willow Park area of Langdon Hills, Essex (Grid ref: TQ695868) Warm glorious sunshine. Did not make exact counts but saw Small Skipper 20+, Essex Skipper - a few identified, Large Skippeer 1, a few Large and Small cabbage Whites, Purple Hairstreak 1, Small Copper 4, Brown Argus - about 10, Common Blue 15+, Red Admiral 1, Peacock several, Comma several, Speckled Wood several, Gatekeeper 50+, Meadow Brown 30+, Ringlet several, Small Heath 5. Also several Common and Ruddy Darters, Brown Hawkers, Migrant Hawkers and a Southern Hawker. Plus Adder and female Marsh Harrier. Mark Bunch
Hanningfield Reservoir (Grid ref: TQ735977) Day flying insect transect today produced:- Small/Essex Skipper 12, Large White 1, Small White 6, G-v White 2, Small Copper 1, Brown Argus 5, Common Blue 1 male, Red Admiral 1, Peacock 19, Speckled Wood 1, Gatekeeper 101, Meadow Brown 29.
Dragons:- Emperor Dragonfly 3, Ruddy Darter 2, Black-tailed Skimmer 4, Banded Dem. 4, Common Blue dams. 19, Red-eyed Dams 2.
Moths:- Six spot Burnet 2, Shaded Broad bar 5, Yellow shell 2, Sharp-angled Carpet 1. Jim Smith

July 2007

Tuesday 31st July
Markshall Wood (4 miles E of Braintree) (Grid ref: TL844261) This afternoon, we saw three Silver-washed Fritillaries within fifteen minutes, in the small area near a small pond, not together, but they seemed to be 3 different ones. Viv & Tim Mendham
Comberton (4 miles SW of Cambridge) (Grid ref: TL388563) Tony Roberts has sent in his July maximum counts for his garden: Small White 4, Green-veined White 6, Brimstone 2, Comma 1, Small Copper 1, Common Blue 2, Red Admiral 2, Speckled Wood 1, Gatekeeper 5, Meadow Brown 8.
Hatfield Forest (Grid ref:TL539198) Peter Herring reports a Silver-washed Fritillary in the forest (see earlier reports in first 2 weeks of July). Editor - Taken from posting on the Stort Valley Wild forum

Monday 30th July
Tolleshunt D'Arcy (Grid ref:TL932118) I had a Wall Brown today in the garden at Tolleshunt D'Arcy, last record was eight years ago. Andy Cook
Days Lane (4 miles SE of Chipping Ongar) (Grid ref:TQ592983) 23rd butterfly species [of the year at this site] at 7 a.m. was Small Copper. Numbers of butts down due to recent weather but if they've had time to mate it bodes well for next year. Gatekeepers have timed it right and are numerous. Jim Smith

Sunday 29th July
Devil's Dyke, Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) We counted over 700 Chalkhill Blues in a two hour period during a 'Save our Butterflies' Week field trip. Other species seen: Brown Argus, Essex Skipper, Gatekeeper, Six Spot Burnet Moth, Peacock, Red Admiral, Green-veined White, Large and Small Whites, Meadow Brown and Holly Blue. Kathryn Grumball
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) This morning in the graveyard, several Gatekeepers (photo attached), a few Meadow Browns, with a couple of Holly Blues and a Large White. Nick Ballard

Saturday 28th July
Banister Green (Grid ref:TL697206) A White-letter Hairstreak in my garden, my first record here. Graham Geen
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL180702) Four hours steady searching revealed only a single, rather tatty, White Admiral. The most impressive butterfly event must be the Peacock emergence - there were over 100 present, with several groups >10 feeding on Hemp Agimony, Bramble, Thistles etc. Other species - Small & Large Skipper, Brimstone, Brown Argus, Red Admiral, Comma, Speckled Wood, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown & Ringlet. Vince Lea & Louise Bacon
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL380550) 9.30-11.15 am. Small/Essex Skipper 10, Large White 3, Small White 8, Green veined White 25, Red Admiral 11, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Peacock 14, Gatekeeper c35, Meadow Brown c200, Ringlet c40. Tony Roberts
Devil's Dyke, Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) On the racecourse section, dozens of Chalkhill Blues, including some females, a few Brown Argus, a Red Admiral and Brimstone, and some Essex Skippers. Over the A14, several Peacocks on a patch of thistles, a small colony of Common Blues and some Essex Skippers. On both sections, a few Meadow Browns. Some photos attached. Nick Ballard

Friday 27th July
Devil's Dyke, Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) Sharon Hearle, the Branch's Regional Development Officer and the transect walker for this site has reported that Chalkhill Blues are much lower on the transect this year:

Wilburton (4 miles SW of Ely) (Grid ref:TL484748) Small White 1, Green-veined White 3, Gatekeeper 3 & Meadow Brown 4. Tony Roberts
Haddenham (5 miles SW of Ely) (Grid ref:TL465750) Small White 2, Green-veined White 3, Gatekeeper 3 & Meadow Brown 4. Tony Roberts
Witcham (5 miles W of Ely) (Grid ref:TL460798) Small White 3, Green-veined White 5, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Peacock 1, Gatekeeper 2 & Meadow Brown 2. Tony Roberts
Witchford (2 miles SW of Ely) (Grid ref:TL500788) Small White 1, Green-veined White 2, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Gatekeeper 2 & Meadow Brown 2. Tony Roberts

Tuesday 24th July
Fleam Dyke (Grid ref:TL538555) Reasonably sunny, warm day though wind a bit stiff for the exposed parts of Fleam Dyke. Nonetheless, 249 butterflies were logged on transect; mainly Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper and Small White, but a handful of other species such as 4 Brimstone, 3 Brown Argus, 1 Holly Blue, 2 Comma and a Small Heath. Vince Lea
Roman Road near Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL499541) The BBC five day forecast, and the superior Harrison forecast, (thanks so much, Jack) proved to be right. I did the transect walk on the Roman Road. Worth going for the flowers alone. At the top of the rise from Worsted Lodge, where I saw the Marbled White on 20th June, another one came to meet me. Could it have survived a month? It looked quite smart, unlike the battered Meadow Browns and older Gatekeepers. Then a bit further along there was another one on the eastern side. I think it was a female, but had stupidly failed to remember the detail of the brown costa and brownish underwing. No camera, again. So if anyone can find a gap in the clouds and go and check, I should be very interested. Otherwise there is not a lot of variety, but lots of Gatekeepers and Meadow Browns to keep one going. Julia Napier
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) Lunchtime today - several Gatekeepers & Meadow Browns; 1 Brimstone, 1 Peacock, 3 Red Admirals, 2 Speckled Woods, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Large White. Not bad for centre of Cambridge. Nick Ballard

Sunday 22nd July
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL380550) Small/Essex Skipper 10, Brimstone 1, Small White 15, Green-veined White (Some mating) c.35, Common Blue 1, Red Admiral 2, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Peacock 5, Gatekeeper (some mating) 30, Meadow Brown (some mating) c.150, Small Heath 1, Ringlet c.30. Tony Roberts

Saturday 21st July
Abberton Manor Flood (Grid ref:TL996201) White-letter Hairstreak showing well on thistles by footbridge over the river at Blackpipes. Banded Demoiselle common here. Adrian Kettle
Coton, Cambridge 12 species seen during the Save Our Butterflies week event: Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Gatekeeper, Large, Small & Green-veined Whites, Speckled Wood, Small Copper, Peacock, Red Admiral, Comma, Small Skipper. Vince Lea, Louise Bacon, Julia Napier and members of the public
Stansted Airport Lagoons (Grid ref:TL550216) 5 Large White, 3 Small White, 5 Green-veined White (the emphasis has shifted), 1 Peacock, 1 Small Copper, 1 Speckled Wood, 10+ Gatekeeper, 25+ Meadow Brown, 2 Ringlet, 2 Essex Skipper & 3 Small Skipper. Mike Harris
RSPB Old Hall Marshes (Grid ref:TL965125) A slow circuit of the 'short walk' in generally bright conditions: Essex Skipper 4, Small/Essex Skipper 50+, Large Skipper 10+, Gatekeeper 100+, Meadow Brown 50+, Ringlet 10+, Large White 1, Peacock 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1. Tony Moverley

Thursday 19th July
Coploe Hill Quarry Reserve (Grid ref:TL495425) Windy weather hampered things on Thursday evening but several Large Whites, 1 Meadow Brown, 1 Ringlet, lots of Gatekeepers and a rather worn Painted Lady were seen. Mark Hows

Thursday 19th July
Haslingfield Quarry, Cambs (Grid ref:TL394516) Small/Essex Skipper 2, Small White 4, Green-veined White 5, Meadow Brown 10, Gatekeeper 8, Small Heath 1, Ringlet 7, Peacock 1, Red Admiral 1. Tony Roberts
Orwell Quarry, Cambs (Grid ref:TL362523) Small/Essex Skipper c.40, Small/Green-veined White c.30, Meadow Brown c.150, Gatekeeper c.80. Ringlet c.70, Large White 2, Marbled White 1, Common/Chalhill Blue 2, (only seen at distance). Tony Roberts
Cambourne transect - 120 butterflies today of 12 species. The first Brown Argus (1) and Common blues (2) of the year and new generation Holly Blue (1) were welcome additions to the four browns; Gatekeeper (24), Meadow Brown (59), Speckled Wood (9) and Ringlet (8), with Green-veined & Small Whites (6 & 2) Small and Essex Skippers (2 of each and three undetermined). Comma on transect and Peacock earlier in the day were the only nymphalids. Louise Bacon

Wednesday July 18th
Hatfield Forest (Grid ref:TL539198) Peter Herring reports that 3 Silver-washed Fritillary have been sighted by 3 observers on 2 transects (see earlier reports on 7th, 9th, 10th & 14th July).
Editor - Taken from posting on the Stort Valley Wild forum
Telegraph Field, Barton, Cambs (Grid ref:TL408543) Green-veined White 3, Meadow Brown 60, Ringlet 20, Gatekeeper 8. Tony Roberts
Holt Field, Barton, Cambs (Grid ref:TL403544) Essex Skipper 3, Small White 25, Green-veined White 40, Speckled Wood 1, Marbled White 1, Gatekeeper 50, Meadow Brown c.200, Ringlet 45. Tony Roberts
River Stort, near Bishop's Stortford (Grid ref:TL491184) Large White 2, Small White 24+, Meadow Brown 5, Gatekeeper 3 (1st record for 2007 along here), Peacock 1, Red Admiral 7, Comma 2, Ringlet 3, Small skipper 1. Dragons: Blue-tailed damselfly 16, Banded demoiselle 6, Large red-eyed damselfly 5, Brown Hawker 2, Common Blue damselfly 1 (1st record for 2007). Jono Forgham

Tuesday 17th July
Between Over and Willingham, Cambridgeshire. (Grid ref:TL387703) Purple Hairstreak: 2+ in isolated oak tree. Richard Thomas.

