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This page contains the sightings of all the butterflies and moths reported on the main Sightings page during 2008.

Photos submitted during the year can be seen by clicking here.

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First & Last 'Website' Sightings 2008

 Chalkhill Blue 5th July <-> 18th Sep Gatekeeper 4th July <-> 28th Aug
 SW Fritillary 30th Jun <-> 3rd Aug White Admiral 26th Jun <-> 25th July
 W-L H'streak 26th Jun <-> 20th Jul Purple H'steak 26th Jun <-> 28th July
 Ringlet 17th Jun <-> 12th Aug Marbled White 19th Jun <-> 25th July
 Essex Skipper 18th Jun <-> 22nd Aug Black H'streak 14th Jun <-> 30th Jun
 Meadow Brown 11th Jun <-> 28th Sep Small Skipper 8th Jun <-> 14th Aug
 Heath Fritillary 8th Jun <-> 5th July Large Skipper 5th Jun <-> 28th Jul
 Painted Lady 21st May <-> 12th Sep Clouded Yellow 13th May <-> 13th May
 Brown Argus 11th May <-> 29th Sep Common Blue 11th May <-> 27th Sep
 Camberwell Beauty 8th May Small Heath 8th May <> 6th Oct
 Wall Brown 5th May <-> 18th Oct Dingy Skipper 5th May <-> 14th May
 Grizzled Skipper 4th May <-> 12th July Small Copper 4th May <-> 29th Sep
 Green Hairstreak 26th Apr <-> 8th June Orange Tip 21st Apr <-> 21st May
 Large White 22nd Apr <-> 22nd Oct Speckled Wood 9th Apr <-> 21st Oct
 GV White 9th Apr <-> 28th Sep Holly Blue 4th Apr <-> 28th Oct
 Small White 30th Mar <-> 24th Oct Small T'shell 4th Mar <-> 17th Dec
 Brimstone 9th Feb <-> 22nd Nov Comma 9th Feb <-> 22nd Nov
 Peacock 12th Jan <-> 9th Dec Red Admiral 8th Feb <-> 22nd Dec
Note: Some of these sightings may have been made at private sites with no public access
December 2008

Monday 22nd December
Shoeburyness (Grid ref:TQ9384) At 11am, 1 Red Admiral. Bruce Foxall

Sunday 21st December
Sunnymead Farm (near Wivenhoe) (Grid ref:TM055220) 1 Red Admiral. Moira Jackson

Wednesday 17th December
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL376546) 1 Small Tortoiseshell. Tony Roberts
West Mersea, Essex (Grid ref:TM004125) Two Red Admirals flying around outside the Victory pub at lunchtime. Tim & Viv Mendham

Tuesday 9th December
Orton Waterville area of Peterborough (Grid ref:TL157961) A Peacock at approx 12:20pm. Trevor Wilson

November 2008

Saturday 22nd November
Near Willingham (Grid ref:TL419695) A Peacock (photo attached), sunning in the shelter of the Drove. Not a beauty but still flying! Hope it got somewhere safe before the ice and snow! Nick Ballard

Comberton (Grid ref:TL387566) Comma on an apple in the garden. Tony Roberts

Saturday 15th November
John Weston EWT Reserve, The Naze, Essex (Grid ref:TM266245) A Red Admiral seen by Graham Ekins.
South Woodham Ferrers, Essex (Grid ref:TQ805971) Temp = 14.C & sunny. At 13.30hrs, 1 Red Admiral in our garden. Chris Rawlings

Friday 14th November
Buckden (Grid ref:TL193671) At 11am, a Comma seen by Charles Nicol

Sunday 9th November
Foxton, Cambs (Grid ref:TL4148) Peacock made laboured flight to rest on trunk of Black Ash tree in the morning sunlight. Guy Manners

Friday 7th November
Rainham, Essex (Grid ref:TQ515840) A Red Admiral sunning itself on a window on the opposite side of the street. Janet Edmunds & Dave Jones
Mill Road cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) At lunchtime, 3 Red Admirals basking in the sun. Nick Ballard

Tuesday 3rd November
I went back to the footpath at Stirtloe (Grid ref:TL201663) this afternoon & was delighted to find an elderly Red Admiral basking up a tree. The Darter was close by. My walk was punctuated by a Comma (3 photos attached). Charles Nicol

October 2008

Monday 27th October
I went back to the footpath at Stirtloe (Grid ref:TL201663) this afternoon & was delighted to find this lovely Red Admiral basking on a fallen tree. A Darter was close by (3 photos attached). Charles Nicol
Cambourne (Grid ref:TL317597) One Red Admiral. Louise Bacon

Friday 24th October
I went to Stirtloe (Grid ref:TL201663) this afternoon to see if any butterflies were out in the sunshine. I was not disappointed... 2 Red Admirals, 1 Small White & 1 Comma (4 photos attached). Charles Nicol

Wednesday 22nd October
Chelmsford, Essex (Grid ref:TL 701090) In my garden, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Large White. Bruce Brown

Tuesday 21st October
Spaldwick (Grid ref:TL128724) In the afternoon I went down Long Lane & saw a single Red Admiral on some ivy (photo attached). Charles Nicol
Harlow 1 Speckled Wood seen by Jan Hein van Steenis.

Monday 20th October
The Naze, Essex (Grid ref:TM264244) 2 Red Admiral. Very Windy. S.W. Bruce Brown

Saturday 18th October
Jan Hein van Steenis reports 2 Large White at Westcliff-on-Sea (Grid ref:TQ874850) and also a Red Admiral a little further east along the coast at Shoeburyness (Grid ref:TQ932839).
He additionally notes:
A belated butterfly I didn't report because I couldn't get it identified may still be of interest. On 21/09, I saw a very flighty, small satyrid with orange in its wings on the seawall at RSPB Rainham Marshes (Grid ref:TQ544794). Unfortunately, I did not get a better view to decide if it was a bad view of a Meadow Brown, a very late Gatekeeper or a very lost Wall... (of which I saw three a week later in the Netherlands).

Friday 17th October
Gamlingay Wood (Grid ref:TL242534). One Red Admiral, One Comma. Vince Lea & Louise Bacon
Barton (Grid ref:TL TL399549). One Red Admiral, One Comma. Vince Lea & Louise Bacon

Sunday 12th October
Stirtloe (Grid ref:TL201663) This afternoon I walked along a footpath near Stirtloe; there was warm sunshine & no wind. I saw 3 Commas, 2 Whites (mating) & 6 Red Admirals. (3 photos attached). Charles Nicol

Saturday 11th October
Ferry Meadows, River Nene near Peterborough (Grid ref:TL145975) Wonderful sunny day; Comma (3 on ivy), Large White & a Red Admiral nearby. Small Tortoiseshell in my garden at Dogsthorpe (Grid ref:TF220012). David Withrington

Thursday 9th October
Granchester, near Cambridge (Grid ref:TL439559) Brimstone 1 & Small White 3. Tony Roberts

Wednesday 8th October
Pumping Station, Buckden (Grid ref:TL211660) The sun was out & only a light breeze. I saw 2 male Brimstones, 3 Small cCpers, 2 Red Admirals, 3 Commas, 1 Peacock, 3 assorted Whites, 1 Small Tortoiseshell & 1 Speckled Wood. (4 photos attached). Charles Nicol
Foxton (Grid ref:TL415485) In the sunshine, I recorded at least one of each of male and female of both Large and Small White in and around the garden. Guy Manners
Mill Road cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) 8 Red Admirals, 4 Large White, 2 Comma & 1 Peacock. Nick Ballard

Monday 6th October
Cockway Lane, Spaldwick (Grid ref:TL106723) I spent 2 hours in the early afternoon & saw 3 Commas, 2 Large Whites, 1 Small White, 1 Red Admiral & 1 Small Tortoiseshell (2 photos attached). Charles Nicol
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL376546) Small White 3 & Small Heath 2. Tony Roberts
Mill Road cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) At lunchtime - 1 Red Admiral and 1 Large White. Nick Ballard

Wednesday 1st October
The Naze, Walton-on-the-Naze (Grid ref:TM264244) Very windy, Westerlies. In a somewhat sheltered undercliff. Red Admiral 5, Peacock 1, Large White 12 & Small White 4. Bruce Brown

September 2008

Monday 29th September
Pumping Station, Buckden (Grid ref:TL211660) In the adjacent field I saw 3 Red Admirals, 2 Large Whites & 6 Small Coppers. The Small Coppers were flying around quite high up without settling. Also 3 Commas on the blackberry bushes. (3 photos attached). Charles Nicol
The Naze, Walton-on-the-Naze (Grid ref:TM264244) Comma 12, Peacock 1, Red Admiral 5, Small Heath 4, Speckled Wood 7, and 60+ Mixed Whites, all when the sun came out and it warmed up a bit. Bruce Brown
Rainham Marshes (RSPB Reserve) (Grid ref:TQ552792) I had 3 male Wall Browns today - the latest I have seen- plus Brown Argus and Small Copper. Jim Smith

Sunday 28th September
Northwick Rd site, Canvey Island (Grid ref:TQ760837) Mostly continuous sunshine and only a minimal breeze certainly proved a winner today! Twelve definite species of butterfly recorded, plus possibles of two others (Green-veined white and Small tortoiseshell). The species seen were as follows: Small copper 8, Common Blue 13+, Brown Argus 10+ (all female), Wall Brown 12+ (inc. 2-3 females, third brood), Small Heath 6, Speckled Wood 10+, Red Admiral 2, Holly Blue 2, Peacock 7, Meadow Brown 1 female, Large White 6+, Small White 6+, unidentified whites 12+. Also noted were a couple of rather worn Treble bar moths disturbed from the vegetation. All in all, an excellent haul - pity we couldn't find any Commas on the blackberries! Graham Bailey

Saturday 27th September
Wakering Stairs (NE of Southend-on-Sea) (Grid ref:TQ969871) 2 Wall Brown & 1 Small Copper (per Steve Arlow) Vince Kinsler
Canvey Point (East end of Canvey Island) (Grid ref:TQ823834) 2 Wall Brown & 1 Small Heath. Vince Kinsler
Fleam Dyke (Grid ref:TL549542) Fleam Dyke (Grid ref:TL549542) Beautiful day to walk the final transect of the year. 22 Butterflies - 9 Species. Comma 8, Whites 8 (1 LW, 3 SmW, 4 GVW) Red Admiral 1, Speckled Wood 2, Common Blue (f) 1, Small Heath 1 and Brimstone (f) 1. Outside transect - lots of Whites and the odd Red Admiral, Commas and another Small Heath. (5 photos attached). Nick Ballard
Mill Road cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) Several Commas and a few Red Admirals and Large Whites this morning. Nick Ballard
Epping Forest (between Field Study Centre and Rat Lane) (Grid ref:TQ412981) 1 Brimstone, 2 Large White& 3 Speckled Wood. Kathleen Black

Friday 26th September
Bretons outdoor centre, Rainham (Grid ref:TQ516848) Went on an hour's walk today. 1 Meadow Brown, 4 Speckled Woods, 10+ mixed whites, 10+ dragonflies also a Snout moth. (3 photos attached). Janet Edmunds

Thursday 25th September
The Naze, Walton-on-the-Naze (Grid ref:TM264244) Red Admiral 7, Small Heath1, Peacock 1, Speckled Wood 8, Small Copper 1, Whites species 30+, and Comma 5, one of which became a snack for a Spotted Flycatcher. Bruce Brown
Orwell Clunch Pit Transect: (Grid ref: TL365506) Small White 6 & Speckled Wood 2. Tony Roberts

Wednesday 24th September
Faith Davis has kindly sent in the following report covering the July & August period:
This may be of interest as it refers to a small fallow corner of a large field bordering onto a strip of woodland at Worldsend, Roydon (Grid ref:TL414094) Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Ringlet, Large Skipper, Small Skipper, Small Tortoiseshell, Marbled White, Comma, Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Purple Hairstreak, Green-veined White, Small White, Large White, Small Copper, Speckled Wood, Peacock, Brimstone, either Common or Holly Blue (did not settle). I have sent this list to the farmer to encourage him to manage this special spot, which is in danger of being overgrown with saplings.

Sunday 21st September
Wheatley Wood, Rayleigh (Grid ref:TQ784912) A Woodland Trust property with mostly newly planted native trees and some meadow areas with a number of fine old hedgerows. Six species seen in the late afternoon, namely Speckled Wood 11, Comma 7 (mostly feeding on blackberries), Holly Blue 1, Small Copper 3, Large White 4, and, rather strangely, a freshly emerged male Meadow Brown. He certainly seemed very out of place so late in the season! Graham Bailey
Bedfords Park, near Romford (EWT reserve) (Grid ref:TQ520922) Saw lots of Commas feasting on ripe blackberries including 7 on one bush! I managed to get 3 in one picture! I have never seen so many - they seem to be having a great year. Several small coppers near the pond,plus plenty of Large and Small cabbage Whites and one Common Blue, several Speckled Wood, 1 Green-veined White, but now only 1 Red Admiral. Most of these still present when I returned on 25th. (4 photos attached). Mark Bunch
Castor Hanglands NNR, Cambs (Grid ref:TF122016) The only butterflies of note were about 20 Speckled Woods and 4 freshly-emerged male Brimstones. David Withrington
Peterborough (Grid ref:TF192010) In my garden there were 3 Commas on buddleia and ice plant. Yesterday there were 7 Small Tortoiseshells and a Red Admiral. Today, they appear to have moved on. David Withrington
Mill Road cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) This morning - several Comma and Red Admirals (photos attached), mostly on the ivy, with a few Large Whites. Cold nights reducing active numbers. (On cycle-ride to Aldreth from Histon on Saturday many Small Tortoiseshell). Nick Ballard

Saturday 20th September
Walton-on-the-Naze (Grid ref:TM2624) At least 6 Small Coppers and 2 Small Heaths on the Naze, with a few Commas and Speckled Woods. Many Large and Small Whites along the coast all the way to Holland-on-Sea, sometimes high up and moving south. Quite a few Red Admirals as well, but no obvious movement. Jan Hein van Steenis
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL376546) A bumper 10 species on transect. Alongside the whites, there was a bright male Brimstone, two lingering Small Heaths and a single Common Blue. The stars were, however, the Commas feeding on ripe blackberries in significant numbers, with 8 on one section. Louise Bacon

Friday 19th September
Halstead (Grid ref:TL782297) For the last 3 days, I have had up to 15 Red Admirals, 5 Commas, 3 Small Tortoiseshells and 1 Painted Ladyin my garden nectaring on 1 - 2 clumps of Michaelmas Daisy (Aster - variety not known). There are other clumps of the same plant elsewhere in the garden, which also have some, but not as many. Buddleias have all finished flowering. Haven't seen anything like this for some years. Colin Davis

Thursday 18th September
There were still 9 Chalkhill Blue on Devil's Dyke (Grid ref:TL616616), today - all female and some looking very tired. Also one very tatty Meadow Brown and a few Small Heath, Common Blue, Brimstone and Small and Large White. There were no Small Tortoiseshell seen at all.Sharon Hearle
Coton (Grid ref:TL415587) Brown Argus, presumably third generation of the year near the recreation ground. Vince Lea
Woodwalton Fen (Grid ref:TL230850) Small numbers of Red Admiral, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood, Brimstone, Large White & Small White. David Withrington

