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Use the form below to tell us about your butterfly sightings and read the guidelines at the bottom of the page if attaching any photos. Using this form helps us manage your records and will generally result in your sighting being published sooner.

Location information - please note: Grid references are valuable for accurate monitoring of butterfly population - four-digit references are fine. If the sighting is at or near your home address, we advise you not to give precise details in the location description or grid reference, since these will be made public on our sightings page. A general location description, such as the name of the village or site is usually adequate. If you leave an email address (which will not be published), we can contact you if we need more information.
You can use this easy tool to help find grid references.

Date (dd/mm/yy):
The date of your sighting in dd/mm/yy format.
Brief location, such as village or site name. Please read the note above about location information
OS Grid Reference:
Please include a 4- or 6-figure OS grid reference if known. Example: "TL5445". This mapping tool (external link) may be useful. Please read the note above about location information

Species seen:
Select at least one species seen.
Small TortoiseshellCommaPeacock
Red AdmiralPainted LadyWhite Admiral
Heath FritillarySilver-washed FritillaryDark Green Fritillary
Purple Emperor
BrimstoneSmall WhiteLarge White
Green-veined WhiteOrange-TipClouded Yellow
Speckled WoodWallSmall Heath
Marbled WhiteRingletMeadow Brown
Grizzled SkipperDingy SkipperLarge Skipper
Small SkipperEssex Skipper
Green HairstreakWhite-letter HairstreakPurple Hairstreak
Black HairstreakHolly BlueBrown Argus
Common BlueSmall CopperChalk Hill Blue
Small BlueAdonis Blue
Other butterfly
Your name (or who made the sighting), which will be listed on the sightings page.
Your email address will not be published or stored by us, but is useful if we need to contact you about your report.
Sorry, mailing a copy to you is currently unavailable
Any descriptive notes you wish to add, such as counts for each species, what the butterflies were doing, weather conditions, or anything else of note.

Photo uploadsIf you wish, you can upload up to three photos. Please read the notes at the bottom of the page regarding photo submissions.
Photo 1:
Please describe the photo, e.g. species
Photo 2:
Please describe the photo, e.g. species
Photo 3:
Please describe the photo, e.g. species

By submitting information on this form you agree that it may be collated and disseminated manually or electronically, including via the Internet, for conservation, environmental decision-making, education, research and other public benefit uses in accordance with the Butterfly Conservation data access policy. Names and contact details of recorders will be used for administration and verification purposes only. Your contact details will not be passed to other parties without your consent, whilst your name will form part of the record that is collated and disseminated in accordance with our privacy policy.

Submitting photos? Please read these notes:

  • Photos are generally linked alongside your sighting report and added to this year's photo gallery
  • Only JPEG files are accepted (.jpg file extension)
  • Please crop your photos before submission. All images will be resized on upload to keep them a manageable size. Apologies if they lose some quality in this process
  • Give each photo a subject/title: Just the species name will do in most cases.
  • Photos must be owned by you. You retain the copyright but grant us permission to publish the pictures on our website
  • We will not pass your photos to third parties, but we cannot prevent visitors taking copies of your photos
  • Be selective! Butterflies only please, and avoid multiple photos of the same specimen or species, out of focus images, butterflies hidden by vegetation etc. Exceptions can be made if the subject is of particular interest, such as a rare species or a butterfly exhibiting unusual behaviour.
  • Due to limited space on our server, we do not guarantee to host or publish every photo submitted. Please don't be offended if we don't show your photo! Those that are published may be removed at any time.

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