Monday 16th July
Catworth, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL 100719) 5 White-letter Hairstreak. Charles Nicol.
RSPB Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL405456) First site record of Marbled White at Fowlmere NR this morning. I actually caught it in my hand while it was feeding on a black knapweed flower, but then bungled the transfer into a jar and it was off. I shall start carrying my net around again... Doug Radford
Westfield Farm Comberton (Grid ref:TL380550) Small/Essex Skipper 4, Brimstone 2 (1 male 1 female), Small White 30, Green-veined White 21, Red Admiral 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Peacock 7, Gatekeeper 47, Meadow Brown 138 (pair mating), Small Heath 1 & Ringlet 39. Tony Roberts
Kingshead Meadow, Colchester (Grid ref:TL996258) Found a Comma laying eggs on my Golden Hop (Humulus Lupulus Aureus). Neil Philbrick

Sunday 15th July
Pound Wood, Southend (Grid ref:TQ823888) Sunny afternoon - 4 Heath Fritillaries (2 still looking in good condition). Prior to this, went to Thrift Wood (Grid ref:TL792018) & saw no Fritillaries, just 1 Essex Skipper & some other regular species. Cloudy start with breaks of sun. Darin Stanley
Wallasea Island (Grid ref:TQ983942) Clouded Yellow on the new seawall at eastern end of Wallasea island. Jeff Delve

Saturday 14th July
Beggars Hall Coppice, Hatfield Forest, Essex (Grid ref: TL529203) Andrew Sapford reports seeing a male Silver-washed Fritillary in exactly the same place as the one seen on the 7th July. Friday Wood, Colchester (Grid ref:TL987204) 4 Essex + 20 Small Skippers, 4 Small Coppers, 4 Peacocks, 6 Commas, Small Heath, 6 White Admirals & 2 Purple Hairstreaks. Martin Peers
Stansted Airport Lagoons (Grid ref:TL550216) 5 Large White, 30 Small White, 1 Green-veined White, 1 Peacock, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 60 Meadow Brown, 10 Gatekeeper, 8 Ringlet & 10 Small/Essex Skipper. (Dragons: 2 Emperor, 25 Black-tailed Skimmer, 50 Common Blue Damsel, 15 Blue-tailed Damsel, 30 Emerald Damsel.) Mike Harris
RSPB Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL405456) First of the second-generation Holly Blues today. Doug Radford
Beachet Wood (2 miles E of Epping) (Grid ref:TL493013) Along footpath next to the wood, I saw 8 Ringlets along with Meadow Browns. Steve Stuart

Thursday 12th July
River Stort, near Bishop's Stortford (Grid ref:TL491184) Had a long walk along the river (Twyford locks to Spellbrook locks) this evening. Spent time searching for insects without too much success. However, I recorded my first Ringlets on the towpath, plus more over the thin footbridge (Roly Croke) in amongst the nettles and brambles adjacent to the footpath. Small White 11, Large White 6, Meadow Brown 7, Red Admiral 4, Ringlet 3. Dragons included: Brown Hawker 1, Banded Demoiselle 8, Blue-tailed Damselfly 4, Large red-eyed Damselfly 1. Jono Forgham

Wednesday 11th July
Thrift Wood transect, near Bicknacre (Grid ref:TL792018) Last Heath Fritillaries were seen in mid-June. Quite a short flight season no doubt due to the poor weather. Ringlets appeared in large quantities (75) at the end of June and fewer Meadow Browns (27). First week of July, Small and Essex Skippers appeared and a single Purple Hairstreak. This week in poor weather conditions most butterflies were roosting. Ringlets are getting quite worn but saw the first Gatekeepers in pristine condition. Three photos attached. Richard Bigg

Tuesday 10th July
Hatfield Forest (Grid ref:TL539198) Andy Sapsford reports seeing a female Silver-washed Fritillary in the forest (see earlier reports on 7th & 9th July).
Editor - Taken from posting on the Stort Valley Wild forum
Telegraph Field, Barton (Grid ref:TL408543) Small White 3, Green-veined White 3, Gatekeeper 4, Meadow Brown c.80, Ringlet 30. Tony Roberts
Holt Field, Barton (Grid ref:TL403544) Small Skipper 1, Essex Skiper 3, Small White 30, Green-veined White 40, Marbled White 2, Gatekeeper 10, Meadow Brown c.100, Ringlet 40, ,b>Small Heath 1. Tony Roberts
Old Nags Field, Barton (Grid ref:TL398545) Small White 8, Green-veined White 12, Gatekeeper 2, Meadow Brown 8. Tony Roberts
Waresley Wood, Brownes Piece (Grid ref:TL262548) 2 Marbled White with several Meadow Browns and one Gatekeeper at 7pm. Vince Lea, Louise Bacon and lots of Wildlife Trust wardens.
Cambourne transect - the butterflies are finally on the up - a total of 84 seen this afternoon, 53 Meadow Browns and 16 Ringlet had a supporting cast of Red Admiral, Gatekeeper, Large & Small skippers, Whites. Louise Bacon

Monday 9th July
Hatfield Forest (Grid ref:TL539198) Peter Herring reports a Silver-washed Fritillary in the forest (see earlier report on 7th July).
Editor - Taken from posting on the Stort Valley Wild forum
On private land today, five Marbled Whites. This is no surprise as there is superb habitat and I have been expecting them for the past two or three years. Cambs / Essex / Herts border, Jack Harrison

Sunday 8th July
Stansted Airport Lagoons (Grid ref:TL550216) 50+ Meadow Brown, 10+ Ringlet, 2 Small Heath, 2 Small Torts, 1 Painted Lady, 1 Red Admiral, 30+ Small/Essex Skippers, 10+ Large Skippers, 20+ Small Whites, 5+ Large Whites, 15+ Shaded Broad Bars, 2 Silver Y. Stephen Patmore
Coploe Hill, Great Chesterford (Grid ref:TL492425) 2 Marbled Whites, 150+ Meadow Browns, 3 Gatekeepers, 10+ Ringlets, 5+ Small Skippers, 4 Small Heaths, 2 Red Admirals. Stephen Patmore
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL180702) Ringlet 300+, Meadow Brown 127, Gatekeeper 2, Speckled Wood 2, Large Skipper 50+, Small Skipper 4, Essex Skipper 5, Green-veined White 12, Large White 3, Comma 17, Red Admiral 3, White Admiral 3, White-letter Hairstreak 12. Roger Orbell
Devil's Dyke, near Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) I saw 3 Chalkhill Blues on my transect walk today. Sharon Hearle
Chettisham Meadows, near Ely (Grid ref: TL541830) 25 Marbled White accompanying lots of Meadow Brown, Ringlet and small numbers of Large Skipper (2), Small and Green-veined White, Gatekeeper, Comma (about 10) & a single Red Admiral. Vince Lea & Louise Bacon

Saturday 7th July
Butts Hill Pond, Canewdon (3 miles N of Rochford) (Grid ref:TQ897946) Small Skipper and Holly Blue - the former seems scarce here this year. Jeff Delve
Stansted Airport Lagoons (Grid ref:TL550216) 20+ Large White, 15 Small White, 2 Small Tortoishell, 65 Meadow Brown, 14 Ringlet, 1 Gatekeeper, 9 Small Skipper, 4 Small Heath. Mike Harris
Beggars Hall Coppice, Hatfield Forest, Essex (Grid ref: TL529203) I saw a Silver-washed Fritillary feeding on bramble flowers along a ride. It afforded good, close-up views for about 5 minutes before flying up into the canopy. Other species present - Ringlet (30+), Red Admiral (2), Meadow Brown (20 - 25), Large White (4), Essex Skipper (2), Peacock (1), Comma (1). Andrew Sapford
Over Railway Cutting (Grid ref:TL382687) Large numbers of Gatekeeper, Meadow Browns, Ringlet and Large White. Several Small Tortoiseshells and Commas were of note. Mark Hows
Hardwick Wood transect (Grid ref:TL355575) Not huge numbers of butterflies; Ringlets and Meadow Browns most common, but the star was a Purple Hairstreak resting under a leaf at head-height. Vince Lea & Louise Bacon

Friday 6th July
Devils Dyke, Burwell - Swaffham end (Grid ref: TL580648) A report of a large Fritillary on Thursday from the car park would probably relate to Dark Green Fritillary. This species was last recorded here in 1996. Further sightings from this area would be appreciated.
Phyllis Currie Reserve, Great Leighs (Grid Ref TL723182) 2 Large Skippers; several Ringlets, lots of Meadow Browns, 1 Large White, several Green Veined Whites, 5 Commas (some photos attached). Ian Birch

Transects: many of us who walk transects have been really suffering from this poor weather, but today I finally made it out around. Cambourne, Cambridgeshire for the meagre reward of 4 Ringlet, 4 Meadow Brown, 1 Small Skipper, 1 Small White and a Red Admiral. Louise Bacon
A recent transect at Coton, Cambridgeshire, also had lots of Meadow Browns and Ringlets with a scattering of other butterflies. More transect updates would be most welcome.