Tuesday 16th September
Ingrebourne CP (Grid ref:TQ524831) For an hournot much about but managed to see 3 Small Heaths & 2 Small Coppers as well as a lot of flying dragonflies (various photos attached). Janet Edmunds & Dave Jones

Monday 15th September
Sunnymead Farm (near Wivenhoe) (Grid ref:TM055220) Comma, Red Admiral, Small White & Large White. Moira Jackson
Great Chishill Meadows (Grid ref:TL424393) Another worn Meadow Brown plus elderly male Common Blue. Late dates for both species. Also, all the expected: - Speckled Woods, Small Whites in good numbers locally. Jack Harrison

Sunday 14th September
We went for a walk to the Essex wildlife centre at Chafford Hundreds near Lakeside, Essex. Not a lot of butterflies about, 3 Red Admirals, 2 Common Blues, 2 Commas, quite a few whites & a Speckled Wood. but what we did see was dragonflies everywhere, flying & basking in the sun, managed to get some of them to come on my hand (what a good view) they even was landing on me (various photos attached). Janet Edmunds & Dave Jones
Fulbourn Wildlife Trust Reserve, Cambs (Grid ref:TL528563) At least 25 Small Tortoiseshell with a Peacock and two Red Admiral feeding on thistle flowers. Also Speckled Woods and a very tatty Common Blue on site. Louise Bacon and members of the Cambridge Conservation Volunteers
Tort Hill, Sawtry (Grid ref:TL173840) We returned to Tort Hill cameras in hand (3 photos attached).. I won't give details as David Newland has described the spectacle perfectly (see below). Anyone wishing to visit is best advised to park near All Saints Church and then walk through the churchyard into the fields. Phil Bromley & Rosalyn Payne
Tort Hill, Sawtry (Grid ref:TL173840) Following the report by Phil Bromley and Rosalyn Payne yesterday, I spent a couple of hours here during the middle of the day. It was mostly sunny and warm (19C) with only a light breeze. A huge number of Small Tortoiseshells were about, almost all in mint condition. Altogether there must have been several hundred in the three fields. A buddleia bush by the motorway noise barrier was covered with them and there were many basking on the wooden barrier itself. (2 pictures are attached.).
It was the most butterflies of a single species that I have seen on the wing for ages. I didn't detect any obvious migratory movement (cf Liz Goodyear's report yesterday). Spiders were doing a good business with the remains of about 10 Small Tortoiseshells and 5 or 6 Whites bundled up for eating later. David Newland
Monks Wood (Grid ref:TL195798) I spent an hour at Monks Wood at lunchtime. There were many Small Tortoiseshells (30+) nectaring on Yellow flowers in the clearings & roadside grass ( dandelion & calendula ); they seem to be making a comeback. I also saw a male Brimstone. In the pic it is being attacked by a small white !! (2 photos attached.) Charles Nicol

***Dave Blackwell, a new member of the Branch, has kindly send in several photos of the butterflies he's seen on Canvey Wick during the last few months. Take a look here.***

Saturday 13th September
Stansted Airport Lagoons (Grid ref:TL550216) 1 Large White, 7 Small White, 1 Red Admiral, 2 Small Tortoishell & 1F Common Blue. Also 6+ Migrant Hawker & 2+ Common Darter. Mike Harris
Kingfisher's Bridge (3 miles NW of Wicken Fen) (Grid ref:TL544732) On water mint this afternoon, I counted a minimum of 155 Small Tortoiseshell butterflies. Bruce Martin
Great Chishill (Grid ref:TL427393) New brood Small Heaths 2, Elderly Meadow Brown 1, new brood Green-veined White 1 plus less interesting: numerous Small Whites, Large Whites & Speckled Woods. In my nearby garden Small Tortoiseshell 3, Red Admiral 2. (2 photos attached). Jack Harrison
Tort Hill & Moat & Shrunken Medieval Village, Sawtry (Grid ref:TL173840) During a 1 hour walk we counted Small Tortoiseshell 63 (yes 63), Comma 7, Red Admiral 5, Brimstone 1, Small White 11 & Large White 4. We are seeing the Small Tortoiseshell in good numbers almost everywhere in the Huntingdon ~ Peterborough corridor. Phil Bromley & Rosalyn Payne
Flag Fen, near Peterborough (Grid ref:TL228989) We went on a guided tour which started just after 11 oclock and despite the weather forecast saying it would be sunny, this was not at the time the case! It was cloudy but not that cold, on the drive up it had reduced to about 12d. centigrade but as we left the visitor centre I could see a butterfly flying around and quickly realised it was a Small Tortoiseshell. Considering the weather conditions, I found this quite surprising. The tour lasted about 2 hours and as we reached the Bronze Age roundhouses, the sun had started to come out and the butterflies started to fly. There were various whites and quite quickly about 3 Small Tortoiseshells, but as we stood looking at the sheep I started to see several STs flying over, think this was east to west incidently. Some stopped to nectar on the dandelions, others just kept flying.
When we got back to the visitor centre, I could just see STs on the grass, and reckon there was easily 20 in one quick count. Later we sat on the balcony outside the visitor centre and over a period of an hour, STs were just continuously in view, basking on the walls, flying around and flying through. I assume the numbers must have been in their 100s to be honest. Liz Goodyear (now back in Hertfordshire)

Friday 12th September
Hartford End, near Felsted (Grid ref:TL685175) Around 15-20 Small Tortoiseshells feeding on buddleia in the afternoon. Also several Red Admirals, Whites, Comma, a scruffy Painted Lady and a Speckled Wood nearby. John Dobson
West Bergholt (Grid ref:TL960275) In my garden recently there have been a few Small Tortoiseshells nectaring on a late flowering white Buddleia, and several on riverside vegetation at nearby Nayland. This is more like it, just as it used to be. Philip Smith
(Note from Editor: Taken from posting on Essex Moth Group Yahoo! forum with permission.)

Thursday 11th September
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL376546) Large White 2, Small White 54, Green-veined White 5, Small Tortoiseshell 6 & Small Heath 2. Tony Roberts

Wednesday 10th September
Mill Road cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) Lunchtime: 5+ Small Whites, 4 Large Whites, 1 (at least) GV White, 3 Red Admirals, 2 Small Tortoiseshells, 1 Brimstone Generally Whites seem to have flourished in our damp wet summer; it is noticeable that I see more Large Whites in town than out on the Fleam Dyke, for instance. Perhaps we have the gardeners in town to thank for planting plenty of brassicas! (4 photos attached). Nick Ballard
Fleam Dyke, on transect (Grid ref:TL549542) One Chalkhill Blue (a tatty female), a single Small Heath and a sprinkling of Nymphalids among the 50+ whites on Fleam Dyke transect today. The area of ivy before the Dyke starts (coming from Fulbourn) had 10 or so Small Tortoiseshells, several Red Admirals and a Comma. Vince Lea
Orwell Clunch Pit Transect: (Grid ref: TL365506) Small White 15, Green-veined White 1, Large White 1, Red Admiral 1 & Speckled Wood 6. Tony Roberts

Monday 8th September
Mill Road cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) Lunchtime: Despite the terrible weather, 10+ Small Whites, (at least) 1 GV White and a few Large Whites, 2 Comma, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Brimstone, Speckled Wood and Red Admiral. Nick Ballard
Lark Rise Farm, Barton, Cambs (Grid ref: TL415555) Transect - Small White 16, Green-veined White 2, Brown Argus 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1 & Small Heath 1. Tony Roberts

Sunday 7th September
Mill Road cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) Sunday afternoon - between the showers....at least a dozen Small Whites, the odd pair of Large Whites plus a couple of Red Admirals and a Comma. Nick Ballard

Monday 1st September
Sunnymead Farm (near Wivenhoe) (Grid ref:TM055220) Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood & Holly Blue. Moira Jackson
Peterborough (Grid Ref: TF192010) At midday - a (24 year) record number of Small Tortoiseshells (17) on buddleiah in my garden; Comma (1), Large White (5), Small White (2), Holly Blue (2). David Withrington
Lodge Farm, Fulbourn, Cambs (Grid Ref: TL512534) As a post script to sightings of 8 Small Tortoiseshells made on the 28th August, Kathryn reports that:
Since then we've been inundated with Small Tortoiseshells flying in the good weather breaks and resting when it's cloudy.
Cricketfield Lane, Ramsey (Grid ref:TL283849) Counted 20+ Small Tortoiseshell on my buddleia at 11.30am today (managed to get 6 in this photo). Also 2 Red Admiral, 2 Small White and 1 large White. Phil Bromley
Heydon (Grid ref:TL430393) More observations & pictures from Jack Harrison: Mass emergence of new brood Speckled Woods after rain previous day. Along 300 metres of lane circa 15 males seen, often sparring with one another at edges of territories (photo attached).
In addition, Jack writes: Large White observation. The caterpillars resulting from eggs laid in July have disappeared from my brassicas (off to their pupation sites I presume). So a newly emerged Large White today almost certainly third brood (photo attached).
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL376546) Small White 56, Large White 2, Green-veined White 5, Common Blue 7, Speckled Wood 4, Meadow Brown 1 & Small Heath 3. Tony Roberts

August 2008

Sunday 31st August
Duxford (Grid ref:TL479465) I was pleasantly surprised to see 3 Small Tortoiseshells in my garden - just like old times? Mike Gittos

Saturday 30th August
Great Chishill, S. Cambs (Grid ref:TL425390) Jack Harrison writes: We all enjoy seeing butterflies in pristine condition. Not so this chap (photo) who is getting more and more tatty by the day but can still fly as strongly as ever.
And later, he adds: Not just that tatty Peacock (sent earlier today) but now some decent specimens. Tortoiseshell is obviously new brood (photos attached).
He finishes with: They keep emerging in the garden. New brood Comma late afternoon, but not behaving for the camera. But the bland underside (compare summer brood) shows clearly enough. This is the form that hibernates - the pale (hutchinsoni) doesn't.

Thursday 28th August
Lodge Farm, Fulbourn, Cambs (Grid Ref: TL512534) 2 Brimstones, 1 Peacock, 2 Red Admirals, 4 Common Blues, 1 Speckled Wood, 4 Small Whites, 2 Meadow Browns, 1 Gatekeeper and 8 Small Tortoiseshells. Kathryn Grumball
Old Railway Line, Comberton (Grid ref:TL377544) Small White 8, Common Blue 2 & Meadow Brown 5. Tony Roberts
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL375545) Brimstone 1, Small White c100, Large White 1, Green-veined White 3, Common Blue 17, Speckled Wood 1l, Gatekeeper 3, Meadow Brown 9 & Small Heath 1. Tony Roberts

Wednesday 27th August
Great Chishill, S. Cambs (Grid ref:TL425390) I love butterflies but not so sure about caterpillars. Hundreds of Large White caterpillars infesting my garden at the moment - just two shown in this picture. Jack Harrison

Tuesday 26th August
Orwell Clunch Pit Transect: (Grid ref: TL365506) Small White 5, Common Blue 2, Peacock 1, Speckled Wood 8 & Meadow Brown 8. Tony Roberts

Monday 25th August
Writtle, Chelmsford (Grid ref:TL670059) Small Tortoiseshell in my garden (photo attached). Richard Bigg
Stansted Airport Lagoons (Grid ref:TL550216) 2 Small White, 1 Brown Argus (Unusual here for me) & 11 Meadow Brown. (1M Black-tailed Skimmer & 10 Common Blue Damselfly). Mike Harris

Saturday 23rd August
Fleam Dyke (Grid ref:TL549542) Over 100 butterflies: Nearly half were Whites mainly Small with a good number of Green-Veined and a few Large. All the usual suspects Meadow Brown, a few Gatekeepers hanging-on, Common Blue, Brown Argus, the odd Speckled Wood, Brimstone (when the sun was out) and Peacock. Highlight was 8 Chalkhill Blue (2 females and 2 males, plus 2 mating pairs - photo attached) in sections 6,7 & 8. No Painted Lady, (will they arrive late if we get some prolonged warm southerly winds?) or Red Admiral which was unusual. Outside of transect saw 1 male Chalkhill in section 3, plus a Small Heath in section 2. Nick Ballard
Roman Rd (Grid ref:TL5252) Brimstone - 1, Large White - 8, Small White - 13, Gr Vn White - 10, Holly Blue - 1, Red Admiral - 1, Painted Lady - 1, Speckled Wood - 8, Meadow Brown - 5. Trish Agnew.
Mistley, near Manningtree, Essex (Grid ref:TM1131) A staggering 3 small torts nectaring on the buddleia outside my house. Most I've seen together for ages. Rick Vonk
In the fields around Barton (Grid ref:TL4054), Tony Roberts reports:
Tinkers Field - Small White 13, Speckled Wood 2 & Meadow Brown 2
Telegraph Field - Small White 6, Common Blue 5 & Meadow Brown 7
Holt Field - Small White 16, Common Blue 1, Brown Argus 2 & Meadow Brown 10
Old Nags Field - Small White 8 & Peacock 1
Great Chishill, S. Cambs (Grid ref:TL425390) Holly Blue x2, first in garden for four weeks. Red Admiral x4, Peacock x4, Meadow Brown many, Large and Small Whites many. Gatekeepers no longer being seen (abundant earlier in month) Caterpillars - Large White x several hundred having ruined brassicas and nasturtiums. Jack Harrison

Friday 22nd August
Old Hall Marshes (Grid ref:TL9712) Long walk around RSPB reserve had reasonable numbers of butterflies: single Small Copper, single Painted Lady, very tatty, possibly just in across sea, Small Tortoiseshell 3, Red Admiral 2, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Common Blue, Essex Skipper, all between 10 and 25 individuals. Vince Lea & Louise Bacon
Writtle, Chelmsford (Grid ref:TL670059) My first sight of a Small Tortoiseshell this year. This one nectaring on buddleia in my garden. Richard Bigg
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL376546) Essex Skipper 1, Small White c150, Common Blue 2, Speckled Wood 4, Gatekeeper 7, Meadow Brown 40 & Small Heath 4. Tony Roberts

Thursday 21st August
Tiptree Heath (Grid ref:TL884145) Small Copper widespread in small humbers (10+ total), Small Heath, Brown Argus, Common Blue - 2-5 each, also present; Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Essex Skipper, Whites. Vince Lea, Louise Bacon & Richard Bigg.
Bradwell-on-Sea (Grid ref:TM026079) Good numbers of whites, many coming in to roost in long grass of sea walls at 6pm. Also, one 1 Small Tortoiseshel, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Meadow Brown. Vince Lea & Louise Bacon
Barnack Hills & Holes (Grid ref: TF075045) During a two hour visit saw 14 Chalkhill Blue, 5 Brown Argus, 3 Small Copper, 3 Brimstone, 3 Small Heath, 2 Holly Blue, 2 Peacock,1 Speckled Wood. Lots of Meadow Brown, Essex Skippers, Common Blue and a few Gatekeeper, Small, Large and Green-veined Whites. Rosalyn Payne & Phil Bromley
Anglesey Abbey (Grid ref: TL592622) Not primarily a butterfly visit, but in passing seen: Meadow Browns - countless; Brimstone (on white buddleia) - 1 male, 2 females (photo attached); Peacock - circa 5 & Common Blue - 1 male. Jack Harrison
Girton Recreation Ground and Wood (Grid ref: TL425624) Small White 16, Common Blue 1, Brown Argus 1, Speckled Wood 14 & Meadow Brown 32. Tony Roberts

Wednesday 20th August
Orwell Clunch Pit Transect: (Grid ref: TL365506) Small White 8, Common Blue 3, Speckled Wood 6, Gatekeeper 3& Meadow Brown 18. Tony Roberts
Shepreth River Walk (Grid ref: TL385506) Small White 6, Green-veined White 1, Red Admiral 2, Gatekeeper 3 & Meadow Brown 5. Tony Roberts

Sunday 17th August
Univeristy Botanic Gardens (Grid ref:TL455571) Painted Lady 1. Philip Oswald.