Thursday 5th July
I was searching in vain on Royston (Therfield) Heath (just over the border in Herts) for Marbled White but was then directed by a non-butterfly man who gave a perfect description to the location of the colony. He told me that he was a regular on the heath and first saw Marbled Whites there in 2005 at approx TL351402.
The density of butterflies is as good as you ever get anywhere with sightings of two per minute or greater. Often five visible at once. Jack Harrison

Tollesbury Wick EWT Reserve, Essex (Grid ref: TL972105) 100+ Small & 20 Essex Skippers, Peacock, 3 Small Heaths & 4 Gatekeepers. Martin Peers
Abbots Hall Farm (Grid ref:TL962139) 2 Painted Ladies, Essex & Small Skippers, 2 Ringlets & 3 Gatekeepers. Martin Peers

Abberton, Essex (Grid ref: TM005188) For the last 2 years we have been getting small numbers of White-letter Hairstreaks visiting the garden here in Abberton. This year my wife saw a green coloured individual, I was not at home at the time & told her to try & catch it. She said she had already got some photos but it had flown off. On returning home I saw the photos; I was actually expecting to see a Green Hairstreak, but sure enough it was a WLH. The photos are quite poor & out of focus but you can still see what it is. The colour is definitely not reflection from the vegetation. I have not heard or seen anything about colour varietes of this species any ideas? Adrian Kettle
(Note from Editor: We would welcome any thoughts or comments about this unusual observation, particularly if anyone else has observed anything similar. Low quality photos available upon request.)

Tuesday 3rd July
RSPB Vange Marsh (Grid ref: TQ730872 ) 17 Marbled Whites - the highest count on the transect. Marc Outten (RSPB South Essex Reserves Warden)
Comberton (4 miles SW of Cambridge) (Grid ref: TL388563) Green-veined White (1), Small White (2), Small Copper (1) & Comma (1) in garden. Tony Roberts
Abberton, Essex (Grid ref: TM006190) Had a Hummingbird Hawkmoth in the garden this evening. Not so common this year in fact this is the first I have seen. Adrain Kettle

Monday 2nd July
Roes Well area of Hainault Forest (Grid ref:TQ470932) At least 7 White Admirals in forest today, didn't have to dodge to many showers. Yesterday I think I saw a single Ringlet in the forest, that would be a first here for me. Could not see it today however. Steven Stuart

Sunday 1st July
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) Nick Ballard has sent in a photo of a Meadow Brown with an interesting patina.
Stansted Airport Lagoons (Grid ref:TL550216) 30 Small White (no GV's seen), 3 Large White, 1 M Clouded Yellow, 25 Meadow Brown, 4 Ringlet, 10 Small Heath, 2 Small Skipper, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Silver Y & 4 Shaded Broadbar. (Dragons included 1 F Banded Demoiselle 1 M Azure Damselfly, 60+ Common Blue Damselfly, 20 Blue Tailed Damselfly, 18 Emerald Damselfly, 1 M Emperor, 3 MMF Black-tailed Skimmer, 2 TT Common Darter.) Mike Harris

June 2007

Saturday 30th June
Maldon, Essex (Grid ref:TL848072) A Hummingbird Hawk briefly in the garden. Simon Wood

Friday 29th June
Hillhouse Wood (near West Bergholt) (Grid ref:TL946280) Philip Smith reports that Joe and Linda Firmin found two White-letter Hairstreaks in this Woodland Trust site at low level today.
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) Passing through before the rain at lunchtime - 6 Meadow Brown, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Red Admiral and 1 Painted Lady. Nick Ballard

Thursday 28th June
Friday Wood, Colchester (Grid ref:TL987204) Hugh Owen and I found six White Admirals by the riverside path. Philip Smith
Days Lane (4 miles SE of Chipping Ongar) (Grid ref:TQ592983) 20th Butterfly species for year seen today was Ringlet. Also Small, Large & Essex Skippers, many Meadow Browns and, best of all a very probable Marbled White in 2nd Set-aside field. Too far to bee 100% but more or less certain. Plus Emperor Dragonfly. Maybe 25 Butt. species for year is on!. (On any visits please keep to footpaths or field-edges - several pairs of Skylarks nesting). Jim Smith
Cornmill Meadows (near Waltham Abbey) (Grid ref:TL380016) I had a walk around Cornmill Meadows, mainly looking for dragonflies, but found my first and second Gatekeeper of the year. Also Red Admiral, Large, Small and Green-veined White, Ringlet, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Large Skipper and Meadow Brown. (Dragonfly highlights: male Emperor, White-legged and Red-eyed Damselfly.)
I also photographed a Ladybird that I can not identify, I've attached a photo - any help on the id would be great. Steve Lane and Dave Beer
Two Tree Island, Leigh-on-Sea (Grid ref:TQ818848) 1 Marbled White, 1 Essex Skipper (photo attached), lots of Green Veined Whites (photo attached), also several Small Tortoiseshells and Meadow Browns. Ian Birch

Click here to see the photos that Mark Bunch has kindly sent in following his visit to Belfair's Wood and Hadleigh Castle Country Park.

Wednesday 27th June
Woodwalton Marsh (CWT reserve 6m N of Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL212813) Marbled White (98), Grizzled Skipper (3), Large Skipper (7), Ringlet (17), Common Blue (4), Meadow Brown (37), Small White (5), Small Heath (5), Green-veined white (1), Comma (1) & Small Tortoiseshell (3). Roger Orbell
Severalls Business Park, Colchester (Grid ref:TM014284) Had my first Purple Hairstreak of the year today. Low down in oaks. Chris Balchin

Sunday 24th June
Thrift Wood, near Bicknacre (Grid ref:TL792018) 1 Heath Fritillary, 2 Purple Hairstreaks, 20+ Ringlets. Martin Peers
Langdon Hills (Grid ref:TQ664873) 1 White letter Hairstreak, 2 Purple Hairstreak, 2 Holly Blue, 1 Painted Lady also several Comma, Red Admiral, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Large Skipper. Vince Kinsler

Saturday 23rd June
Maldon Wick (Grid ref:TL865067) Butterflies out and about before the afternoon showers. Large Skippers (several), Small Skippers, Comma (4), Green-veined Whites, Small Tortoishell (2), Painted Lady (2), Red Admiral (4), Meadow Browns, Ringlet (10), Purple Hairstreak (4) & Common Blue. Also 6 spot Burnet. Russell Neave (reported via Essex Moth Group)

Friday 22nd June
Maldon Wick (Grid ref:TL865067) 11 species butterfly including Small and Large Skippers, Purple Hairstreak (4), Ringlet (10+) and Small Tortoisehell (2). Russell Neave (reported via Essex Moth Group)

Thursday 21st June
Jones' Covert (2 miles S Peterborough) (Grid ref:TL160935) Much better this lunchtime:1 Marbled White, 1 Purple Hairstreak, 1 Comma, 2 Red Admiral, 1 Speckled Wood, also Meadow Brown, Large Skipper, Silver Y, The Cinnabar, Burnet Companion. For photos see blog. Brian Stone
Langdon Hills area (Bulphan, Essex) (Grid ref:TQ680868) Returned for 2nd visit during flight period and had White-letter Hairstreak at 10km level first along Lower Dunton Road to Langdon Hills - some large hedgerow trees. Also seen a Ringlet.
Having searched in March the 1km (TQ6285) square thoroughly with only a small area of elm found that had not been hammered by DED, started to watch the better quality elm which had flowered but was at 2km level, Andrew returned to the scrappy bit which was in the 1km and after a few minutes had a flight around a small elm. Then 20 mins later, one flew in and perched! An amazing success which was almost hard to believe! In addition to previous visit, Small Skipper and Small Heath seen. Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton

Wednesday 20th June
Belfairs NR (Grid ref:TQ817879) 50 plus Heath Fritillary in Dodds Grove alone. Photograph attached. Vince Kinsler
Hadleigh Castle CP (Grid ref:TQ800860) (From St Marys Road entrance) 12 White-letter Hairstreak, 4 Comma (including 1 abberant) 6 Holly Blue, 4 Large Skipper, 20 Marbled White, 1 Red Admiral. Some photographs are attached. Vince Kinsler
Thrift Wood, near Bicknacre (Grid ref:TL792018) My first visit here and identified 10 butterfly species. Good numbers of Meadow Brown and Ringlet also Heath Fritillary(6), Large Skipper, Speckled Wood, Small White, Green-veined White, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell and some splendid, freshly emerged, Commas which confronted me as I approached.
Paul Bowyer (UTB member)
Hainault Forest (Grid ref:TQ480929) Two White Admirals today and one on Monday 18th June. Would these be hatching from eggs of butterflies seen in the forest the end of last year? Steve Stuart
(Note from branch - there were several instances of second brood White Admiral in southern England last autumn in this normally single-brooded species - ref British Wildlife magazine)
Wat Tyler CP (Grid ref:TQ735864) Between 1300 and 13:45, Ringlet (1) (is this early?), Large Skipper (5), Meadow Brown (30+), Marbled White (4), Red Admiral (4). Alan Shearman

Tuesday 19th June
Bedford Gap, Fleam Dyke
(Grid ref:TL554535) Doing my transect walk, I saw first 3 and then 5 and then 8 Small White butterflies harassing a female Brimstone. They dived up and down as she did, as flew up from one side of the dyke and down to the other, rising and falling as if they were all attached to a pupeteerıs strings. After several minutes she seems to have managed to settle in some greenery at the bottom of the east bank and put up a 'Closed for Business' sign that I could not see, and they all fluttered away on the wind. Any comments? Julia Napier

Sunday 17th June
Stansted Airport Lagoons (Grid ref:TL550216) 1 Painted Lady, 4 Red Admirals, 1 Small Tort, c.5 Large Whites, 5 Large Skippers, 3 Small Heaths, 10+ Meadow Browns, 5+ Burnet Companions, 1 Six-spot Burnet, 2 Yellow Shell.
Dragons included 6+ Emperors, 2 Four-spots, 10+ Black-tailed Skimmers, 2 Common Darters, 45+ Emeralds, 200+ Common Blues. Stephen Patmore D'Engaynes Fen (2 miles East of Cambridge) (Grid ref:TL514593) 16:30pm - Overcast. 12 Large Skippers (photograph attached), 2 Small Skippers, 20+ Meadow Brown, 10+ Small Heath, 1 Common Blue. Nick Ballard
Giant's Hill, Rampton (Grid ref:TL432682) I came across a nice spot for butterflies on the north side of Giant's Hill where there were lots of flowering brambles and butterflies and other insects, Speckled Wood, Painted Lady, Comma, Large Skipper, Red Admiral, Green-veined White, and a probable White-letter Hairstreak (brief view only). Vicki Harley
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL180702) Looks like all this rain has not helped butterfly numbers but saw 7 Red Admiral, 2 Large white, 7 Speckled Wood, 1 Large Skipper, 1 Common Blue, 27 Meadow Brown, 1 Painted Lady.
Black Hairstreak counts - I spent 30 mins at each site:

Also had 1 at cross rides low down on elm sucker and 5 and 2 at two spots near the lodge house where they were last year. Roger Orbell
Bedford Purlieus (Grid ref:TL040990) Robin and I reconfirmed Black Hairstreak here but I didn't see any at the Warboys / Wistow Wood site the same day. Val Perrin

Saturday 16th June
Pound Wood, Southend (Grid ref:TQ823888) 14:30 - 16:30pm. Overcast with heavy showers. In between the showers, dozens of Heath Fritillaries - across more areas of the wood than last year it seems (two photographs attached). Also, several Meadow Browns and a Purple Hairstreak in the pond clearing - too quick to get a photo! Nick Ballard

Thursday 14th June
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) At lunchtime, a freshly-emerged Meadow Brown (male - photo attached).and a couple of Holly Blues (regularly seen here since April).
In the evening, a pair of Red Admirals on the gravestones and flying together through the bushes and trees (photo attached). Nick Ballard

Wednesday 13th June
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL180702) Did the Black Hairstreak survey:

Barry Dickerson

Hadleigh Castle CP (Grid ref:TQ785857) 1500-1600hrs. 2 Brown Argus, 4 Holly Blue, 2 Comma, 4 Large Skipper, 40 Small Skipper, 20 Meadow Brown, 8 Marbled White, 5 White-letter Hairstreak. Vince Kinsler
Belfairs NR (Grid ref:TQ817879) Between 16:20 & 17:15hrs, 200 plus Heath Fritillary - incredibly high densities with often up to 5 spiralling together, 2 Brimstone and 12 Meadow Brown. Vince Kinsler

Tuesday 12th June
Visited TQ58 as part of our White-letter Hairstreak project.
The target square was TQ5488 but we already knew there was no elm so we revisited the located elm at Emerson Park Romford (Grid ref:TQ545891) (2km level). Two White-letter Hairstreak were seen to clash from elm on the edge of the community open space immediately the sun came out.
White-letter had not emerged in the more rural TQ68, however around Bulphan (Grid ref:TQ640859) whilst watching elm we saw Large Skipper, Small Tortoiseshell, Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Meadow Brown, Small White and Holly Blue.
Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton

Monday 11th June
Abbots Hall Farm (Grid ref:TL962139) On the basis of records of "good numbers" of Heath Fritillaries in Hockley Woods from a participant in yesterday's field trip, we ventured to Essex this morning.
Given the weather, we detoured by Abberton Reservoir for some birding. One unidentified nymphalid flew through...
With no sign of the required (and promised) break in the clouds, we headed only slightly south to Abbotts Hall Farm (Essex WT Reserve), where we had: Large Skipper (5+), Common Blue - (6+ males), Painted Lady (2+), Red Admiral (2), Meadow Brown (many) & Small Heath (3). There was absolutely no sign of the sun, so we aborted the proposed Hockley trip for another day. Guy Manners & Alan Wadsworth

Sunday 10th June
Warley Place, near Brentwood (Grid ref:TQ583906) Single pristine Purple Hairstreak seen on oak foliage on the west side of the EWT reserve at Warley Place 7.15 onwards. Colin Jupp (sent via Elizabeth Goodyear/Andrew Middleton)
Devil's Dyke, near Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) Spent the morning here and found these Common Blue variants (see photos page) 1/4 mile from the National Stud end. Otherwise apart from a couple of Brown Argus and Small Heath, little else seen. Nick Ballard

Saturday 9th June
Wallasea Island (Grid ref:TQ983942) Mother Shipton and Cream Spot Tiger together with a few Painted Ladies and masses of Small Heath. Jeff Delve
Canewdon (3 miles N of Rochester) (Grid ref:TQ897946) Over 20 new Peacock in garden. Jeff Delve
Butts Hill Pond, Canewdon (3 miles N of Rochester) (Grid ref:TQ897946) Speckled Wood, Essex Skipper, Comma, Small White, Red Admiral, Gatekeeper, Meadow Browns. Jeff Delve
Stansted Airport Lagoons (Grid ref:TL550216) 1 Brimstone (male), 3 Meadow Brown, 5 Small Heath, 7 Common Blue, 1 Silver-Y, 35 Burnet Companion & 1 Cinnebar. Dragons included 200+ Common Blue Damselfly, 8 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 8 Emperor Dragonfly (1F), 3 Black tailed Skimmers (all teneral males), 2 Broad Bodied Chasers (teneral males). Mike Harris
Over Railway Cutting (Grid ref:TL382687) 10+ Large Skippers, including several in the meadow area, 12 Meadow Browns, 4 Small Heath, 2 Small Copper, 1 Red Admiral, 6+ Brown Argus, 6+ Common Blues. No Grizzled Skippers, Peacocks, Tortoiseshells or Brimstones. Charles Nicol
Cockway Lane Spaldwick (Grid ref:TL122727) Again many Large Skippers & 2 Meadow Browns. Charles Nicol
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL180702) 7 Black Hairstreaks at site 2 and 1 at site 1. Didn't have time to visit the other sites. Roger Orbell

Friday 8th June
Weald Park Way (next to A12), Brentwood (Grid ref:TQ574931) One White-letter Hairstreak over elm in 45 mins searching. Colin Jupp (sent via Andrew Middleton)

Tuesday 5th June
Fulbourn (Grid ref:TL512534) Painted Lady on the wing and settling on mallow at Lodge Farm. Kathryn Grumball
Thrift Wood, near Bicknacre (Grid ref:TL792018) Heath Fritillary's have appeared in Thrift Wood this week. I saw at least three on transect this afternoon and another member reported seeing some in another part of the wood. Some photographs are attached. Richard Bigg

Monday 4th June
Spaldwick (Grid ref:TL122727) 1 Cinnabar, 1 Brown Argus, 1 Thistle Ermine, 2 Speckled Woods and about 9 Large Skippers.(some photos attached). Charles Nicol
Grafham Water (Grid ref:TL158666) 3 Red Admirals (photo attached). Charles Nicol
Godmanchester (Grid ref: TL250695) 2 Mother Shiptons. In addition, I have sent in photos of a green caterpillar on vetch, a group of black caterpillars on bramble and a pretty yellow moth. ID suggestions for all three welcome. Charles Nicol

Sunday 3rd June
Over Railway Cutting (Grid ref:TL382687) Visited the condemned site this afternoon (not a bad list): Small / Essex Skipper (2+), Large Skipper (1), Grizzled Skipper (1 "freshly minted"), Large White, Small White, Green-veined White, Orange-tip (2 male), Small Copper (3-7+), Brown Argus, Common Blue, Red Admiral (I&SC), Small Tortoiseshell (I&SC), Speckled Wood (1), Meadow Brown (3++), Small Heath, Burnet Companion (many). Guy Manners, Ian & Sue Collins
Devil's Dyke, near Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) Guy Manners then went onto Devil's Dyke and from 16:45 onwards recorded White sp/p (2+), Brown Argus (1), Common Blue (1 male), Small Heath (5-6+), several micro spp. Guy Manners
Backwarden, Danbury (Grid ref:TL781041) 4 Brimstones, all males; I am afraid attached photo is poor due to distance and shadow of leaf falling on wing, 1 Speckled Wood photo attached but again a little too far away (photos attached). Ian Birch
Thrift Wood, near Bicknacre (Grid ref:TL790017) 1 Heath Fritillary unfortunately would not settle for a photo! Ian Birch
Offord Weirpool (Grid ref:TL214669) I saw 2 large skippers (the pictured one is a male) taking nectar from red clover & the blue flower. Charles Nicol
Godmanchester (Grid ref:TL251695) 1 Brown Argus and an unidentified caterpillar (see photo). Charles Nicol

Saturday 2nd June
***HEATH FRITILLARY*** Ken Ulrich has just informed us that Essex now boasts 5 reserves containing the Heath Fritillary. The warden of Pound Wood, David Harris, advised that he had seen them flying yesterday 1st June, in Starvelarks Wood (Grid ref:TQ811889) in the Essex Wildlife reserve of Little Haven. This has most probably been colonised from Pound Wood where many were flying last year. The first in Thrift Wood were on the wing today.