Friday 15th August
Orwell Clunch Pit (Grid ref: TL365506), about a dozen Common Blue, 3-4 Brown Argus, a Sm/Essex skipper, single Peacock and Red Admiral. Lots of Meadow Browns, Gatekeeper, also one or two Speckled Wood. A few moths out as well, the highlight being a single Chalk carpet, but also Dusky Sallow, Pyrausta aurata and 2 Silver Ys. Louise Bacon & Vince Lea
Holt Field, Barton (Grid ref: TL403544) Large White 3, Small White 7, Green-veined White 6, Common Blue 3, Peacock 1, Speckled Wood 2, Comma 1, Gatekeeper 3 & Meadow Brown 27. Tony Roberts
Telegraph Field, Barton (Grid ref:TL408545) Common Blue 16, Speckled Wood d, Gatekeeper 6 & Meadow Brown 34. Tony Roberts
Old Nags Field, Barton (Grid ref:TL398545) Meadow Brown 2. Tony Roberts
Tinkers Field, Barton (Grid ref:TL407548) Small White 2, Small Copper 1, Brown Argus 9, Gatekeeper 6 & Meadow Brown 30. Tony Roberts

Thursday 14th August
Fleam Dyke (Grid ref: TL544545) Southeast side of main road in less-than-ideal weather (17 degs, brisk wind although sunny) Chalkhill Blues 1 male, 2 females. Also all the other expected species, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Whites, Small Skipper. Jack Harrison.
Great Chishill On buddleia; Red Admirals x 4, three were very fresh Peacock x 3 Whites Large & Small (not counted - many). Jack Harrison.
Mill Road cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582), A few Small White and single Large White, Gatekeeper and Holly Blue, with a few Meadow Browns and Gatekeepers still around. First time I've recorded (at least 2 male) Common Blues (no females) and a couple of Brown Argus. (See attached photos). Nick Ballard

Tuesday 12th August
Orwell Clunch Pit Transect: (Grid ref: TL365506) Small White 4, Green-veined White 5, Common Blue 1, Peacock 2, Speckled Wood 5, Gatekeeper 21, Meadow Brown 22 & Ringlet 2. Tony Roberts

Monday 11th August
Lark Rise Farm Barton Cambs (Grid ref: TL415555) Transect. Small/Essex Skipper 1, Small White 5, Green-veined White 3, Speckled Wood 2, Gatekeeper 10 & Meadow Brown 25. Tony Roberts.
Fleam Dyke - Fulbourn to A14 (Grid ref:TL544545) Hundreds of Meadow Brown, Gatekeepers. Many Whites - mainly Small, but also good numbers of Large and Green Veined. A few Speckled Wood, Common Blue and when the sun came out, Brimstones, including several females, with a couple of Brown Argus, Small Heath and some mainly Essex, with Small, Skippers. Singles of Chalkhill Blue (male at ref above), Painted Lady and Peacock plus a couple of Red Admirals were the highlight. (See attached photos). Nick Ballard

Sunday 10th August
On our trip to the branch garden party at Anglesey Abbey (Grid ref: TL592622), we had a short walk before & managed to see loads of Meadow Browns, a Small/Essex Skipper a few Common Blues & Gatekeeper,a couple of Small Coppers & an Ear moth (see attached photos). Janet Edmunds & David Jones

Saw my first Painted Lady of the year today, in Blinco Grove, Cambridge (Grid ref: TL464563). Also 3x Peacock, 3x Gatekeeper, 3x Common Blue, Brown Argus, Holly Blue, numerous Meadow Brown and Small White in the Botanic Gardens, Cambridge (Grid ref: TL455571) (various photos attached). Jonathan Stephens

Fleam Dyke - Chalkhill Blues: (Grid ref: TL5454)
1. Between Mutlow hill and the old railway (TL 545545) a solitary male on the sunny side of the bank, just out of the rather strong SW wind.
2. On the other side of the A11, just beyond the juniper trees, towards the Balsham end. (TL 553536) on the sunny side of the bank. (99% sure a female - plenty of horseshoe vetch about- disappeared into a nearby tussock as the sun went and we lost it, despite a long wait.
3. On the sheltered side of the bank, 2 males (TL 531538) a very good sighting of both.
4. Another male on top of bank despite the wind at TL 560539.
Stella & Roger Wolfe

Saturday 9th August
Mill Road cemetery, Cambridge : (Grid ref:TL460582). This morning in the Cemetery: 2 Large White, 1 Small White, 1 Speckled Wood and still lots of Meadow Browns in the grassy area to the north, with a couple of battered Gatekeepers elsewhere. (Blackberries galore too!) Nick Ballard.

Friday 8th August.
Fleam Dyke, on transect (Grid ref:TL549542) , on transect One Chalkhill Blue, and one painted Lady amongst the usual suspects. Roger Lemon

Thursday 7th August
Westfield Farm Transect, Comberton (Grid ref:TL376546) Small Skipper 4, Essex Skipper 9, Small/Essex Skipper 9, Brimstone 2, Large White 4, Small White 13, Green-veined White 14, Brown Argus 2, Common Blue 2, Red Admiral 1, Peacock 3, Gatekeeper 23, Meadow Brown 70 & Small Heath 2. Tony Roberts

Wednesday 6th August
Orwell Clunch Pit Transect: (Grid ref: TL365506) Green-veined White 2, Peacock 1, Gatekeeper 12 & Meadow Brown 41. Tony Roberts
Shepreth River Walk (Grid ref: TL385506) Essex/Small Skipper 6, Small Skipper 5, Essex Skipper 8, Brimstone 1, Small White 9, Green-veined White 7, Comma 1, Common Blue 1, Peacock 24, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Gatekeeper 100+ & Meadow Brown 100+. Tony Roberts

Tuesday 5th August
Sunnymead Farm (near Wivenhoe) (Grid ref:TM055220) A Painted Lady - first this year. Moira Jackson

Monday 4th August
At 5.30pm, we went over Bretons outdoor centre, Rainham (Grid ref:TQ516848) for an hour. I came across 6 Red Adrimals, 2 Commas, & a few Large & Small Whites, 1 of the Red Admirals kept landing on my hand - what a good view I had (see attached photos).
We also went over to Ingrebourne Hill CP (Grid ref:TQ524831) for an hour; came across a Small Skipper, lots of Common Blues & 3 Small Coppers ( a first for us). On the way home, we saw a brimstone moth (see attached photos). Janet Edmunds & David Jones

Hanningfield Reservoir (Transect) (Grid ref:TQ737976)
Small Skipper 16, Essex Skipper 4, Large White 26, G-v White 26, Small White 30, Brown Argus 4, Common Blue 10, Red Admiral 1, Peacock 14, Speck Wood 8, Gatekeeper 387, Meadow Brown 189 & Ringlet 1.
Silver Y 1, 6-spot Burnet 13, Shaded Broad-bar 8, Latticed Heath 4 & Dusky Sallow 2.
Black-tailed Skimmer 2, Emperor 2, Ruddy Darter 5, Common Darter 10, Southern Hawker 1, Brown Hawker 5, Migrant Hawker 1, Banded Dem. 2, Common Blue Dams. 72 & Small Red-eyed Dams 1 (new for Res., as far as I know). Jim Smith
Trumpington, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL454549) Recent walks across the fields from Trumpington to Addenbrookes Hospital along where the guided bus route is being laid have shown large numbers of Gatekeepers on tall lilac flowering plants covered with large burrs (Sorry Im not a good botanist!). At 9am this morning there were 6 fresh Brown Argus and a few tatty looking Meadow Browns feeding on Thistle. The Brown Argus allowed me to get really close to observe. Id not appreciated their beauty before now and typically I decided not to bring my camera to work today and rain is forecast for the rest of the week. Mark Elsdon

Sunday 3rd August
Bedford Purlieus (Grid ref:TL040996) We returned here to search for the Silver-washed Fritillary. We sighted at least 6, with 4 present in one clearing alone, their condition ranged between pristine and very tatty (photos attached). Phil Bromley & Rosalyn Payne

Friday 1st August
Perrywood Garden Centre (Grid ref:TL882176) My first sighting this year of a Painted Lady. In pristine condition nectaring on various flowering plants. Richard Bigg

July 2008

Thursday 31st July
Ingrebourne Hill CP (Grid ref:TQ524831) It was overcast & humid with large spots of rain. Near the lake, I saw lots of Common Blue, Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns, a few Skippers & a Dusky Sallow moth. Over the lake, there were very large dragonflies chasing each other. As I walked around the lake, I came across a buddleia plant & I didn't know what to look at first; 2 Peacocks a Red Admiral, also a 6-spot Burnet on the plant with Common Blues, Whites, Gatekeepers & Meadow Browns all in view. On my way back to the car on a dirt track was a Painted Lady. It was worth going out in the rain. See attached photos. Janet Edmunds

Wednesday 30th July
Hatfield Forest, Essex (Grid ref:TL531198) 6 male & 3 female Silver-washed Fritillaries in the Lodge Coppice area. Lawrence Drummmond
Burwell Old Railway (Grid ref:TL575652) Again uncountable Chalkhill Blues (100+, probably many more) including one blueish female variant, probably semi-syngrapha (it WOULD NOT open its wings except for a very short time when i/d made). Jack Harrison
I did a quick tour of Magog Down, after 5.0 pm today and saw numerous Meadow Browns and quite a few Gatekeepers, but no Common Blues, no Small Heaths, and just one Brown Argus. Julia Napier.
Cambourne Transect My transect continues to improve year on year, with excellent numbers of browns, and for a change a couple of Peacock, a Red admiral amongst the hedgerow bramble-feeders. The real stars of the show, however, were 20 Common Blue and a single Small Copper. I have not recorded the latter for two years, and normally only get 1 or 2 Blues in a season, so this shows how carefully-managed new grasslands can be good, and continue to get better as their flower-richness increases. Louise Bacon
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL376546) Small White 6, Green-veined White 2, Peacock 1, Speckled Wood 8, Gatekeeper 12 & Meadow Brown 200 plus. Tony Roberts

Tuesday 29th July
Orwell Clunch Pit Transect: (Grid ref: TL365506) Small Skipper 1, Small White 6, Green-veined White 1, Speckled Wood 12, Gatekeeper 24 & Meadow Brown 61. Tony Roberts
Shepreth River Walk (Grid ref: TL385506) Small White 13, Green-veined White 1, Comma 2, Peaccock 3 & Meadow Brown 6. Tony Roberts

Monday 28th July
Braintree (Grid ref:TL768258) A Purple Hairstreak on my veggie patch at my place of work, lots of mature oak trees close by (see attached photo). Steve Rolls
Bedford Purlieus (Grid ref:TL040996) One Silver-washed Fritillary (see attached photo) by the entrance with the Forestry Comission noticeboard, on the bend in the track. Peter & Jan Farbridge
Old Railway Line, Comberton (Grid ref:TL377544) Brimstone 4, Green-veined White 10, Small White 4, Common Blue 2, Peacock 8, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Gatekeeper 10 & Meadow brown 60+. Tony Roberts
Hanningfield Reservoir (Transect) (Grid ref:TQ737976)
Small Skipper 160, Essex Skipper 2 ID'd, Large Skipper 1, Large White 17, Small White 146, G-v White 8, Purple Hairstreak 1, Brown Argus 3, Common Blue 15, Holly Blue 1, Painted Lady 1, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Peacock 28, Comma 6, Speckled Wood 5, Gatekeeper 454, Meadow Brown 282, Ringlet 15.
Shaded Broad-bar 31, Silver Y 1, 6-spot Burnet 39, Mother of Pearl 1.
4-spot Chaser 2, B-b Chaser 1, Bl-t Skimmer 4, Emperor 3, Ruddy Darter 13, Common Darter 2, Southern Hawker 1, Migrant Hawker 1, Brown Hawker 3, Banded Dem. 4, Azure Dams 3, Blue-tailed Dams 2, Common Blue Dams 28.
Not a bad selection but no Red Admiral or Small Copper and numbers of insects generally very low!. Jim Smith

Sunday 27th July
Maldon Wick (Grid ref:TL842057) Late morning walk in great conditions, again looking for White-letter Hairstreak, again no luck ! Other butterflies noted: Essex Skipper - inc a female which appeared to be prospecting a bgrass stem for egg laying. Large Skipper 2, Large White (assumed most were ) - good numbers over adjacent Lucerne (I think) field. Green-veined White, Purple Hairsteak 3+, Small Copper 1, first local one this year, Brown Argus 1, another local first of year, Common Blue 4+, Holly Blue 3, Red Admiral 2, Peacock 2, Comma 2, Speckled Wood, Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns, Ringlet 4. Russell Neave
Offord D'Arcy (Grid ref:TL219663) Three second brood male Orange-tips at the old cricket ground. Phil Bromley & Rosalyn Payne
Lucy Wood, Kirtling (Grid ref:TL683568) There were a few Painted Lady, Comma, Red Admiral and 1 Small Tortoiseshell plus good numbers of Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Small White, Large White and a few Small Skipper. Sharon Hearle

Saturday 26th July
Hatfield Forest (Grid ref:TL533198) Two fast moving male Silver-washed Fritillaries feeding on bramble along the ride between Round Coppice and Lodge Coppice. Also present Small and Large Skipper, Brimstone - 1, Large White, Green-veined White, Peacock, Comma, Speckled Wood, Gatekeeper & Meadow Brown. Russell Neave
Littlebury / Strethall (Grid ref:TL518398) Ringlet - 6, Meadow Brown - 8, Gatekeeper - 18, Large White - 12, Small White - 12, Green Veined White - 1, Red Admiral - 2, Comma - 1, Brimstone - 2, Peacock - 4. Tim Sizer
Bedford Purlieus (Grid ref:TL040996) We spent the afternoon here having seen a report on the Northants web site!
We sighted Silver Washed Fritillary 4, White Admiral 4, Purple Hairstreak 1, Brown Argus 8, Brimstone 3, Large White 5, Comma 8, Common Blue 1, Speckled Wood 1, Small Heath 1. We lost count of the numbers of Peacocks, Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Large Skippers, Small Skippers, Small Whites & G V Whites. Phil Bromley & Rosalyn Payne
Devil's Dyke transect (Grid ref:TL616616) I recorded a magnificant 978 Chalkhill Blue on the transect today. Sharon Hearle
Benfleet Downs (Grid ref: TQ785858) A Wall Brown and a Red Admiral. Andrew Wodhouse
Worldsend, Roydon (Grid ref:TL414094) Purple Hairstreak. Faith Davis

Friday 25th July
Hazeleigh Wood, near Maldon (access by arrangement) (Grid ref:TL835040) White Admiral - 1+ seen late afternoon. (3 seen on 5/07 and been out for week or so prior to that date). This is at least the third year they have been seen in the area. Also seen, Comma - 2, Gatekeeper - good numbers. Russell Neave
Therfield Heath, Royston (Grid ref:TL348402) Chalkhill Blue - 100+ individuals - they were incredibly abundant! Also, Small Tortoiseshell - 1, Large White -15, Small White - 13, Gatekeeper - 8, Small Skipper - 10 , Marbled White - 6+ ( because they were only inhabiting a small area of heath, I couldn't be certain I was counting the same specimens more than once, hence I'm erring on the low side). Tim Sizer
Barnack Hills & Holes (Grid ref: TF075045) A solitary Chalkhill blue seen. Several Marbled Whites however, approx 30+. Single Marbled White seen the other side of Walcot Hall adjacent to the reserve as well. Phil Todd

Thursday 24th July
Hatfield Forest, Essex (Grid ref:TL531198) 3 male & 2 female Silver-washed Fritillaries in the Lodge Coppice area. Lawrence Drummmond
The Roman Road, just south of Copley Hill (Grid ref: TL520525) At the highest point of the Road before it descends to Worsted Lodge. An area full of Small Scabious, Knapweeds, Ladys Bedstraw. A solitary Marbled White, just as last year. I thought it was a male, unfortunately. Also reported from Magog Down 2 weeks ago. Julia Napier
Great Chishill Meadows Marbled White still present but only four today. Season almost over. But remaining very positive about this new colony. Gatekeepers in hundreds, Meadow Browns up to 100, Ringlets old and worn with no more than 20 seen. Small Skippers also declining and only handful seen. One female Large Skipper. Green-veined White circa 10 Large Whites circa 5, Brimstone 1. My garden in Great Chishill, FAR TOO MANY Small Whites laying on the cabbages. Jack Harrison

Wednesday 23rd July
Hatfield Forest, Essex (Grid ref:TL531198) 3 male Silver-washed Fritillaries in the Lodge Coppice area. Lawrence Drummmond
Bedford Purlieus (Grid ref:TL040996) Between 3:15pm and 5:15pm, 3 Silver-washed Fritillaries along the main track on the west side of Bedford Purlieus - 2 were near the entrance to the southernmost ride, and the third (see attached photo) by the entrance with the Forestry Comission noticeboard, on the bend in the track. Peter & Jan Farbridge
Barnack Hills & Holes (Grid ref: TF075045) Chalkhill Blue (3 males), Small Tortoiseshell (several), Peacock (5), Comma (I fresh), Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Marbled White (25), Large White, Small White, Small Skipper. David Withrington
Devils Dyke Burwell railway cutting (Grid ref: TL575652) Excellent showing of Chalkhill Blues on the old railway with circa 100 (all males) with a couple of stragglers on the main bank. Two Common Blues, two Peacocks, 6 Tortoiseshells (mainly on thistles at bottom of ditch), several new Brimstones plus the usual Meadow Browns, Gatekeepers and a handful of elderly Ringlets. Jack Harrison

Tuesday 22nd July
At least 4 Peacock on buddleia in my Maldon garden, first seen for a while. Russell Neave
Maldon Wick (Grid ref: TL842057) Late afternoon walk looking for White-letter Hairstreak ( failed ! ) produced the following: Small and Large Skipper, Large Whites, Red Admiral -1, Speckled Wood, Gatekeeper- good numbers & Ringlet - 4. Russell Neave
I had this Marbled White on the buddleia this a.m., in a St Ives garden. John Le Gassick
Bretons outdoor centre, Rainham (Grid ref:TQ516848) At lunchtime today, only for an hour, saw a Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Marbled White, 3 Speckled Woods, 5 tatty Meadow Browns, 6 Peacocks ( 4 on same plant), 2 very large dragonflies with lots of Gatekeepers, Small & Large Whites, also Skippers of all types (see attached photos). Then to finish it off a Red Admiral in my back garden when I got home. Janet Edmunds
Orwell Clunch Pit, Cambs Transect (Grid ref: TL365506) Small/Essex Skipper 9, Small Skipper 6, Essex Skipper 7, Green-veined White 8, Common Blue 1, Speckled Wood 1, Gatekeeper 24, Meadow Brown 89 & Ringlet 1. Tony Roberts
Shepreth River Walk (Grid ref: TL385488) Small/Essex Skipper 20. Small Skipper 12.Essex Skipper 9. Small White 73. Green-veined White 18. Peacock 13. Small Tortoiseshell 14. Comma 3. Gatekeeper 18. Meadow Brown 68. Ringlet 7. Tony Roberts

Monday 21st July
Stour Wood, Essex (Grid ref:TM1931) 6 White Admirals: As we were changing our shoes we saw the first White Admiral on the other side of the car park. There was another 30 feet away. Both very active. We then walked the trail around the reserve and saw three more before the bridge. Another entertained us around the gate north of the bridge. It actually landed on my back briefly. Also saw two Commas, 1 Red Admiral, loads of Gatekeepers, Speckled Wood plus all the usual whites, meadow browns etc. Kevin Rees
Fleet Head, Great Wakering (Grid ref:TQ945895) In the late afternoon/early evening had 5 fresh Peacocks, a Red Admiral, 3 Gatekeepers, a Green-veined White, several Large whites and 3 Comma. Steve Arlow
Belfairs NR (Grid Ref:TQ817879) A White Admiral and 6 Purple Hairstreaks. Andrew Woodhouse.

Sunday 20th July
I had my first ever Purple Hairstreak in my back garden in St Johns Rd Epping, Essex (Grid ref:TL336403). Paul Flack
West Canvey Island, Essex held about 40 Marbled Whites and numerous Meadow Browns and a Six-spotted Burnet though the strong winds hampered finding much else other than a couple of Essex Skippers. Steve Arlow
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL376546) Small /Essex Skipper 20. Small Skipper 12. Essex Skipper 8. Large White 6. Small White 37. Green-veined White 33. Small Tortoiseshell 1. Comma 1. Gatekeeper 40. Meadow Brown 200plus. Ringlet 17. Tony Roberts.
Hatfield Forest (Grid ref:TL531198) One Silver-washed Fritillary (see attached photo) was (still) on the ride between Round - and Lodge Coppice (12:30 pm). Jan Hein van Steenis
Roydon towpath (Grid ref:TL407104) A White-letter Hairstreak. Faith Davis
Worldsend, Roydon (Grid ref:TL414094) Purple Hairstreak. Faith Davis

Saturday 19th July
Mill Road cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) First Gatekeepers of the season (see attached photos), with Meadow Browns still abundant; a few Green Veined White earlier in the week with more Large White in the last few days, plus the odd Red Admiral. Also a few more 2nd generation Holly Blues. Nick Ballard.

Friday 18th July
Recorded 217 Chalkhill Blue on the Devil's Dyke transect (Grid ref:TL616616) today - with 183 in section one especially where the branch work party took place last year. Also 62 Gatekeeper and 52 Meadow Brown and more Large White than seen in previous years. Sharon Hearle.
Brookside Industrial Estate, Sawtry (Grid ref:TL166842) Public footpath between end of estate and corn field I walked about 100 m saw 25 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Meadow Brown, 2 Gatekeeper, 2 Small White, 1 Large White, 1 Ringlet and a very sorry looking Red Admiral. Rosalyn Payne

Wednesday 16th July
Thrift Wood transect (Grid ref:TL792018) A total of nine species all very active in the sun. High numbers of Ringlet and fewer numbers of Meadow Brown and Gatekeeper. Small or Essex Skippers (would not settle long enough to fully ID) Comma, Peacock, Large White, Green-veined White and I was pleased to see three Purple Hairstreaks high in the oaks. Richard Bigg

Tuesday 15th July
Orwell Clunch Pit Transect: (Grid ref:TL365506) Small Skipper 7, Essex Skipper 15, Small/Essex Skipper 14, Large White 2, Green-veined White 10, Peacock 1, Speckled Wood 1, Meadow Brown 101 & Ringlet 21. Tony Roberts
Bretons outdoor centre, Rainham (Grid ref:TQ516848) On an evening walk, we managed to see 4 Red Admirals, 5 Commas, 4 Small Tortoiseshell, a Common Blue, Large & Small Whites, Meadow Browns & all Skippers; also a brown hairy caterpillar (see attached photos). Janet Edmunds & Dave Jones
Madingley Road Park & Ride Site, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL424594) Purple Hairstreak at ground level on grass fringe at south side of site (attached photo). Keith Edkins
Hainault Forest CP (Grid ref:TQ476936) 2 White Admirals. Steven Stuart

Monday 14th July
Hatfield Forest, Essex (Grid ref:TL531198) 1 Silver-washed Fritillary. Lawrence Drummond
Burwell Cutting, Reach (Grid ref:TL575652) 8 Chalkhill Blues (all males, no females) and then on the
Devil's Dyke Numerous Green-veined Whites, approximately one every 20 metres. Similar density of Gatekeepers. Mostly males but one or two females & all newly emerged. Large Whites at rate of about one per 40 metres. One Small Tortoiseshell. Five or six Small Skippers but no positive sightings of any Essex. Plenty of the common browns, Meadow Brown and in the more shaded areas, a few well worn Ringlets (see attached photos). Jack Harrison
Telegraph Field, Barton (Grid ref:TL408545) Small Skipper 6. Essex Skipper 7. Small White 16. Green-veined White 24. Meadow Brown 100 plus. Ringlet c50.
Holt Field, Barton (Grid ref:TL403544) Small Skipper 4. Essex Skipper 6. Small White 4. Green-veined White 8. Marbled White 1. Meadow Brown 100 plus. Ringlet 34.
Old Nags Field, Barton (Grid ref:TL398545) Green-veined White 1. Meadow Brown 3. Ringlet 2.
Tinkers Field, Barton (Grid ref:TL407548) Small White 12. Green-veined White 14.. Large White 2. Meadow Brown 200 plus. Ringlet 35. Tony Roberts

Sunday 13th July
Tiptree (Grid ref:TL876170) A Purple Hairstreak found whilst out cycling, sunning itself in the middle of a road which I picked up and moved to the hedgerow (see attached photo). Steve Rolls
Hadleigh Castle CP (near Southend-on-Sea) (TQ800860) What a great day we had here, too many to count of Meadow Browns, Gatekeepers, Marbled White, Large & Small Whites, with Skippers everywhere; also 3 Peacock & 3 Commas (see attached photos). Janet Edmunds & David Jones
Sunnymead Farm (near Wivenhoe) (Grid ref:TM055220) This morning had a Small Copper first in years (in garden). Moira Jackson
Stansted Airport Lagoons (Grid ref:TL550216) In one brief sunny spell, a few insects became apparent: 3 Large White, 30 Meadow Brown, 1 Essex/Small Skipper & 1 Black-tailed Skimmer (male). Never thought I would 'miss' Small Whites!! Mike Harris

Saturday 12th July
Thorley Wash, near Bishop's Stortford (Grid ref:TL490181) This extract taken with observor's permission from UK Back Garden Moths website:
Was out fishing the other day near Sawbridgeworth in Essex and noticed this in-between a patch of long grass, it was feeding on a clover flower and I fumbled quickly to get the camera out of the bag and somehow managed to take some pics before it was blown away in the wind! I've never even heard of a Grizzled Skipper in these parts let alone seen one so it was a real happy shock! anyone else seen one before? Ben Sale

Called at Devil's Dyke (Grid ref:TL616616) today to look at orchids also saw Meadow Brown, Ringlets, Small Heath, Large Skipper, Green Veined White and Chalkhill Blue (see attached photo) and a Musk Beetle (with thanks to Louise for ID on this nationally scarce longhorn beetle). Hazel Orbell

Friday 11th July
Mill Road cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) Lunchtime before the rain - 1 Green Veined White, 1 Large White, a few Meadow Browns and Ringlets and several more Holly Blues. Nick Ballard

Thursday 10th July
Lodge Farm, Fulbourn, Cambs (Grid Ref: TL512534) 2 Small Tortoiseshells, a Large Skipper, Green Veined White, Comma, Red Admiral, 3 Gatekeepers and too many Meadow Browns to count precisely (abundance letter D). Also 5-10 Cinnabar caterpillars on ragwort. A much better range of species than this time last year, but in an area where John has been leaving the thistles and nettles to grow. Kathryn Grumball
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL376546) Small Skipper 4, Essex Skipper 4, Small White 5, Green-veined White 17, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Comma 1, Meadow Brown 113 & Ringlet 30. Tony Roberts
Benfleet Downs (Grid ref:TQ785858) Whilst plant hunting today at Benfleet Down, Hadleigh Country Park. Marbled Whites, Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Commas, Small Skippers and Speckled Woods in high numbers. Large Whites, Small Whites and Green Veined Whites in fair numbers and one Purple Hairstreak that obligingly perched at eye level but disobligingly declined to stay for a photograph. Roy Wells
Mill Road cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) 1 Large White and the first 2 2nd-generation Holly Blues, plus the odd Ringlet and Meadow Brown. Nick Ballard

Tuesday 8th July
Sunnymead Farm (near Wivenhoe) (Grid ref: TM055220) The first Purple Hairstreak (f) butterfly this year on an oak tree; also a few Large White and lots of Meadow Browns. Moira Jackson

Sunday 6th July
Mill Road cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) Several Meadow Browns and a few Ringlets, plus singles of Small White, Green Veined White, and an energetic Small Tortoiseshell (see attached photos). Nick Ballard
Thorndon Country Park (Grid ref:TQ612914) Despite overcast & showery weather, we were surprised by what we saw! We lost count of Ringlets & Meadow Browns, also saw our first Gatekeeper this year, along with Large, Small & Essex Skippers (see attached photos). Janet Edmunds & David Jones

Saturday 5th July
Marbled Whites at Great Chishill doing very nicely thank you. 10+ seen today and three together on one occasion (see attached photo). Also countless (perhaps 1,000) Small Skippers. But no confirmation of Essex Skippers although suspected.
Jack Harrison
In Dodds Grove, Belfairs Woods (TQ817879) and the excellent ride the other side of the bridletrack, there were 1+ White Admirals still, only 10+ Heath Fritillaries (down from 50+ last weekend), Red Admiral, 3+ Purple Hairstreaks including one low down by the path, a Comma, 4+ Large Whites, Small and Large Skippers, 15+ Meadow Browns, 30+ Ringlets and a Speckled Wood. Steve Arlow

*** White Admiral in Belfairs Woods *** Steve Arlow has kindly send in this:
More information has now come to light on the Belfairs' White Admirals. It had been considered that these White Admirals were the first here since a single in 2004 thus all the locals got a little excited over them however the Reserve manager has advised that he has seen them regularly over the past few years and this only came out once we let him know to keep an eye out for the Admirals we had seen.