Friday 1st June
Orsett, Thurrock (Grid ref:TQ635815) I saw one single Grizzled Skipper in Orsett, Essex in their wildlife area (High Road, Orsett) early afternoon, very hot. P Wakeling
Stansted Airport Lagoons (Grid ref:TL550216) 11m Common Blues, 1 Small Heath, 1m Brimstone, 1 Red Admiral, 5+ Burnet Companions, 1 Mother Shipton, 1 Silver-Y. Dragonflies: 2 Emeralds, 10+ Red-eyeds, 10+ Common Blues & 7 Banded Demoiselles. Stephen Patmore
Godmanchester (2 miles S of Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL251695) 1 Brown Argus & 1 Cinnabar moth (photographs attached). Charles Nicol
Port Holme (S Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL239709) Silver Y moth (photograph attached). Charles Nicol

May 2007

Thursday 31st May
Ellington, near Grafham Water (Grid ref:TL152700) 1 Peacock butterfly & several moths including Cinnabar, Thistle Ermine and Mother Shipton (photographs attached). Charles Nicol

Friday 25th May
Kingshead Meadow, Colchester (Grid ref:TL996258) 2 Holly Blues. Neil Philbrick

Thursday 24th May
Little Thurrock (Grid ref:TQ629807) 6 Common Blue, 3 Small Heath and a Mother Shipton. Alan Shearman
Broads Green (Grid ref:TL686118) My visit to an old gravel pit near here last week was made in dull weather. I had hopes of it being a suitable habitat for Grizzled Skipper - cinquefoil is present though not in great quantity. On a second visit this afternoon no GS were seen but there were Brown Argus (14), Common Blue (21), Small Heath (7), one Small Copper and one Large White. A couple of photographs are attached. (Editor: Thanks to VK for the providing the ID of The Magpie caterpillar which RB found in his garden.) Richard Bigg

Wednesday 23rd May
Langdon Hills, Essex
In Rough Field (Grid ref:TQ688869) 2 Brown Argus (photo attached), 15 Small Heath and 40+ Common Blue.
In Knight's Field (Grid ref:TQ688876) 2 Grizzled Skipper, 1 Green Hairstreak (photos attached), 12 Small Heath, 2 Peacock and 1 Red Admiral. Vince Kinsler
Long Border Road, Stansted Airport (Grid ref:TL541220) 5 Small Heaths, 2 Common Blues, 1m Brimstone & 1m Orange-tip. Stephen Patmore
Offord (Grid ref:TL214669) 2 Brown Argus, 1 male Brimstone and lots of dragonflies (see photos). Charles Nicol
Young's End, Essex (2 miles S of Braintree) (Grid ref:TL737195) 1 Small Heath, 1 Brown Argus and 1 Common Blue were all seen from the footpath that runs alongside the new A131. The grassland was very sparse interspersed with newly planted trees. Tim Gardiner

Tuesday 22nd May
Little Lodge, Langdon Hills (Grid ref:TQ688872) 1 Orange Tip male, 1 Grizzled Skipper, 1 Small Copper, 6 Small Heath and 8 Cinnabar Moth (mostly very fresh). Vince Kinsler
Coploe Hill, Great Chesterford (Grid ref:TL492425) One Four-spotted moth. Stephen Patmore
Brampton area (Grid ref:TL196690) Cinnabar moth and one Orange tip (see photos). Charles Nicol
Friday Wood, Colchester (Grid ref:TM002212) This morning there were large numbers of Speckled Yellows flying. Many were visiting early bramble flowers. Philip Smith

Sunday 20th May
Langdon Hills, Essex
We were fortunate to have two people looking for Grizzled Skippers at Langdon Hills today: First Vince Kinsler sent in this report:
Today between 1400-1600; At Great Lodge (Grid ref:TQ688872); 4 Grizzled Skipper, 5 Common Blue, 2 Small Heath. At Knights Field (Grid ref:TQ688876); 2 Grizzled Skipper, 4 Common Blue, 1 Peacock (v. worn).
Also overall many Burnet Companion, 5 Mother Shipton, 1 Latticed Heath and 1 Cinnabar Moth. (Two photos attached) Vince Kinsler

David Chandler was also out and about in the Langdon Hills area and reports the following:
Starting from Dry Street & working north I first encountered Red Admiral, Small White & Speckled Wood in the Willow Park area (Grid ref: TQ695868). Then, a little bit further north just off the path in a lovely flower meadow near some equestians at Grid ref: TQ695870, I found Small Heath, Common Blue, Peacock, Small Copper and what looked like a Green Hairstreak from a fleeting sighting.
Returning to the main path I found my first Large Skipper of the season on bramble flowers. A bit further north again in Knight's Field (Grid ref: TQ689873) I found Peacock, Common Blue & Small Heath.
I met a local here and asked him about GSs and he gave me a location where he had seen & photographed one a little earlier. I tracked south to a field by a scout camp at Grid ref: TQ688873 and found a lovely sheltered meadow with Small Heath, Peacock, Small White, Common Blue, Holly Blue and, eventually, a fresh-looking Grizzled Skipper. All in all a splendid result on a good butterfly walk. David Chandler

D'Engaynes Fen (2 miles East of Cambridge) (Grid ref:TL514593) Small County Council Nature reserve just outside Cambridge which could be very good butterfly site with a little more sympathetic management. Weather Sunny, Wind 2-3, Temp 18C. Several Common Blue, Brown Argus and Small Heath. Also One Red Admiral, 2 Peacock and 3 Brimstone and several Small/GVWhite. (Several photos attached) Nick Ballard

Devil's Dyke, Burwell (Grid ref:TL575652) At Devil's Dyke and the Burwell old railway, 4+ Small Heath, numerous Small Whites and surprisingly, numerous Brimstones both male and female. One or two Common Blue and Brown Argus. Nil Green Hairstreaks and no skippers. No Wall Browns at the only locality I saw them in Cambs in 2006. Weather good with plenty of sun, nil wind and 18 degrees so the lack of Walls a big disappointment. Jack Harrison

Saturday 19th May
Great Wood, Southend-on-Sea (Grid ref:TQ822878) The first Heath Fritillary on the wing this year was reported to me by the Woodlands Officer of Southend-on Sea Borough council at Belfairs Great Woods, Hadleigh, Essex. This is particularly early and another firm indicator of global warming. Ken Ulrich
Over Railway Cutting (Grid ref:TL382687) The weather was overcast with a little drizzle at first but it soon cleared up. We were able to spend about 2 hours down in the cutting on the field trip led by warden Trevor Grange. In addition to 6 Grizzled Skippers, Small Yellow Underwing moths, and a Burnet Companion (photos attached), I also saw Small Heath, Orange-tips, Peacocks, Common Blue & Brown Argus ...no red admirals or tortoiseshells. Charles Nicol
Grange Farm, Witcham (Grid ref:TL465800) Around a dozen Small Coppers basking on buttercups, out of the wind in a haymeadow, along with a couple of Brown Argus and Common Blues. That's more Coppers than I saw in the previous 2 years! David Hopkins
Coploe Hill, Great Chesterford (Grid ref:TL492425) 5 Small Heaths and several (3+) Four-spotted moths (photo attached). Stephen Patmore

Friday 18th May
Hallsford Bridge, Chipping (Grid ref:TL560018) 1 Brown Argus was seen flying in the unimproved grassland to the south of the bridge. The site can be accessed by the public footpath running south from Hallsford Bridge. Tim Gardiner
Grange Farm, Witcham (Grid ref:TL465800) Wall Brown basking on the side of the muckheap this a.m., and a Small Heath. Holly Blues still about, Small Copper and Brown Argus around too. David Hopkins
High Woods CP, Colchester (Grid ref:TM002268) 10+ Small Heaths, 2 Small Coppers, 1 Speckled Wood & 1 Holy Blue. Neil Philbrick

Thursday 17th May
Broad's Green (4 miles NW of Chelmsford), Essex (Grid ref:TL686118) Walked round an old gravel pit this afternoon near Broads Green. The weather was not good, overcast most of the time with a cool wind, but I saw 5 Brown Argus, 3 Common Blue, a Small Copper and a Peacock. Richard Bigg

Wednesday 16th May
Stapleford Abbotts, Essex (Grid ref:TQ510957) 5 Brown Argus were seen basking and flying on the edge of a field that appeared to be in set-aside. They were seen from the footpath that runs from Stapleford Hall Farm to Tysea Hill Farm.
Tim Gardiner
Danbury CP, near Chelmsford (Grid ref:TL769048) Week 7 of Danbury Country Park Transect - 3 Speckled Wood, 1 each of Red Admiral, Holly Blue, Green-veined and Small White. Chris Rawlings

Tuesday 15th May
Devil's Dyke, near Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) A single Dingy Skipper this evening. Mark Hows

Sunday 13th May
Little Hallingbury, Essex (Grid ref:TL522172) While walking over fields to the west of Ryes Farm, Little Hallingbury, I discovered a colony of about a dozen Small Heath in a meadow. Several of the butterflies appeared to be laying eggs on the grasses. Andrew Sapsford

Friday 11th May
Godmanchester (2 m SE of Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL250695) Next to Godmanchester cemetery, there is a lovely overgrown footpath with large thorn & elder bushes. I saw a Holly Blue ( 2pics ), a Large White and a Red Admiral. Sadly the adjoining plot which had been overgrown & wild for many years is being developed for housing so this pretty corner may well be ruined. Charles Nicol.

Thursday 10th May
Langdon Hills, Essex We first visited the Lower Dunton Road site (Grid ref:TQ661878) and found 3 Grizzled Skipper - 2 far end and one by entrance to bramble field. We then went to the Willow Park area (Grid ref:TQ691866) (Great Lodge or Westley Heights) and walked five fields, weather started sunny but got worse so the last two fields were not walked in suitable conditions. 6 Grizzled in first big field, 1 in next and then 3 in last field on other side of track. Also the Emperor moth (photo attached). We found today that many of the Grizzleds were almost aberrant - 2 photos attached.
We then drove to Dry Hill/One tree Hill (Grid ref:TQ696860) and the paddocks beyond /east of the church. By now it had started to rain!!!!!! First paddock initially produced nothing roosting on the seed heads but in the second paddock, we found one roosting on the edge of the seed heads/cut field on knapweed.
Having got our eye in, we returned to the first field, by now absolutely soaked and found 6 roosting on knapweed seed heads, including the mating pair (photo attached) that appeared to have been caught out by the rain.
We really should have gone back to the second field but we were so wet by now we couldn't face it. Also seen a Fox moth - eggs on seed stem attached which we believe are fox moth - photo attached - can anyone confirm? Total count 20 Grizzled Skipper.

Also seen throughout day were Small Heath, Small Copper, Common Blue, Brown Argus, Burnet Companion, Latticed Heath, Small Yellow Underwing, Red Admiral, Speckled Wood, Green-veined White and Orange tip.
Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton

Tuesday 8th May
Bobbingworth, Essex (Grid ref:TL513061) 1 Small Heath was seen in a grazed organic field near Ashlyns Organic Farm. Tim and Michelle Gardiner
Danbury CP, near Chelmsford (Grid ref:TL769048) Week 6 of Danbury Country Park Transect - 5 each of Speckled Wood and Holly Blue. 3 Small White & 1 Green Veined White. Chris Rawlings

Monday 7th May
Cockway Lane, Spaldwick (8 miles W of Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL122727) Weather overcast with some drizzle. Saw one male orange tip ( pictured ) on nettles and one white butterfly (not sure which). Charles Nicol

Sunday 6th May
Shudy Camps (near Haverhill) (Grid ref:TL617447) Common Blue seen in the afternoon. Mark Hows

Friday 4th May
Over Railway Cutting (Grid ref:TL383687) Slightly overcast. Several Grizzled Skippers, many Small Copper, 2 Wall, Small Tortoiseshell, several Brown Argus and Common Blue, Speckled Wood, several Small White/Green Veined White. Nick Ballard

I was also at the Devil's Dyke, near Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) today - many Dingy Skippers and Brown Argus. Nick Ballard

Thursday 3rd May
Little Thurrock (Grid ref:TQ629807) During a survey for Grizzled Skipper in this filled-in gravel pit by the side of the busy A13, we found Small Copper (1), Small Heath (1), Mother Shipton (1) and several other unidentified moths, together with 3 (possibly 4) Grey Partridge. Tony Moverley, Jonathan Wisbey et al

Wednesday 2nd May
Spaldwick (8 miles W of Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL128724 ) At Long Lane I saw a Holly Blue & 2 male Orange-tips & a single Speckled Wood. Along Cockway Lane starting at (TL122727) I saw 5 male Orange-tips, 4 females & about 6 various other white butterflies. A mile further along I saw 2 male Brimstones, a comma ( pictured ) and 3 Speckled Woods. All 3 Speckled woods were flying together and landed on the same plant (2 pictured here ). I also saw 3 Peacocks and a Small Tortoiseshell. Charles Nicol

Danbury Common (Grid ref:TL783042) This afternoon in three quarters of an hour, Holly Blue (2), Brimstone (5), Large White (2), Red Admiral (1), unidentified whites (3), and a Green Hairstreak which flew just as I pressed the shutter - do they hear it?? Richard Bigg

Tollesbury and RSPB Old Hall Marshes (Grid ref:TL961111) During a walk from Tollesbury to RSPB Old Hall Marshes, Speckled Wood (1), Orange-tip (2), Holly Blue (1), Small Heath (2); also pair of Hairy Dragonflies in cop.
Along the 'short walk' at the reserve (TL9612), Peacock (1), Orange-tip (1), Small Copper (2), Small Tortoiseshell (2), Small Heath (5+) and a freshly emerged female BB Chaser. Tony Moverley

Tuesday 1st May
Maldon, Essex (Grid ref:TL847077) Near the Tesco car park; Small & Large White, Peacock, 5 Green Hairstreak & good numbers of Orange Tip & Holly Blue. Val & Carl Blamire
Ilford (Grid ref:TQ4429) First Silver Y moth of the year in the garden today. Kathleen Black

APRIL 2007

Monday 30th April
Langdon Hills, Essex 1130-1330hrs. 3 Grizzled Skipper east of fishing lake Lower Dunton Road (Grid ref:TQ661878); 3 Grizzled Skipper & 1 Green Hairstreak at Great Lodge (Grid ref:TQ688872); 2 Green Hairstreak & 2 Small Copper in Knights Field (Grid ref:TQ689876) plus 4 Small Heath in total. Vince Kinsler

Devil's Dyke, near Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) I've just had a crazy sighting today. An absolutely fresh, newly emerged Small Tortoiseshell. Also Dingy Skippers at the rate of about one every two minutes. Green Hairstreaks were poor with just two seen and the only one seen settled was old and worn. Jack Harrison
Danbury CP, near Chelmsford (Grid ref:TL769048) Week 5 of Danbury Country Park Transect - 5 each of Small White, Holly Blue and Speckled Wood. 3 Orange Tip, 2 Brimstone and 1 Green-Veined White. Chris Rawlings

Sunday 29th April
Devil's Dyke, near Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) Orange Tip, Large & Small White, Peacock, Speckled Wood, Holly Blue, Brimstone, 2 Dingy Skippers, 6 Green Hairstreaks, 4 Brown Argus & one Male Emperor Moth. Val & Carl Blamire
Belton's Hill (5 miles W of Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL124741) Green-veined White (1), Orange-tip (1 male) and an unidentified moth. Photos attached. Charles Nicol

Fleam Dyke (Grid ref:TL538555) Was on the Fleam Dyke today and saw this fantastic Emperor Moth as well as some Green Hairstreaks. Nick Ballard

Woodwalton Marsh (CWT reserve 6m N of Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL212813) Grizzled Skippers are now on the wing - had 5 here today. Louise Bacon & Vince Lea

Saturday 28th April
Great Chishill (5 miles SE of Royston) (Grid ref:TL424393) 2 Small Heath on some nearby unimproved grassland. Jack Harrison
Hampton Hargate, Peterborough (Grid ref:TL175945) 1 Wall Brown and 1 Green Hairstreak along a very sunny bit of hedge. Kevan Wolstencroft
Langdon Hills, Essex Found a total of six Grizzled Skippers in three meadows in Willow Park (Grid ref:TQ691866), which is part of the Langdon EWT Reserve. Also four Small Coppers, inc a pair 'in-cop'. Several Small Heaths present, and at least two Green Hairstreaks together in one meadow. I have never previously seen more than one Green Hairstreak at a time from this site, but they must be fairly common here as they keep appearing in different parts of the reserve. Also noted a small number of Burnet Companion moths freshly emerged.
A brief visit in the late afternoon to the Langdon Hills C.P. nearby revealed another Grizzled Skipper, and also two Brown Argus by Martinhole Wood (Grid ref:TQ700861). The mild winter and spring appear to have benefited moth larvae as many trees and bushes were already looking 'larval moth-eaten' (so to speak!) and on closer inspection the caterpillars of species such as Winter Moth, Mottled Umber, Pale Brindled Beauty and Oak Tortrix were abundant on the hornbean, oak and hawthorn trees. Hope the warblers appreciate the feast! Graham Bailey
Buckhurst Hill (Grid ref:TQ403937) Female Orange Tip in Buckhurst Hill. Mark Barclay

Thursday 26th April
High Woods CP, Colchester (Grid ref:TM002268) 2 Green Hairstreaks feeding on young oak leafs. Neil Philbrick

Wednesday 25th April
Grafham Water (Grid ref:TL158666) Charles Nicol has sent in some photos of a 'longhorn' moth Nemophora metallica which show their unusually long antennae to good effect.