Benfleet Downs (Grid ref:TQ785858) 10 White-letter Hairstreaks, 25+ Marbled Whites, 2 Green-veined Whites, 2 Holly Blues, 5 Comma, Large, Small and Essex Skippers and many Ringlets and Meadow Browns. Steve Arlow
Recorded two male Chalkhill Blue on Devil's Dyke (Grid ref:TL616616)transect walk today. A bit windy and still quite low numbers of other butterflies including Ringlet, Small Heath, Meadown Brown, Large Skipper and Large White. cheers Sharon Hearle
Kingston Old Railway LNR, south Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL337558) A guided butterfly walk organised by the county council got off to a bad start with heavy showers, but the intervention of the sun brought out Meadow Brown in good numbers, Ringlet, Small and Large Skipper, one of the whites and a couple of Speckled Woods. Louise Bacon

Friday 4th July
Witcham (Grid ref:TL465806) Essex Skipper 4. Small Skipper 5. Green-veined White 4. Small Tortoiseshell 1. Meadow Brown 100 plus. Gatekeeper 1. Ringlet 60 plus. Small Heath 1. Tony Roberts.
Roman Road near Worsted Lodge (Grid ref:TL522522) One fresh Small Tortoiseshell (see attached photo) & four male Gatekeepers, my first this year in Cambs (but had seen in Beds yesterday) and at
Heydon (Grid ref:TL431408) On the roadside (protected verge) and adjacent set-aside, two Marbled Whites. First sightings here in the 15 years I have lived in the area; I have been checking over the years and been expecting them to turn up. Jack Harrison

Two Ringlets - one in Orton Longueville area of Peterborough (Grid ref:TL165965) and one in the Woodston area of Peterborough (Grid ref:TL186579). Trevor Wilson

Roydon (Grid ref:TL415094) A single perfect specimen of Marbled White. After 40 years of butterfly watching this is very exciting! (& a number of Ringlets also seen y'day.) Faith Davis

Wednesday 2nd July
Brenthall Wood, Harlow (Grid ref:TL478101) Four Purple Hairstreaks were present in a high oak at the corner of the wood at 8 pm. Jan Hein van Steenis

Tuesday 1st July
Monks Wood We returned to the wood again to look primarily for the White Admiral, we found a good number of them along the ride to the east of the cross rides at TL198802, seeing up to 3 at a time (see attached photos). I would estimate that we saw 10+ individuals during our visit.
Rosalyn also spotted a female Purple Hairstreak drying her wings in the long grass at the side of this ride (see attached photos). Another quick visit at 7.00pm confirmed that the Purple Hairstreaks are about in large numbers, I saw dozens flying high in the canopies of favoured oaks. Phil Bromley & Rosalyn Payne

Hatfield Forest, Essex (Grid ref:TL537199) Had a dash down the Forest after work last night to see if I could connect with the SWFs seen y'day but no luck. It was still very warm (17:15-18:15) and there were butterflies flying, but not what we wanted! 1 Large White, 3 Comma (inc 1 of the light variety), 20 Meadow Brown, 15 Ringlet, 1 Speckled Wood & 1 Large Skipper. Mike Harris
Orwell Clunch Pit Transect: (Grid ref:TL365506) Comma 1, Meadow Brown 81, Ringlet 56 & Small Heath 2. Tony Roberts
Devil's Dyke (Grid ref:TL590640) Marbled White (2), Small Tortoiseshell (1) together with numerous Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Large Skipper and several Large Whites. The whole of the Dyke is carpeted in Pyramidal Orchids and quite a sight. Tony Moverley

Many thanks to Graham Bailey for sending in this:
My friend Paul Potton counted 8 White Admirals yesterday pm (Tues 1st July) from Hadleigh Great Wood, of which Belfairs is a part. This was in a different part of the wood where we both found 3 of them on Sunday when it was mostly cloudy, when we also found 60 + Heath fritillary, 3 Commas, plenty of Ringlets and Meadow browns and also Large and Small skippers, and a couple of Large whites.
The wood is looking the best I've ever seen it, with plenty of bramble in flower and honeysuckle everywhere. An older friend of ours remembers several species of fritillary from this wood when he was younger back in the 1950's, esp. the High Brown which was quite common there. If only that were the case now! It will never get back to its former glory, but it is very heartening to see both the Heath fritillaries and White admirals doing so well at present. Graham Bailey

June 2008

Monday 30th June
Cambourne Grid Ref:TL309590) First Marbled White for this new settlement, also 30+ Meadow Brown, lots Ringlet, 5 Large Skipper and 2 Small Skipper. Louise Bacon

Holt Field, Barton (Grid ref:TL403544) Essex Skipper 3, Small Skipper 2, Brimstone 1, Small White 1, Red Admiral 1, Marbled White 1, Meadow Brown 51 & Ringlet 33. Tony Roberts
Telegraph Field, Barton (Grid ref:TL408545) Essex Skipper 1, Small White 1, Meadow Brown 60& Ringlet 35. Tony Roberts
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) This evening: Several Meadow Brown (mainly in the longer grass at the N end), plus 1 summer Comma and a Red Admiral. Nick Ballard

Monks Wood (Grid ref:TL195798) During a two hour visit between 12.30 & 2.30pm, I saw 12 species of butterfly. White Admiral 4, Black Hairstreak 1, Purple Hairstreak 1, Comma 3, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Red Admiral 1, Small Skipper 2, Large Skipper 11, Marbled White (in East Field) 8, plus lots of Meadow Brown, Ringlet & Speckled Wood. Phil Bromley

Hatfield Forest, Essex Two Silver-washed Fritillaries. At 3pm, walking down the wide ride separating Lodge coppice and Round coppice (TL531198) in hope rather than any expectation, a Silver-washed Fritillary flew past like a bullet at head height and was gone before 100% ID was made. Then, duly alerted to their likely presence, another individual was seen nectaring on bramble flower a few yards away. Tony Moverley & Zander Ratcliffe

*** There have been several sightings of White Admiral in Belfairs Woods recently. Visit the Southend Ornithological Group website sightings page for further sighting info ***

Sunday 29th June
Fairlop Waters, Ilford (Grid ref:TQ455904) Small Heath. Kathleen Black
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL184698) 2 White Admirals (see photo) circling near the pond; 2 Comma, 1 Red Admiral (see photo), a few Large Skippers, the odd Large White and, as my brother would say, "more Ringlets and Meadow Browns than you can shake a stick at!". Nick Ballard
Jack Harrison on a brief visit also to Brampton Wood reports:
Numerous Ringlets and Meadow Browns, a few Small Skippers and three Commas form hutchisoni. This is the pale mid-summer form that does not hibernate. Hutchinsoni breed to produce dark forms in late summer and these join slower developers from the hibernated individuals from previous season; these are also dark. (See attached photo).Jack Harrison
London Road, Harlow (Grid ref:TL473102 to TL472109) 7 White-letter Hairstreaks were seen between 7:30 and 8:20 this morning. Jan Hein van Steenis

Saturday 28th June
Latton Park (just south of Harlow) (Grid ref:TL470075) 2 Large White, 3 Red Admiral, 1 Purple Hairstreak, 35 Meadow Brown, 40 Speckled Wood, 10 Ringlet & 6 Small/Essex Skipper. Mike Harris
Belfairs NR / Hadleigh Castle CP (Grid ref:TQ817879) Thanks to the previous post, had a family trip to Belfairs Wood & Hadleigh Castle CP in Essex:
In Belfairs Wood: Heath Fritillaries (lots) and a few White Admirals. NB: One of the White Admirals was aberrant and had most of the white missing from it's wings (see first photo).
In Hadleigh Castle CP: Speckled Woods, Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Small White, Large White, Small Heath, Commas, Large, Small and Essex Skippers, Holly Blues, Marbled Whites (see photo) & 1 White-letter Hairstreak. Trevor Sawyer
Great Chishill, South Cambs (Grid ref:TL425393) Pleased to see Marbled Whites again, first seen here in 2007 (been watching this meadow for past 15 years). Three males and one female bode well for this new colony. Incidentally, not too far away at Therfield Heath, Royston (in Herts), the colony there, established since circa 2003, is now thriving with very good numbers.
Also in Great Chishill, meadows numerous Ringlets (easily the commonest species) plus lesser numbers of Meadow Browns, Small Heaths, Small and Large Skippers. In my garden in the village, one fresh brood Small Tortoiseshell.
Have attached image of Small Skipper which shows the orange coloured tips to the antennae. The very similar Essex has black tips. Jack Harrison
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL180704) After finding someone who could provide me with a location (I should have checked the website a bit closer!), I went to TL180704 and saw:
1 Black Hairstreak at 11:15 (I was there between 11:00 and 12:45, and I didn't even find it myself...). My patience was awarded with 1 White Admiral though (at least two were seen by others along the Main and Cross Rides). Jan Hein van Steenis
Fleam Dyke transect (Grid ref:TL549542) Did the transect today - seemed the best opportunity despite the wind. Time:1:00pm to 2:45pm; Temp: 19C to 21C; Wind WSW Strength 4/5 gusty; Cloudy with sunny intervals.
37 butterflies, 6 species:
14 Meadow Brown; 12 Ringlet; 5 Small Heath; 4 Large Skipper; 1 Small White; 1 Speckled Wood. Not a bad count considering the conditions. A few more Ringlet and Meadow Brown and the odd Large Skipper and Small Heath outside transect. Also Pyrimidal orchids over the A14. Nick Ballard
Wicken Fen (Grid ref:TL555705) A walk around the outside of Sedge Fen produced the following:
Hornet moth - pair in cop (see attached photo), Ringlet 21, Meadow Brown 28, Large Skipper 22, Small Tortoiseshell 4, Red Admiral 1 and Brimstone 1 fem.
Also lots of Ruddy darters out inc. one mature male. Kathleen Rosewarne & Ian Barton
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL376546) Transect: Essex Skipper 2, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Comma 1, Meadow Brown 51, Ringlet 2, Small Heath 3. Tony Roberts

Thursday 26th June
Girton (Grid ref:TL423630) Meadow Brown 4. Tony Roberts
Lark Rise Farm Transect, Barton (Grid ref:TL415555) Small Skipper 1, Large White 1, Small White 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1 & Meadow Brown 43. Tony Roberts
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL179701) This afternoon... 1 Black Hairstreak (dissappeared too fast for photograph), 1 very fresh White Admiral (see photo - didn't come down from high foliage), 3 Large Skippers (photo), 1 Red Admiral, + Commas, Ringlets, Meadow Browns. Trevor Sawyer
Malcolm Anderson also reports White Admiral at Brampton (Grid ref:TL182703) today.

Many thanks to Mark Bunch who has sent in this:
I thought other website visitors might like to know of a lovely day I had at Belfairs Woods (TQ817879) and Hadleigh Castle CP (near Southend-on-Sea) (TQ800860) today.
Belfairs Wood:Heath Fritillary 40-50, Ringlet and Meadow Brown:abundant, Small Skipper:10, Brimstone:1, Large White:5, Holly Blue:1, White Admiral:4 & Red Admiral:2 (photos attached).
Hadleigh CP: Small Skipper:abundant, Essex Skipper:40-50, Large Skipper:10, Large White:10, Green-veined White:5, White-letter Hairstreak:15, Purple Hairstreak:2, Holly Blue:10, Common Blue:4,Red Admiral:4, Comma:10-15, Small Tortoiseshell:1, Marbled White, Meadow Brown and Ringlet: abundant in long grass, Small Heath:5-10 (photos attached).
During the day, I saw literally hundreds of butterflies, surrounded by singing Chiff-chaffs, Blackcaps, Whitethroats and Skylarks! Mark Bunch

Wednesday 25th June
Sweyne Park, Rayleigh (Grid ref:TQ800921) Just a quick walk around this 'wild' park, but found my first Marbled Whites this year (8 seen). Also reasonable numbers of Meadow Browns, Ringlets and Small Skippers, as well as Large Skippers, Common Blues, Speckled Woods and a few Burnet Companion moths.
More cloud than sun, but the Marbled whites should build up to good numbers here. Graham Bailey
Monks Wood (Grid ref:TL195798) At about 11.00am on a main E-W ride, a Male Purple Hairstreak took to the wing a couple of yards in front of me and flew high up into a nearby oak tree. I assume that it had emerged this morning. Ten minutes later, further down the ride, the same thing happened again. Other sightings were Small Skipper 2, Large Skipper 6, numerous Speckled Wood, Ringlet & Meadow Brown. Phil Bromley
Hanningfield Reservoir (Transect) (Grid ref:TQ737976)
Butterflies:Large White 1, Common Blue 9, Large Skipper 1, Small Skipper 9, Ringlet 11, Meadow Brown 40, Speckled Wood 1.
Damselfies: Azure 27, Red-eyed 1, Blue-tailed 3; 4-spot Chaser, Emperor 2, Black-tailed Skimmer 2.
Moths:Silver Ground Carpet 2, Yellow shell 1, Narrow-bordered 5-spot Burnet 2, Silver Y 1, Shaded Broad-bar 1.
Low numbers but a bit more encouraging. Jim Smith
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) First butterfly for weeks, it seems - 1 Meadow Brown at lunchtime. Nick Ballard

Tuesday 24th June
Thrift Wood (Grid ref:TL792018) Late afternoon look as a nice sunny day. At least 6 Heath Frits outand about, also several Meadow Brown and Ringlet, good to see. Russell Neave
Hinxton (near Great Chesterford) (Grid ref:TL496447) Small Heath at Hinxton today (photo attached). Jonathan Stephens
Orwell Clunch Pit Transect: (Grid ref:TL365506) Essex Skipper 4, Common Blue 1, Speckled Wood 1, Meadow Brown 54 & Small Heath 1. Tony Roberts

Monday 23rd June
Days Lane (4 miles SE of Chipping Ongar) (Grid ref:TQ592983) Days Lane setaside produced my second Small Tortoiseshell of the year (early for 2nd brood) and an early Essex Skipper together with several Meadow Browns and a Green-veined White. With a good week promised, perhaps things are looking up at last! Jim Smith
Woodwalton Marsh (BCNPWT reserve 6m N of Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL212813) During a twenty minute visit, I saw Marbled White 4 (2 photos attached), Ringlet 3, Meadow Brown 3 and Common Blue 1. Phil Bromley

Sunday 22nd June
Hockley Woods (Grid ref:TQ834924) Despite it being very windy, it was mostly sunny and warm. Plenty of Heath Fritillaries on the wing in coppice plots in various stages of regrowth. After about two hours of wandering around the site I noted a very healthy 337 butterflies, but unfortunately only a very small proportion of these were noted from the recently coppiced areas of the winter of 2007/08. A 'satellite' coppiced section had the largest count of 93 Heath fritillaries, but this is now mostly unsuitable for egg laying as it has been colonised by long grasses and bramble, but certainly this area was full of cow wheat (the larval foodplant) last year.
Also noted were Meadow Brown, Red Admiral, Large Skipper, several Speckled woods and a Silver Y moth. Graham Bailey
Benfleet Downs (Grid ref:TQ785858) Despite the gales, a few butterflies about in sheltered places today: 8 Marbled Whites, 3 Small Skippers, 1 Ringlet,1 Small Heath. Also Meadow Brown, Speckled Wood, Small White, Common & Holly Blue. While at Fobbing (near Stanford-le-Hope) (Grid ref:TQ716840) 1 Red Admiral & 1 Peacock. Jan Hein van Steenis

Thursday 19th June
Found 1 Marbled White today on Devil's Dyke first time ever on transect. Also recorded Small Heath, Meadow Brown, Large Skipper and Common Blue. Sharon Hearle.
Monks Wood. Spotted my first Ringlet of the year (photo attached). Also Large Skipper 5, numerous Speckled Wood & Meadow Brown. Phil Bromley.