Tuesday 24th April
Danbury CP, near Chelmsford (Grid ref:TL769048) Week 4 of Danbury Country Park Transect - 8 Speckled Wood, 2 each of Holly Blue and Orange Tip, 1 each of Brimstone, Peacock and Red Admiral. Chris Rawlings
Devil's Dyke, near Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) Several Dingy Skipper plus Brown Argus, Small Heath, Green Hairstreak and many others on Devil's Dyke today. Sharon Hearle

Monday 23rd April
Beth Chatto Gardens. Elmstead Market, Colchester (Grid ref:TM070237) 1 Green Hairstreak and several Speckled Wood butterflies seen 2 pm today. Val Blamire

Sunday 22nd April
Roman Road near Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL499541) Two Green Hairstreaks courting above the hawthorn bushes, at the north end of the cleared area that we worked on at the end of last year. Other butterflies included Speckled Wood, Holly Blue, Green Veined White, Small White and Brimstone. John Dawson
Old Hall Marshes, Tollesbury (Grid ref:TL967121) A Small copper and a Small Heath - extremely early! In addition a teneral damselfly (blue tailed?) & Hairy Dragonfly seen. Tim Mendham

Saturday 21st April
Peterborough (Grid ref:TL190975) Two Speckled Woods in the Woodston area. Trevor Wilson
Stansted Airport Lagoons (Grid ref:TL549216) 10 Brimstone, 4 Small/GV White, 3 Orange-tip & 3 Peacock. Mike Harris
Fingringhoe Wick, Essex (Grid ref:TM050194) A Green Hairstreak and a Small Copper seen around noon. David Sampson

Friday 20th April
South Woodham Ferrers, Essex (Grid ref:TQ805971) 1 Speckled Wood in our garden. Chris Rawlings

Thursday 19th April
Danbury Common, Essex (Grid ref:TL783045) On a short walk (15-20 mins) 15 or 16 Brimstones, I lost count. Mostly males. They seemed to be everywhere. Richard Bigg
Peterborough (Grid ref:TL190975) Two Holly Blues in the Fletton area of Peterborough (TL1897) and a Speckled Wood in the Woodston area of Peterborough (TL1997). Trevor Wilson

Wednesday 18th April
RSPB Rainham Marshes (Grid ref:TQ540791) 2 Wall Brown and 1 Clouded Yellow (presume an overwinterer?). Vince Kinsler

Tuesday 17th April
Fairlop Waters, Ilford (Grid ref:TQ455904) Green-veined white, Orange tip and several Small whites this afternon. Kathleen Black

Monday 16th April
Danbury CP, near Chelmsford (Grid ref:TL769048) Week 3 of Danbury Country Park Transect - 3 Speckled Wood, 3 Peacock, 2 Small White, 1 Large White & 1 Red Admiral. Chris Rawlings
South Woodham Ferrers, Essex (Grid ref:TQ805971) 2 Small White, 1 Holly Blue & 1 Peacock in our garden. Chris Rawlings Fleam Dyke, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL548541) A lovely day to be out on the dyke, admiring the signs of excellent work from yesterdays work party and counting plenty of butterflies: Brimstone (15), Small White (1), Green-veined White (8), Green Hairstreak (1), Small Tortoiseshell (1), Peacock (1), Speckled Wood (4).
Also Holly Blue & Orange Tip on the transect route but only seen on the walk back. The Green Hairstreak was basking on the short turf of section 3, between railway cutting and Mutlow Hill (just beyond the small gap with steps). It was still there when I came back so I tried a photograph - a pristine specimen, no white line at all, sitting still on short grass, should be a piece of cake. Got the camera set, focussing just getting there when the battery went flat and the butterfly flew off! Vince Lea.
Coton Countryside Reserve (Grid ref:TL414577) An afternoon transect walk revealed a continuing increase in numbers though only one new species: Brimstone (2), Large White (2), Green-veined White (1) (first of the year), Small Tortoiseshell (2), Peacock (13) including mating pair & Speckled Wood (1). Vince Lea
Devil's Dyke, near Newmarket (Grid ref:TL616616) Just recorded 5 Green Hairstreak walking the Devil's Dyke transect near Newmarket, also Holly Blue, Peacock, Orange Tip and Small White. Sharon Hearle

Sunday 15th April
Colchester cemetry (Grid ref:TM001235) A Camberwell Beauty was seen by my wife and myself at 2.15 in the car park, flying past us at only about three feet away, and back towards the entrance but didn't appear to stop and was lost to view. We did have a discreet search for half an hour but couldn't find it again. Although fairly brief we are certain of the identification having seen the species abroad. Peter Sparks (on a visit from Devon)
Maldon, Essex (Grid ref:TL862049) Holly Blue and Red Admiral in the garden. Russel Neave
Colchester (Grid ref:TM012268) A Small Copper in my garden. Brian Goodey

Saturday 14th April
Shudy Camps (near Haverhill) (Grid ref:TL617447) Several Brimstones, 1 Small White, several Large White & 1 Peacock. Mark Hows
Barkingside (near Redbridge) (Grid ref:TQ442901) One Holly Blue in my garden today. Also have seen photographs of two Commas and two Peacocks seen in Wanstead Park on 2nd April. Kath Black
Writtle, near Chelmsford, Essex (Grid ref:TL670059) First Holly Blue I've seen this year flying in my garden this afternoon. Richard Bigg
Heybridge Gravel Pit (Grid ref:TL864074) 3 Small Copper seen flying over and around Common Cransebill near canal this morning at around 10.30. Paul Parmenter

Friday 13th April
Maldon, Essex (Grid ref:TL862049) First Orange tip in the garden this evening. Russel Neave

Thursday 12th April
Stretham, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL512747) Hummingbird Hawk-moth feeding on flowering currant in the garden. Ian Barton
Churchgate Street, Harlow (Grid ref:TL490115) Tetrad bashing in TL4811 and 4810 in fields between Churchgate Street and the M11 - between us we saw in about 1 1/2 hours 1 Holly Blue, 1 Orange Tip, 1 female Brimstone, 9 Peacock, 2 Small Tortoiseshell and 4 Small White. Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton
Chingford (Grid ref:TQ369929) Comma in my garden. Keith Winch

Wednesday 11th April
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL380550) Brimstone (2), Small White (1), Clouded Yellow (2), Small Tortoiseshell (1) & Peacock (1).
Old Railway Line, Comberton (Grid ref:TL382545) Brimstone (4), Clouded Yellow (3), & Peacock (1). Tony Roberts
Hardwick Wood, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL355575) Brimstone (4), Large White (1), Green-veined White (1), Small Tortoiseshell (2), Peacock (9), Comma (1). Vince Lea

Monday 9th April
Chingford (Grid ref:TQ369929) My first Holly Blue of the season in my garden in Chingford. Keith Winch

Sunday 8th April
Danbury CP, near Chelmsford (Grid ref:TL769048) Week 2 of Danbury Country Park Transect in Essex - 1 each of Brimstone, Peacock, Comma and Speckled Wood. Chris Rawlings

Saturday 7th April
Eynesbury, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL184594) Holly Blue, Brimstone and Peacock. Stuart & Jill Elsom
Little Baddow (E of Chelmsford) (Grid ref:TL778072) A Hummingbird Hawkmoth whizzing around a garden at Little Baddow yesterday - a successful hibernator or migrant? Simon Wood

Friday 6th April
Chigborough Lakes (Grid ref:TL875085) Up to six Peacock, one Small White and the first Speckled Wood of the year. Simon Wood

Maldon, Essex (Grid ref:TL850054) My garden - two Peacocks, a Small White and a rather battered Red Admiral (presumably a successful hibernator). Simon Wood

Thursday 5th April
Colchester (Grid ref:TM012268) A Holly Blue in my garden. Brian Goodey
(Note from Editor: taken with observer's permission from posting on Essex Moths Yahoo Group)

Little Hallingbury (Grid ref:TL503174) A Holly Blue seen in St Mary's churchyard this morning. Janice Green
(Note from Editor: taken with observer's permission from posting on Essex Moths Yahoo Group)

Thrift Wood (Grid ref:TL788017) Walked Week 1 transect at Thrift Wood today and recorded the the highest number ever for me on the first week - nine butterflies - 3 Peacock, 5 Brimstone (all males) and an unidentified white. Richard Bigg.

Monday 2nd April
1st of April is the official start of the transect season and this year my two transects both broke records in terms of numbers and variety of species. At Coton today (2nd April) there were 3 Peacocks, a Small Tortoiseshell and a Brimstone - all fairly typical - but also amazingly two firsts for my year with single Speckled Wood and a Large White!
Hardwick Wood yesterday held 4 Brimstones and 2 Peacocks. The day before, there had been two Red Admirals in territorial dispute, but no sign of them on the day of the transect. Vince Lea

On transect at Cambourne today, we recorded three Brimstones, 2 Peacocks and a single Comma, all in the wooded sections - nothing as yet out in the grassland. Louise Bacon

Danbury CP, near Chelmsford (Grid ref:TL769048) Week 1 of Danbury Country Park Transect in Essex - 2 Brimstone, 2 Peacock and 1 Comma. Chris Rawlings

MARCH 2007

Saturday 31st March
Great Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL544573) A Camberwell Beauty was spotted by my father (Peter Dawson) flying about an old ivy-covered oak tree late morning in Station Road, Great Wilbraham. Good views of the butterfly were seen as it alighted by a gate for several minutes. John Dawson

Tuesday 27th March
Cymbeline Meadows, Colchester (Grid ref:TL981263) Big surprise in Cymbeline Meadows this morning: a Small Copper, at least a month early. Tim Mendham
(Note from Editor: taken with observer's permission from posting on Essex Birders Yahoo Group)

Newport, Essex (Grid ref:TL523345) 2 Small Torts and 1 Small White. Stephen Patmore

Monday 26th March
Ilford (Grid ref:TQ445868) One Small White seen flying around railway sidings between Ilford and Seven Kings railway stations. Kathleen Black

Barton, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL406558) In and around Barton village and my back garden, 10 Brimstones, 1 Peacock, 1 Small Tortoiseshell and an unidentified 'White'. Vince Lea.

Newport, Essex (Grid ref:TL523345) This afternoon produced 1 Small White, 3 Brimstones, 2 Peacocks & 3 Small Torts. Stephen Patmore

Sunday 25th March
Stour Wood, Essex (Grid ref:TM190310) A couple of Commas mating. Rick Vonk

Writtle College, near Chelmsford, Essex (Grid ref:TL678072) Walking in the grounds of Writtle College on an Open Day, a Brimstone which seemed to be looking for a nectar source. Richard Bigg

Thursday 15th March
Writtle, near Chelmsford, Essex (Grid ref:TL672060) Peacock in perfect condition nectaring on a flowering tree in my garden. Richard Bigg

Wednesday 14th March
Haddenham, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL463754) Green-veined White in garden today. Paul Mason
(Note from webmaster - very early record!)

Stanground, Peterborough (Grid ref:TL207964) One Brimstone and one Small Tortoiseshell. Trevor Wilson

Wed 14th & Thursday 15th March
More sightings continue to be sent in, and again I will provide only a summary here:
Peacock Fowlmere RSPB Reserve 2, Brampton Wood, Woodston, (Peterborough), Orton Wistow (Peterborough)
Small Tortoiseshell Fowlmere RSPB Reserve, Cambourne
Brimstone Fowlmere RSPB Reserve, Cambourne, Writtle, Brampton Wood
Comma Fowlmere RSPB Reserve 3, Brampton Wood
Red Admiral Fowlmere RSPB Reserve

Friday 9th March - Tuesday 13th March
There have been many observations of butterlies sent in since the sunny weather commenced on Friday 9th March. I do not intend to list them all in detail, but provide a summary for each species below:
Brimstone North Cambridge(5), central Cambridge (1), Barton (5), Cambourne (1), Elton (1), Stretham (Cambridgeshire) (1), Impington (1), Writtle (1)
Small Tortoiseshell Cambourne (1), Impington (1), central Cambridge (1), Stanground, Peterborough (1)
Peacock Central Cambridge (1), Stanground, Peterborough (2), North Cambridge(7),
Red Admiral Wood Walton Fen (1 at 8.45am), Upminster, Essex (1), Stanground, Peterborough (1)
Comma North Cambridge(5), Haddenham (1)
White-letter Hairstreak Eggs (3) on elm, Impington near Cambridge. Sharon Hearle

Monday 12th March
Green Man Roundabout, Leytonstone (Grid ref:TQ398878) Brimstone. Alan Tanner
Hollow Ponds, Leyton (Grid ref:TQ393887) Peacock. Alan Tanner
Reservoir Wood, Wanstead Park (Grid ref:TQ405872) Painted Lady. Alan Tanner

Friday 9th March
Shudy Camps (S of Linton, Cambs) (Grid ref:TL619444) Brimstone this lunchtime. Mark Hows

Devil's Dyke, Cambridgshire (Grid ref:TL619614) Today, whilst working on Devils Dyke, we had a single Small White.......
It's madness. Vince Lea & Louise Bacon

Thursday 8th March
Barton, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL406557) Here in Barton village and farmland I saw 5 Brimstones, 2 Peacocks and a Small Tortoiseshell enjoying the sunny warmth! Vince Lea

Gamlingay (8m NE of Biggleswade) (Grid ref:TL237520) Lovely male Brimstone in garden at noon today. Audrey Williams

Woodston, Peterborough (Grid ref:TL183976) A Peacock reported by Trevor Wilson.

Alresford, 5m SE of Colchester (Grid ref:TM058217) Brimstone and Comma at Cockaynes pits. Glyn Evans

Wednesday 7th March
Stanground, Peterborough (Grid ref:TL207964) A Peacock at around 11:15am. Trevor Wilson

Tuesday 6th March
Barton, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL406557) Brimstone in middle of village. Vince Lea.
Also same last week, Louise Bacon

Newport, Essex (Grid ref:TL523345) Small Tortoiseshell at Newport Sewage Works this afternoon. Stephen Patmore

Friday 2nd March
Billericay, Essex (Grid ref:TQ681965) A Comma in my garden sunning itself on a concrete fence post. Charles Newman

Braintree, Essex (Grid ref:TL753232) One Red Admiral sunning itself on a south facing window. Roy Ledgerton

Stretham, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL512743) A male Brimstone pottered through the garden late morning. Ian Barton

Peterhouse, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL448580) Peacock in the Scholars Garden, Peterhouse. Daniel Osborne
(Note from Editor: taken with observer's permission from posting on Cammoths Yahoo Group)

Ilford (Grid ref:TQ439864) Red Admiral sighted in Ilford Town Centre (outside Kenneth More Theatre) about lunch time. Kathleen Black

Upminster (Grid ref:TQ562856) Red Admiral flying in garden. Kathryn Grumball

Writtle, near Chelmsford, Essex (Grid ref:TL672060) The first butterfly I've seen in my garden this year - a Comma basking in the sun in a sheltered corner at arround mid-day. Richard Bigg


Monday 21st February
Writtle, near Chelmsford, Essex (Grid ref:TL682065) Walking at Writtle about 2.0pm today a Red Admiral flying strongly in the sun. Richard Bigg

Thursday 15th February
Eastwood, Southend-on-Sea (Grid ref:TQ854887) Small Tortoiseshell flew through my garden today. Paul Baker

Sunday 11th February
Maldon, Essex Up to six Red Admirals in a private wood near Maldon recently with two there today - and an unidentified butterfly, presumed a Red Admiral over my garden today. White Admirals apparently (re) colonised the wood last year with up to two seen at any one time. Simon Wood
(Note from Editor: taken with observer's permission from posting on Essex Moth Yahoo Group)

Saturday 3rd February
March, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL416968) A Small Tortoiseshell at 1:40pm. Colin Mitchell

Friday 2nd February
Frinton-on-Sea (Grid ref:TM238196) A Peacock was briefly along the Esplanade, whilst a Red Admiral was along the Greensward (near the top of cliff area) at around the same position during the afternoon once the sun had come out and it was very pleasantly warm. Paul Brayshaw
(Note from Editor: taken with observer's permission from posting on Essex Birders Yahoo Group)

Thursday 1st February
Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL512536) One male Brimstone on the wing in the sunshine at Lodge Farm, Fulbourn. John Dawson

Haddenham, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL463754) Brimstone reported seen in a Haddenham garden in the afternoon. Paul Mason (on behalf of observer Ian Dickerson)

Woodford Green (Grid ref:TQ412928) I also had another Red Admiral in my front garden lunch time and an early March moth last night. Robin Barfoot.

RSPB Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL405456) One Small Tortoiseshell seen flying along the Shep, approx. 50m north of the Shortcut. Ian Dodd

Castor Hanglands, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TF119014) A Red Admiral seen flying around mid-day. Kevan Wolstencroft


Wednesday 31st January
Hayley Wood (Grid ref:TL291532) A few moths on the wing including - Pale Brindled Beauty, Spring Usher, Dotted Border, March Moth, Satellite and Chestnut. Plus Early Moth at Lodge Farm, Fulbourn. John Dawson

West Thurrock Marshes (Grid ref:TQ582770) I had a Red Admiral again today (see Sunday 28th January).
Also, another Red Admiral in my garden at Hornchurch (near Romford) (Grid ref:TQ538871) today as well as 2 white tailed Bumble Bees. David Morrison.

Monday 29th January
Stanground, Peterborough (Grid ref:TL206960) One Red Admiral. Trevor Wilson.

Sunday 28th January
West Thurrock Marshes (Grid ref:TQ582770) One Red Admiral. David Morrison.
(Note from Editor: taken with observer's permission from posting on Essex Birders Yahoo Group)

Wednesday 24th January
Warboys, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL308801) There has been a report of a live Hummingbird Hawk-moth in a house in Warboys. (Note from Editor: taken from posting on Cammoths Yahoo Group)

Friday 19th January
Writtle College, near Chelmsford (Grid ref:TL676070) One Red Admiral in the grounds of the college at about 11 am (weather sunny and very warm). Tim Gardner.

Dovercourt, Essex (Grid ref:TM254310) Red Admiral (1). Chris Gibson

Woodford Green (Grid ref:TQ412928) I was suprised to see recent reports of Red Admirals but quite amazed to see one in my front garden a few minutes ago together with a couple of giant bumblebees also sunning themselves. Robin Barfoot

Foxton, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL415481) A brief walk in the sunshine in the vain hope of a Red Admiral (not seen one near here sine November), I had a male Brimstone fly across the road in front of me. Guy Manners

Thursday 18th January
Mill Road, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL465577) Red Admiral battling the wind. Vince Lea

Monday 15th January
Friday Wood, Colchester (Grid ref:TM002212) Red Admiral. Chris Gibson
(Note from Editor: taken with observer's permission from posting on Essex Moth Yahoo Group)

Thursday 4th January
Dagenham (Grid ref:TQ488856) Red Admiral circling in the shrubs on the north-western corner of the junction between Heathway and Oxlow Lane at 1.30pm. It was extremely energetic, flying strongly as though it was a summer's day, not slowly as though it was barely surviving. Chris Bell

Monday 1st January
Ouse Washes, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL443824) Peacock butterfly on New Year's Day, flying at considerable height over the Washes near Fortrey Hall ( I hope it made it across). David Hopkins
(Note from Editor: taken with observer's permission from posting on Cammoths Yahoo Group)

Redbridge (Postcode: IG6 2ED) Red Admiral in my garden on New Year's Day. Kathleen Black

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