Wednesday 18th June
Orwell Clunch Pit Transect: (Grid ref:TL365506) Essex Skipper 1, Green-veined White 1, Speckled Wood 5, Meadow Brown 7 & Small Heath 2. Tony Roberts.
Markshall Arboretum (4 miles E of Braintree) (Grid ref:TL841257) First sighting of Ringlet here. Jonathan Jukes

Tuesday 17th June
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL179701) Highlights of formal Black Hairstreak Survey were 19 at site 2 and 3 and Ringlet on Cross Ride. Roger Orbell.
Thrift Wood transect (Grid ref:TL792018) The first Heath Fritillary's (photo attached) 8, Speckled Wood 2, Meadow Brown 2, Ringlet 2 and one Large Skipper. Richard Bigg.
Monks Wood (Grid ref:TL196806) Black Hairstreak 3 (photo attached), Speckled Wood 18 & numerous Meadow Browns (50+). Phil Bromley.

Sunday 15th June
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL180704) Black Hairstreak, a few observations between 11am and 1pm, then more as weather improved, on branch field trip. Also seen - Meadows Browns, Speckled Woods, Single Large Skipper.

We tried to go on the field trip at Brampton Wood, but arrived late! It's a long way from Rainham so we did our own walk & found the group at the Black Hairstreak site. We saw lots of Speckled Woods, Meadow Browns, 3 Large Skippers, a lot of Black Hairstreaks flitting about & a good sighting of 1 landed (which was great). (Several photos attached). Janet Edmunds & David Jones
Woodwalton Marsh (Grid ref:TL212813) Freshly emerged Burnet moths & 4 Grizzled Skippers (3 photos attached). Charles Nicol
Belfairs NR - Dodds Grove (Grid ref:TQ817879) Heath Fritillary, easily over 100, within yards of the entrance to Dodds Grove (1 Large Skipper also) Not so many in Belfairs (4 photos attached). Rosalyn Payne & Phil Bromley

Saturday 14th June
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL180704) Black Hairstreak, 11 sightings today between 1.30pm & 2pm. Roger Orbell & Charles Nicol
Bretons outdoor centre, Rainham (Grid ref:TQ516848) A few Speckled Woods, 1 Small White, 1 Large White, 1 Small Heath & about 10 Holly Blues. We also saw 2 lots of Peacock caterpillars in the nettles. (Various photos attached) Janet Edmunds & David Jones.
Eversden Wood 25+ Speckled wood, 6 Small White, 1 Green-veined White, 1 Red Admiral and 1 Small Tortoiseshell. Also saw a Red-tipped Clearwing (photo attached) nectaring on an umbellifer, 4 or 5 Nemophora degeerella and 1 Adela rufimitrella. Kathleen Rosewarne and Ian Barton

Thursday 12th June
Little Chesterford, Essex. 3 Meadow Brown, 1 Common Blue & 1 Sitochroa verticalis moth, but no Four-spotted moths, public footpath near Research Park. Sharon Hearle, Tim Sizer & Louise Bacon

Wednesday 11th June
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL182699) 3 Meadow Brown, 1 Red Admiral & 1 Large Skipper (2 photos attached). Charles Nicol.

Tuesday 10th June
Black Hairstreak seen today at Glapthorn (Northamptonshire) by me and several others (it was found by Doug Goddard). Apparently flying in Oxfordshire last weekend. So the planned Brampton Wood search this weekend shouldn't be too early as some might have feared in this slightly late season. Jack Harrison.

Monday 9th June
Thrift Wood (Grid ref:TL790017) 6 Heath Fritillary. Roy Pennock
Hinxton (near Great Chesterford) (Grid ref:TL496447) Large Skipper (photo attached), 2 Common Blues and Red Admiral. Jonathan Stephens
Shepreth L moor. Brimstone 1+ male, Small White 1 male, Speckled Wood 2+, Small Heath 2+. Guy Manners

Sunday 8th June
Thrift Wood (Grid ref:TL790017) 4 Heath Fritillary (photo attached). Roy Pennock
Fleam Dyke - A14 to old railway section (Grid ref:TL545545) Several tatty Brimstones, including mating pair, 3 Small Heath, 1 Speckled Wood, 2 Common Blue, 1 Brown Argus, 1 Peacock and 1 Large White (various photos attached). Nick Ballard
D'Engayne's Fen, next to Wilbraham Fen SSSI (Grid ref:TL512593) 2 Common Blue and 1 Brown Argus, a Large Skipper, plus a couple of Small Heath (3 photos attached).Nick Ballard
Found this Orange tip Larva in the garden of Argyle Street Housing Co-Op on Garlic Mustard (photo attached). Also spotted a Holly Blue here. Nick Ballard
East Barnwell LNR (Grid ref:TL479582) At the edge of Cambridge Airport, there were in excess of half-a-dozen Common Blue males and also a few females (2 photos attached). Plus a few Brown Argus and the odd Small Heath. Nick Ballard
Rettendon Common (Grid ref:TQ767982) In a field down to grass within 100 yards at the rear of our house I spotted at least 6 Small Heaths all flying in a small short grassy area this afternoon. We have been here almost 30 years but it is the first time I have ever seen more than one at a time. Ken Ulrich
Ingrebourne Valley (Grid ref:TQ536842) Butterflies:Peacock, 2 Large Whites, Brimstone, 11 Common Blues, Holly Blue, 2 Brown Argus, Large Skipper, 2 Small Skippers, 3 Green Hairstreaks, Small Heath, Speckled Wood and 5 Small Whites.
Dragonflies: 2 Four Spotted Chasers, many Banded Demoiselles & 6 Black-tailed Skimmers. Dave Morrison
(Taken from posting on the London Birders forum website - observer's permission previously granted - Editor)

Friday 6th June
Lark Rise Farm, Barton. Brimstone 2, Red Admiral 1, Common Blue 1. Louise Bacon

Thursday 5th June
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) Pair of Speckled Woods circling each other for at least 15 mins (2 photos attached). Nick Ballard
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL179701) Large Skipper (photos attached). Charles Nicol.
Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL376546) 1 Small Heath. Val Perrin.
Wimpole South Avenue Around 10 Small Heath, 1 Common Blue and 2 Red Admiral. Louise Bacon
Chesterford Research Park (near Little Chesterford) Found 5 Four-spotted moth along the public footpath that runs parallel to the the road leading to the Research park. Hopefully there will be even more around for the event on Thursday 12th. Sharon Hearle.

Wednesday 4th June
Cambourne Transect 2 Speckled Wood and 1 Red Admiral. Louise Bacon
Hardwick Wood (Grid ref:TL375595) 1 Red Admiral on transect, 1 Large Skipper afterwards. Louise Bacon
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) 2 Speckled Wood and 1 Small White. Nick Ballard

May 2008

Saturday 31st May
Crown Lakes CP, Farcet (Grid ref:TL198947) During a two hour visit, we recorded the following: Wall Brown 2, Common Blue 54, Orange-tip 7 (6 female, 1 male), Small / GV White 7, Small Copper 1, Red Admiral 1, Peacock 1 & Brimstone 1 (photos attached). Rosalyn Payne & Phil Bromley

Thursday 29th May
Woodwalton Marsh (BCNPWT reserve 6m N of Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL212813) The most Grizzled Skippers I have seen here this year, 10+, Small Heath 7, Brown Argus 4, GV White 2, Orange-tip 2, Small Copper 1, Common Blue 1 & Peacock 1 (photos attached). Phil Bromley
Orwell Clunch Pit (Grid ref:TL365506) Small White 2, Green-veined White 1, Common Blue 1 & Speckled Wood 1. Tony Roberts
Old Railway Line, Comberton (Grid ref:TL377544) Brimstone 9, Small White 2 & Peacock 2. Tony Roberts
Offord (Grid ref:TL213661) I took these pictures near Offord today. There were 6 Mother Shiptons on a patch of ground ivy. I also saw 3 Brown Argus, 3 Brimstones & 1 Peacock. Charles Nicol

Saturday 24th May
Great Chishill, South Cambs (Grid ref:TL425394) Photo of Small Heath. Grassland site approx 6 hectares in size, one Small Heath at least every 25 metres over every part of site I looked at with on occasions, three (presumed males) seen sparring together. Numbers here have increased steadily over the past few years and the population density is as good as anywhere in my experience. Jack Harrison

Friday 23rd May
Burwell Cutting, Reach (Grid ref:TL575652) Several Small Heath, Small/GV Whites, a few Orange-Tip and Brown Argus, 1 Green Hairstreak, 3 Male Common Blue & 1 Peacock (3 photos attached). Nick Ballard
Devil's Dyke (Grid ref:TL590640) Caterpillars near car park (photo attached) the odd Small/GV White and a few Small Heath, Brown Argus and Common Blues. No Dingy Skippers...Nick Ballard
Thanks again to Trevor Sawyer for the identification of the caterpillars as those of Emperor moth. Editor

Wednesday 21st May
Cowes Farm, Dodinghurst (3 miles SE of Ongar) (Grid ref:TQ581978) Had a worn migrant Painted Lady today at about 16:30. Could this be a forerunner of another big year? The winds are right. Jim Smith
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) 5 Holly Blue, 1 Speckled Wood, 2 Small White & 1 Green-veined White. Nick Ballard
Telegraph Field, Barton (Grid ref:TL408545) Small White 1. Orange tip 2. Common Blue 1. Tony Roberts
Tinkers Field, Barton (Grid ref:TL407548) Brimstone 1. Small White 1. Green-veined White 1. Orange Tip 1. Peacock 1. Small Tortoiseshell 1. Tony Roberts

Tuesday 20th May
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL182699) I found this beautiful Small Copper. Also the caterpillars... I do not know what species they are. Charles Nicol. Thanks to Trevor Sawyer for their identification as Drinker moth caterpillars. Editor
Orwell Clunch Pit (Grid ref:TL365506) On transect: Brimstone 3. Small White 2. Green-veined White 2. Common Blue 1. Speckled Wood 1. Tony Roberts
Holt Field, Barton (Grid ref:TL403544) Small White 3. Orange Tip 2. Tony Roberts
Old Nags, Barton (Grid ref:TL398545) Small White 1. Green-veined White 1. Tony Roberts

Monday 19th May
Buckden (Grid ref:TL210663) One Brown Argus (photos attached). Charles Nicol

Sunday 18th May
Two Tree Island (EWT Reserve) (Grid ref:TQ824852) We went to the Two Tree Island open day, was windy but we managed to see our first Red Admiral (photos attached) of the year, at least 5 Holly Blues (photo attached), 3 male & 3 female Orange Tips, 2 Green-veined Whites & at least 10 Small Whites. A good day didn't expect to see that many. Janet Edmunds & David Jones

Wednesday 14th May
Old Railway line, Comberton (Grid ref:TL377544) Brimstone 4. Small White 7. Green-veined White 3. Small Tortoiseshell 1. Peacock 2. Tony Roberts
Part Westfield Farm, Comberton (Grid ref:TL376546) Brimstone 3. Small White 12. Green-veined White 4. Peacock 1. Speckled Wood 1. Tony Roberts
Crown Lakes CP, Farcet (just S of Peterborough) (Grid ref:TL198947) 4 Grizzled Skipper, Common Blue, Small Heath and Wall. These were all near the Green Wheel cycle bridge near the main railway line. Also recorded Dingy Skipper, Grizzled Skipper and Wall at the Froglife Hamptons reserve. Sharon Hearle
Danbury Common (Grid ref:TL780039) On 20 mins or so walk round the Nature Reserve, there were upwards of a dozen Brimstone, I lost count. There were several mating dances in progress with sometimes two males fluttering round one female. Overall the males seemed to outnumber the females by about 3 to 1. Richard Bigg.

Tuesday 13th May
Orwell Clunch Pit (Grid ref:TL365506) Clouded Yellow 1. Brimstone 2. Large White 2. Green-veined White 1. Common Blue1. Speckled Wood 3. Small Heath2 on transect. Tony Roberts

Burwell Cutting, Reach (Grid ref:TL575652) We returned to here and saw Common Blue 3 (2 females & 1 male), Small Copper 1, Small Heath 2, Green Hairstreak 6, Orange-tip 4, Peacock 3 & Speckled Wood 3 - (photos attached). Also saw a Red Admiral near the car park at Reach. Phil Bromley & Rosalyn Payne

Devil's Dyke (Grid ref:TL590640) I had a further search today in cooler, breezier but just as sunny weather as field trip on 11th. Dingies and Green H's both present again along the transect route area but a more detailed search was conducted from beyond this oint to the A14 and along the 'mini dyke' that runs parallel to the transect route.
Well Gap to Bomber Gap: Dingy Skipper 8, Green Hairstreak 3.
Bomber gap: nil.
Bomber Gap to A14: Dingy Skipper 1, Green Hairstreak 3, Brown Argus, 1.
Mini Dyke: Green Hairstreak, 3. Administrative county suffolk, Vice county Cambridgeshire (This is the bit north of the race-horse track.)
Other species seen included slightly better numbers of Small Heath (all areas) and a splendid male Emperor moth. Vince Lea

Monday 12th May
Buckden (Grid ref:TL190674) Today I found this Holly Blue about to lay an egg on a bush in our garden, Charles Nicol

Sunday 11th May
Branch field trip to Devil's Dyke, led by Vince Lea and initially attended by 11 others. The final tally on the racecourse transect section was 57 Dingy Skippers and 23 Green Hairstreaks (photo by Hazel Orbell) with 12 people searching whole of the bank (so more intensive than the transect method). 8 of the Dingies were as 4 mating pairs (photo by Hazel Orbell) and 1 was ovipositing (egg photographed).
In the afternoon, several of us moved on to the Reach end of the Dyke having heard that a Grizzled Skipper had been seen here the previous day - a species not seen at this site for probably 3 decades or so! Here we saw a further 10 Green Hairstreaks, together with 1-2 Brown Argus, Small Copper and Common Blue. Although we failed to spot a Grizzled, we were fortunate enough to meet up with Phil Bromley & Rosalyn Payne who had seen one just prior to our arrival (see sightings report below). Click here for FULL TRIP REPORT. Vince Lea

Burwell Cutting, Reach (Grid ref:TL575652) Grizzled Skipper 1, Small Copper 1 & Brown Argus 1 (3 photos attached). Rosalyn Payne & Phil Bromley

Saturday 10th May
Northwick Rd site, Canvey Island (Grid ref:TQ760837) Wall Brown - at least 6 males and one female, mostly at eastern end of site. Small Heath one, Orange Tip 4-5, Speckled Wood 6, Holly Blue 5+, Peacock 2, Green-veined White 10+, Small White 5+. Also 2 Yellow belle moths. Graham Bailey
Orsett Heath (Grid ref:TQ645800) Late pm. Orange tip 10+ males, 2-3 females; Peacock one, Wall one, Green Hairstreak 5+, Holly Blue 3, Speckled Wood 4, Small Copper one, Green-veined and Small whites 30+, inc. mating pair of GV whites. Also Latticed Heath moth. This is generally an excellent site for Green Hairstreaks, but we were there a little late in the day to see them in good numbers. However, it may be under threat for the building of new houses. Graham Bailey

Woodwalton Marsh (BCNPWT reserve 6m N of Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL212813) Grizzled skipper 3 - 2 photos attached. Phil Bromley & Rosalyn Payne
Burwell Cutting, Reach (Grid ref:TL575652) A Grizzled Skipper has been reported seen here by James Cadbury- the first for probably over 30 years!! Vince Lea & Louise Bacon
Devil's Dyke (Grid ref:TL590640) Many Green Hairstreak and good numbers of Dingy Skippers and Small Heath (several photos). A few OT's and the odd Small Tortoiseshell and Small/GV White. Nick Ballard
Devil's Dyke - Reach to High point (Grid ref:TL567660) Today from 9am to 2pm, I walked on the Devil's Dyke, starting at Reach to just beyond the highest point. I saw 8 Green Hairstreaks (2 photos) on top of the Dyke & down in the Burwell Cutting. They seemed especially attracted to yellow flowers.
There were also many ( 20 +) Common Heath moths (photo) flying around the top of the Dyke. I did not identify any Dingy Skippers, but i am not familiar with them. There were 10+ Brimstones; several of the females were laying eggs on plants & bushes near the top of the Dyke (photo). Also 3 Peacocks & 4 Holly Blues. Charles Nicol
Willow Park, Langdon Hills (Grid ref:TQ688872) Between 10am-11:15am; 2 Grizzled Skipper, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Comma and then at Grid ref:TQ688872 1 Grizzled Skipper, 1 Small Heath, 1 Small Copper, 2 Holly Blue & 1 Brimstone. Vince Kinsler & Graham Ryland

Friday 9th May
Ilford (Grid ref:TQ442875) Was in a friend's garden for an hour at lunchtime & saw 5 Small Whites & 3 Holly Blue. Janet Edmunds
Willow Park, Langdon Hills (Grid ref:TQ688873) Between 10-11am, I saw 1 Grizzled Skipper, 3 Small Copper, 2 Holly Blue, 3 Brimstone, 1 Speckled Wood and 6 Orange Tip. Vince Kinsler
One Tree Hill CP (near Langdon) (Grid ref:TQ865699) 5 Grizzled Skipper, a Green Hairstreak and a Small Heath. Andrew Woodhouse
Woodwalton Marsh (BCNPWT reserve 6m N of Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL212813) During a 30 minute visit I saw 2 Grizzled Skippers (photo attached), 4 Brimstones, 2 Orange-tips & 2 Peacocks. Phil Bromley
Devil's Dyke - Swaffham Prior to A11 section (Grid ref:TL590640) Orange Tip 8+ (5+ male, 3+ female), Brimstone 12+ (8+ male, 4+ female), Peacock 1, Small Heath 1 & Small Tortoiseshell 1. Tony Moverley
Devil's Dyke - July racecourse section (Grid ref:TL590640) Orange Tip 1 (male), Dingy Skipper 3, Peacock 1, Small Heath 1 & Common Heath 1; but ran out of time and had to turn back to Swaffham before fully exploring this section. Tony Moverley

Thursday 8th May
Bainton Gravel Pits (Grid ref:TF112064) A Camberwell Beauty was observed, foto'd and video'd for some minutes in the afternoon at Bainton Gravel Pits Fishing area. This area is permit only and aggressively bailiffed for the fishermen! It was pretty tatty but still well marked and very active. A first for us, wonder where it came from? (photo attached). Terry Dixon
Taken from UK-Leps forum with observor's permission; note that there is no public acccess to this private site. Editor
Fleam Dyke transect (Grid ref:TL549542) I did the Fleam Dyke count today (week 6) as Julia Napier was unable to go. A total of 33 butterflies was not particularly impressive but this included 6 Green Hairstreaks. Four of these were on the more open grassland of section 3, which is quite encouraging. I also saw two outside the transect in the old section 2 near the Fulbourn end. The others were as follows: Brimstone 12, Green-veined White 4, Orange Tip 5, Holly Blue 2, Peacock 1 & Speckled wood 3. Roger Lemon Willow Park, Langdon Hills (Grid ref:TQ686871) 3 Small Heath, 1 Green Hairstreak, 1 Small Copper, 1 Holly Blue; numerous Peacocks, Orange Tips, Speckled Woods & Green veined whites; regret no Grizzleds! Ian Phillips
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) Lunchtime: Many Holly Blue across the Cemetery, 3 Small White, 1 Large White, 3 Speckled Wood and 1 male OT. (photos taken on 5th May attached) Nick Ballard

Wednesday 7th May
Devil's Dyke (Grid ref:TL691615) Walked the transect (along part of the July Racecourse section) today - 9 Dingy Skipper & 12 Green Hairstreaks plus lots of Common Heath (Ematurga atomaria) - perfect weather. Sharon Hearle
Orton Goldhay area of Peterborough (Grid ref:TL158953) A Holly Blue, a Brimstone and a Green-Veined White. Trevor Wilson

Tuesday 6th May
Orwell Clunch Pit (Grid ref:TL365506) Small White 6. Green-veined White 4. Holly Blue 9. Peacock 1. Speckled Wood 3 on transect. Tony Roberts

Woodwalton Marsh (BCNPWT reserve 6m N of Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL212813) 12-00 - 13-00; 3 Grizzled Skipper plus Speckled Wood, Peacock, Brimstone, G V White, Orange Tip and Large White. Roger Orbell

Monday 5th May
Northwick (former Occidental site), Canvey Island (Grid ref:TQ760837) We managed to find two Wall Browns (photos attached), one of which settled occasionally. We didn't see any Brown argus or Small Heath that were both around in late April last year. The most common species were Peacocks (15+), with Orange tips and Speckled woods also in good numbers.
We then went back to Willow Park on the Langdon Reserve (Grid ref:TQ686872) where we parked by the angling lake and went into Flax Field, a meadow we didn't look at the previous day on the Branch field trip. We have seen Grizzled Skippers here in previous years, and almost immediately we found one flying and basking, and we were able to take some photos (photo attached). We then found another in the same corner of the field and more photos were taken - these were much less shy than the skippers we saw on Sunday. We had a look around the other meadows, but only found one flying in Great Lodge - I didn't see it settle at all! It was a good job we visited the first meadow otherwise that would have been an even poorer showing than for our field trip, despite better weather! Graham Bailey & Don Down

Devil's Dyke - July racecouse section (Grid ref:TL615617) This morning, 3 Green Hairstreaks (photo attached), 1 Dingy Skipper (photo attached), 3 Orange Tips, 2 Small Torts, 2 Brimstones, 2 Small Whites & 2 Peacocks. Trevor Sawyer

Devil's Dyke - July racecouse section (Grid ref:TL615617) From 12.30 - 2.30:
7 Dingy Skipper (pair mating, photographed by Nick Ballard)
1 Wall Brown
4+ Green Hairstreak
2 Small Tortoiseshell
1 Peacock
1 Orange Tip
Brimstone (several)
1 Holly Blue
Louise Bacon & Hilary Conlan - in addition a butterfly-spotter (but not Branch member) reported seeing about 12 Green Hairstreak on this section today.
Nick Ballard has added the following:
Several Green Hairstreaks (photo attached) and a small number of Dingy Skippers (photo attached). Also several OT's, Brimstones and singles of Peacock and Small Tortoiseshells, plus the odd Small White. Nick Ballard

Langdon Hills (Grid ref:TQ682867) On a walk at Langdon Hills today, we saw 20+ Orange Tips (3 photos attached), 10+ Small Whites, 9 Speckled Wood, 5 Peacocks & 4 Holly Blues. On the drive there we also saw plenty of Small White, Orange Tips & 2 Brimstones. Janet Edmunds & David Jones

Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) Many Holly Blue, 3 Speckled Wood, 1 Brimstone, Peacock, 2 Orange Tip male & several females & Small Whites. Nick Ballard

Sunday 4th May
On a Branch field trip attended by 7, the morning's tally around Westley Heights included Grizzled Skipper (3 in total; 2 in Great Lodge & 1 in Knights), Orange Tip (4 male, 1 female), Speckled Wood 2, Green-veined White 2, Peacock 5 and Small Copper 1. Day flying moths included Small Yellow Underwing and Latticed Heath. We also saw two adders, one of which gave good views to all.
In the afternoon, we moved to One Tree Hill Country Park which, despite having good Grizzled Skipper habitat, failed to add our morning total of 3. However, Green-winged orchids in profusion and a most co-operative Green Hairstreak (unusually on the ground, possibly egg-laying - photo attached) more than made up for the lack of Grizzled Skippers. Other species seen during the afternoon included Orange Tip 2 (male), Peacock 3 and Holly Blue 1.
We also saw a Common Lizard (photo attached) and moths included several Pyrausta aurata. Many thanks to Graham Bailey for leading the trip. Click here for FULL TRIP REPORT. Tony Moverley

Devil's Dyke - Reach end to July racecouse section (Grid ref:TL567660) We walked from Reach to the racecourse. There were in excess of 20 Orange Tips (we lost count) at the Reach end, plus lots of Whites too active to positively identify. 17 Peacocks, two Green Hairstreak (photo attached). Four Holly Blues, a single Comma and a Brimstone by the disused railway. At the racecourse end we saw another three Green Hairstreaks, a cluster of 6 Small Tortoiseshell and two Brimstones. Rosalyn Payne
Kingfisher's Bridge (3 miles NW of Wicken Fen) (Grid ref:TL544732) Peacock 20+, Small Tortoisehell 6, Holly Blue 4, Brimstone 3 males, GV white 1, Small White 1 & Speckled Wood 1. Kathleen Rosewarne & Ian Barton
Hornchurch, near Rainham (Grid ref:TQ516848) On a short walk at Bretons Outdoor Centre, I came across Small Whites everywhere, 20+ Peacocks (photos attached), at least 10 Speckled Woods, 4 Orange Tips & a Common Blue ( I think ) it was bigger than a Holly Blue. It wasn't a sunny walk but nice & warm with not much wind. Janet Edmunds

The Roman Road (SE of Cambridge) (Grid ref:TL528519) I walked the Roman Road transect today with a total of 46 butterflies as follows: Brimstone 23, Green-veined White 7, Orange Tip 11, Holly Blue 2, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Peacock 1, Speckled Wood 1. Unfortunately, no Green Hairstreaks but when I got to section 8, the sun was behind cloud and there was nothing else either. Roger Lemon
(PS Roger adds the following: Please note that we have two new volunteers on the Roman Road, Jo Darlington and Rosemary Parks, so we should manage to cover most weeks this season. Many thanks to them for coming forward.)

Saturday 3rd May
Fleam Dyke (starting from the Balsham end) (Grid ref:TL570524) 10 Brimstones (photo attached), 5 Peacocks, 1 Comma, 3 Holly Blues, 2 Speckled Woods, 6 Orange Tips & 5 Green Hairstreaks (photos attached). Thanks to Nick Ballard who helped me spot the Hairstreaks, Charles Nicol
Kingfisher's Bridge (3 miles NW of Wicken Fen) (Grid ref:TL544732) Horse chestnut leafminer Cameraria ohridella, Nettle tap moth Anthophila fabriciana and James Cadbury saw 1 male Emperor moth Saturnia pavonia. Kathleen Rosewarne & Ian Barton
Rettendon (5 miles SE of Chelmsford) (Grid ref:TQ768982) First Peacock, very battered specimen, seen nectaring on Wallflower in garden. Ken Ulrich
River Stort (Essex bank near Bishop's Stortford) (Grid ref:TL491183) 8+ Peacocks and 11+ Orange Tips seen along a mile stretch of the Essex river bank. Tony Moverley

Friday 2nd May
Intermittent sun, 13 degrees and light wind on visits to:
1) Devil's Dyke - Burwell section (Grid ref:TL576651) Orange Tips 3, Brimstone 3, GV White 2, Peacock 2, Large White 1 (male), Green Hairstreak 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1.
2) Devil's Dyke - Newmarket section (Grid ref:TL615617) Orange Tips 6, Peacock 2, Small Tortoiseshell 2, GV White 2, Brimstone 1 (& ZERO Green Hairstreak).
All defied my photographic efforts except one very tatty Peacock. Jack Harrison

Westfield Farm Comberton, Cambs (Grid ref:TL380550) Large White 1, Small White 4, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Peacock 3. Tony Roberts

Thursday 1st May
Orwell Clunch Pit (Grid ref:TL365506) Speckled Wood 1 on transect. Tony Roberts
Great Chishill (5 miles SE of Royston) (Grid ref:TL425392) 1 hr 15 min wander around fields and lanes. Sunny spells, 12 degrees C but significant wind:

Also very pleasant to see busy Spotted Flycatcher, first here for several years. Jack Harrison

April 2008

Tuesday 29th April
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) Just one female Holly Blue and one Small White after the rain at lunch. Nick Ballard

Monday 28th April
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL460582) Very good numbers of Holly Blues indeed, probably the best concentration I have ever seen. Up to five at once and when the sun was shining, (sadly not all the time) about one sighting per minute. Males significantly outnumbering females. But the bad news is that I found them almost impossible to photograph. They just wouldn't settle for long enough. Just one picture (male). Jack Harrison

Sunday 27th April
Devil's Dyke (Grid ref:TL576651) Before the rain at midday - a few Orange Tips mainly male in the bottom of the Dyke (photo attached). Nick Ballard

Saturday 26th April
Louise Bacon, Vince Lea, Annette Copping & Dennis Murrell walked the full length of Devil's Dyke from Reach to Woodditton and recorded a total of 10 species of butterfly:

Fleam Dyke (Grid ref:TL543546) Lunchtime. 1 Small Tortoishell, 4 Peacock, many Brimstone (including several females), a few Orange Tips (also including feamles), a few Small Whites and after careful searching of the bushes in the bottom of the Dyke at TL545545) several Green Hairstreak - (photos attached - the first one how you normally see them and the second one if you're lucky and patient, close up). There were also several Holly Blues along the Dyke to the A14 . . mostly towards the Fulbourn end, but also along the bushes at the bottom of the Dyke. Nick Ballard
Palmerston Rd Allotments, Woodston, Peterborough (Grid ref:TL186579) 3 Holly Blue with several Small Whites and Small Tortoiseshell. Justin Tilley
Five Arches Pit, near Woodwalton (BCNPWT Reserve) (Grid ref:TL204829) Lots of Brimstones and Peacocks, several Large and Small Whites, one Comma. Rosalyn Payne
Monks Wood (north end) (Grid ref:TL196806) One Orange Tip (male) Brimstones and peacocks abundant here too. Rosalyn Payne
Rettendon (5 miles SE of Chelmsford) (Grid ref:TQ768982) First sighting this year of Orange Tip. Ken Ulrich
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL461580) In the morning, several Holly Blue and a Speckled Wood (photo attached). Nick Ballard
Offord Cluny (3 miles south of Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL218670) 3 Holly Blues at an ivy covered tree. Charles Nicol
Cambridge Botanic Gardens (Grid ref:TL453571) 6 Brimstones (4 male, 2 female), 2 Small White, 2 Orange Tip, a Holly Blue and a Peacock (photo attached). In addition, a Brimstone, Small White and a Comma on Cherry Hinton Road (Grid ref:TL469565). Jonathan Stephens
Stebbing (Grid ref:TL661244) 3 Orange Tips, 2 Brimstone, Large White, Peocock and Small Tortoiseshell. David Morrison
Hornchurch (Grid ref:TQ538860) Orange Tip, 2 Holly Blues and a Speckled Wood. David Morrison
Freewood near Elmdon, NW Essex (Grid ref:TL473395) In about 45 minutes in the afternoon; Peacocks numerous, every 70 metres holding territory. Comma 3, Brimstone 5, Orange Tip 3 male (first in Cambs/Essex this year) but too flighty to photograph. Small White 3 (again first in Cambs/Essex this year) (photo attached). Jack Harrison
Stanground, Peterborough (Grid ref:TL207964) One Holly Blue at mid day. Trevor Wilson

Friday 25th April
Ingrebourne Valley (Grid ref:TQ536842) 3 Orange Tips, 4 Speckled Woods, 4 Small Whites, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 6 Peococks and a Comma. David Morrison
Foxton, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL415481) Male Orange Tip through garden at about 1.6 m altitude...! Guy Manners
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL461580) Lunch in the sunny spells - 4 Holly Blue. Nick Ballard

Wednesday 23rd April
Great Chishill (private land) (Grid ref:TL426395) At 140 metres above sea level always a little later start to season here. Peacock numbers highest so far this year with a 1 kilometre grassland edge bordering hedges with one butterfly holding territory about every 75 metres. Additionally, a mere 5 Brimstones and 1 Comma seen on this walk. One unidentified white, most probably a Green Veined. One Tortoiseshell in garden. Nil sightings Orange Tips, nil Speckled Woods, nil Holly Blues this locality. (attached photo in fact from 22 April). Jack Harrison

Tuesday 22nd April
Orwell Clunch Pit (Grid ref:TL365506) Brimstone 1. Small White 3. Peacock 3 on transect. Tony Roberts

Hornchurch, near Rainham (Grid ref:TQ516848) On a walk to my local hedge row, I saw lots of Peacock butterflies, Small Whites & quite a few Speckled Wood (some photos attached). Janet Edmunds
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL461580) At least 6 Holly Blue (2 females - (photo attached); 4 Small White (possibly 3 - 1 may have been a Green Veined) one Peacock and the first Speckled Wood I've seen in the Cemetery this year. Nick Ballard
Bedfords Park, near Romford (EWT reserve) (Grid ref:TQ520922) Orange tip (male), several Green-veined whites & Peacocks. Also first teneral large red damselfly. Colin Jupp & Ian Phillips
Marsh Farm, South Woodham Ferrers (Grid ref:TQ815962) Several Peacock, plus Comma, Orange Tip male & female, Brimstone male and Speckled Wood. David Petts
Hinxton (near Great Chesterford) (Grid ref:TL496447) 3 Brimstones and a Large White. Jonathan Stephens

Monday 21st April
Lenton's Lake, Buckden (Grid ref:TL206664) 2 male Orange Tips, 6 Peacocks, 1 White, 4 male Brimstones, 2 Small Tortoiseshells & 2 Comma (photos attached). Charles Nicol
Comberton (Grid ref:TL388563) Brimstone 4, Small White 2 & Peacock 1. Tony Roberts
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL461580) Lunchtime: 4 Holly Blue (3 male, 1 female, including 2 males and female mating; (photo attached), 1 Small white. Earlier in Mawson Road nearby 1 male Brimstone. Nick Ballard

Tuesday 15th April
Buckden Towers (4 miles SW of Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL193679) 1 Speckled Wood (photo attached) at lunchtime. Charles Nicol
Langdon NR (Grid ref:TL662875) On a 45 minute walk round the reserve just 4 Peacock. Richard Bigg

Monday 14th April
Norfolk Street, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462584) 2 Brimstone in community garden. One landed to feed on Bergenia (photo attached). Keith Edkins
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL461580) A Brimstone (male), Small White and Holly Blue in sheltered spot in SE corner. Nick Ballard

Sunday 13th April
Ickleton (Grid ref:TL490456) 5 Small Tortoiseshells (photo attached) and a Peacock sunning on bankside sedges at lunchtime. A Brimstone about an hour later, just before the rain began. Trevor Sawyer

Saturday 12th April
Fleam Dyke (Grid ref:TL543546) At lunchtime, a single Comma sheltering in the remaining cover near the old railway, the only butterfly I saw on the whole length of the Dyke! Nick Ballard
River Stort at Rushy Mead EWT Reserve (near Bishop's Stortford) (Grid ref:TL495197) 1 fast fly-past Comma. Tony Moverley
Spaldwick (Grid ref:TL128724) 2 Peacocks and 1 Small Tortoiseshell (photo attached). Charles Nicol
Cambridge Botanic Gardens (Grid ref:TL453571) Comma and Small Tortoiseshell (photo attached). Jonathan Stephens

Thursday 10th April
Burwell Lode (Grid ref:TL581678) Several pairs of Small Tortoiseshells (photos attached) were noticed. John Hayton
Belton's Hill (7 miles W of Huntingdon) (Grid ref:TL128737) In the early afternoon: 2 Peacocks, 2 Small tortoiseshells, 1 Brimstone (see photo) & 1 Comma (see photo). The comma was very small. Charles Nicol
Barton (4 miles SW of Cambridge) Peacock in Barton Village, about 10am, then 1 Peacock, male and female brimstones and 1 fresh green-veined white in the garden, Barton in the afternoon. Louise Bacon

Wednesday 9th April
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) Today at Lunchtime - Holly Blue, Small White (photo attached), Comma & Peacock. Nick Ballard
Hinxton (near Great Chesterford) (Grid ref:TL496447) Saw what I think is a Green-veined white (photo attached), and a Comma today. Jonathan Stephens
Thrift Wood (Grid ref:TL792018) On transect 4 Peacock 1 Comma and a brownish butterfly which flew and was lost to sight before I could ID it. Most likely a Speckled Wood. Richard Bigg
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL178704) 5 Peacocks & 4 Commas (see photos). Charles Nicol
Cambourne On Transect, 2 Peacock then afterwards, a male Brimstone. Louise Bacon

Friday 4th April
Ham Lane, Peterborough (Grid ref:TL150971) A stunning (male) Emperor Moth (see photo) on the tyre of my car parked at the Natural England offices. Stella Baylis
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) First Small White and Holly Blue of the year at lunchtime today, plus a Comma and Peacock. Nick Ballard

Thursday 3rd April
Crow Green Fishing Lakes, Brentwood (Grid ref:TQ580967) A Brimstone and Small White reported by Michael Davies. Kathleen Black
Abberton Reservoir (EWT Reserve) (Grid ref:TL963185) Big numbers of Peacocks at Abberton today, a minimum of 16 just around the EWT centre. For any flower buffs, Purple Toothwort out well in Friday Woods a new site for me which I found last year and good to see it doing well despite the carnage around the area also Comma there. Andrew Thomson
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) First Brimstone I've seen this year, plus Peacock. Nick Ballard
Comberton (4 miles SW of Cambridge) (Grid ref:TL388563) Comma 3, Brimstone 2 & Small White 1. Tony Roberts
Girton, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL423630) Brimstone 2 & Small Tortoiseshell 1. Tony Roberts
Writtle, near Chelmsford (Grid ref:TL672060) A Brimstone, the first butterfly seen this year in my garden at Writtle. Richard Bigg
South Benfleet (Grid ref:TQ782875) A mating pair of Peacocks seen on her garden fence by Mrs Kathryn Birch (reported by Dave Chandler of H&M Branch)

Wednesday 2nd April
White-letter Hairstreak Project - Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton have sent in a progress report from their visit to Cambs, Norfolk and Suffolk yesterday (1st April):
Cambs TL58 - Littleport. We stopped at the first elm found, close to Little Downham and looked at the elm, several hatched wlh eggs were found on one twig. We then went to the 2km target outside Littleport but couldn't find any eggs. Map shows a historic record at 10km level?
For more information, visit the White-letter Hairstreak Project website.

Tuesday 1st April
Chelmsford (Grid ref:TL701090) One Small White in rear garden. Bruce G Brown

March 2008

Monday 31st March
Orwell Clunch Pit (Grid ref:TL365506) Small Tortoiseshell 1. Peacock 1. Comma 1 on transect. Tony Roberts

Palmerston Road Allotments, Peterborough (Grid ref:TL186975) Sunny weather brought out at least 8 Comma, 5 Peacock and 4 Small Tortoiseshell. Justin Tilley
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) One Comma and one Small Tortoiseshell at lunchtime. Nick Ballard

Sunday 30th March
Rettendon Common (Grid ref:TL768982) First Brimstone seen in our garden. Ken Ulrich
Fitzroy Street, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL456586) Male Brimstone. Roger Osborne
Waterbeach (near Cambridge) (Grid ref:TL495653) Brimstones x 4 males; Small Tortoiseshell x 4; Peacocks x 3. Roger Osborne
Devils Dyke, Golf Course side (Grid ref:TL622611) In the afternoon, 4 Peacocks plus reports from other walkers of Brimstones. Nick Ballard
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) Two Commas, 1 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 Peacock (photos enclosed). Nick Ballard
Brampton Wood (Grid ref:TL181701) 5 Brimstones & 10 Commas. Also 2 Peacocks at Alconbury (Grid ref:TL184757). Rosalyn Payne
Gamlingay, Cambs (Grid ref:TL237523) Small White, Comma and Peacock. Audrey Williams
Fowlmere, Cambs (Grid ref:TL420458) Lots of Brimstones and a single Comma. Audrey Williams
Chelmsford (Grid ref:TL701090) At Approx 12.15 hrs in rear garden, one Brimstone and one Peacock. Bruce G Brown
Madingley Hall, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL394605) 2 Commas chasing a Peacock this afternoon and one Brimstone seen a few minutes later. British Summer Time is here! (Click here for Comma photo). Trevor Sawyer
Comberton (4 miles SW of Cambridge) (Grid ref:TL388563) Peacock, Comma, Small White, Brimstone 2 & Small Tortoiseshell In the garden today. Tony Roberts
Great Chishill (5 miles SE of Royston) (Grid ref:TL425392) Brimstone x7, Peacock x 4, Commas x1.
See Jack's report and photo about Peacock wing damage due to predation here. Jack Harrison
Gwydir Street, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462583) One Comma in garden at 13:00. Keith Edkins
Coldham's Lane, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL472584) One Brimstone flying at 15:00. Keith Edkins
Charles Nicol reports single Brimstones at 3 different sites today: Godmanchester (TL248699), Huntingdon (TL217709) & Brampton (TL219714)

Saturday 29th March
Vinery Road, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL472582) One Peacock on a bungalow roof at 10:15. Keith Edkins

Thursday 27th March
Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge (Grid ref:TL462582) One Comma spotted at lunchtime. Nick Ballard

Saturday 15th March
Comberton (4 miles SW of Cambridge) (Grid ref:TL388563) One Brimstone in my garden. Tony Roberts

Friday 7th March
Castor Hanglands NNR, Cambs (Grid ref:TF120016) First Brimstone of the year for us today. Jimmy Frith (Warden)

Thursday 6th March
Chelmsford (Grid ref:TL701090) Small Tortoiseshell in back garden at approx 10.30hrs. Bruce G Brown
Orton Wistow, Peterborough (Grid ref:TL150971) First Brimstone of the year for us today at the Natural England office. Justin Tilley

Tuesday 4th March
Norwoodside, near March (Grid ref:TL414983) My first Small Tortoiseshell of the year out and about, looking a little scruffy, at the Network Rail Whitemoor site. Stella Baylis (Natural England)

Saturday 1st March
Wivenhoe (4 miles SE of Colchester) (Grid ref:TL036222) A Comma. Richard Allen

February 2008

Wednesday 27th February
Tinkers Field, Barton (Grid ref:TL408546) A Brimstone. Tony Roberts

Tuesday 26th February
Hall Marsh Scrape, Fishers Green (Grid ref:TL372016) My first Red Admiral of the year. Sandra Standbridge

Wednesday 13th February
Chelmsford (Grid ref:TL701090) Peacock in front garden at approx 12.20hrs. Bruce G Brown

Tuesday 12th February
Linton, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL574469) Brimstone on a bank covered with wild violets seen by John and Jean Harding (reported by Val Perrin)

Sunday 10th February
Hardwick (4 miles West of Cambridge) (Grid ref:TL375595) First Brimstone I've seen this year in my garden. Trevor Sawyer
Markshall Estate (4 miles E of Braintree) (Grid ref:TL841257) A Red Admiral seen by Joe and Linda Firmin (reported by Philip Smith)
Sawston, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL526622) A Brimstone seen by Mark Hows
Victoria Espanade, West Mersea (Grid ref:TM020123) A Peacock butterfly in good condition. Graham Ekins
Pudding Lane, Birch (near Abberton) (Grid ref:TL946195) One Red Admiral in hedgerow. Roy Ledgerton

Saturday 9th February
Barton, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL399549) A Brimstone in the garden. Vince Lea
Great Chishill (5 miles SE of Royston) (Grid ref:TL485497) A Brimstone (photo attached) in the garden. Jack Harrison
Hyde Hall RHS Gardens, near Chelmsford (Grid ref:TQ782994) A Peacock reported by H Cornish
Stanground, Peterborough (Grid ref:TL207964) Two Peacocks at approx 10.15 and 12.15. Trevor Wilson
Fleam Dyke (Grid ref:TL541549) A worn Comma at lunchtime today at the Fulbourne end of the Dyke. Warm and sunny, light wind. Nick Ballard
Hockley Woods, Essex (Grid ref:TQ834921) Singles of Peacock and Comma at 13.30 today. Alan Shearman
West Bergholt (3 miles NW of Colchester) (Grid ref:TL961277) A rather tatty Peacock butterfly was flying in the graveyard of the redundant church at West Bergholt this morning, my first butterfly of 2008. Philip Smith

Friday 8th February
Anglesey Abbey, near Cambridge (Grid ref:TL526622) one Red Admiral sunning itself on Mahonia. Roy Ledgerton
Chelmsford, Essex (Grid ref:TL701090) Peacock flying around in front garden (at 13.50hrs). My wife also saw a white Butterfly in back garden two days ago, but not quick enough for exact identity. Bruce Brown
Gamlingay Wood, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL241537) A Red Admiral, flew down one of the rides, and sunned itself on Vince's leg for a few moments, before heading off through the wood. Vince Lea & Louise Bacon
Barton, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL399549) A Peacock flying around the front gardens. Vince Lea & Louise Bacon
Witcham (5 miles W of Ely) (Grid ref:TL465806) Peacock reported by Tony Roberts

January 2008

Sunday 27th January
Hardwick, Cambridgeshire (Grid ref:TL352575) A Peacock. Vince Lea

Saturday 12th January
Hadleigh Castle CP (near Southend-on-Sea) (Grid ref:TQ800860) A Peacock. Andrew Woodhouse

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