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First Sightings 2024

 Red Admiral 21st Jan Peacock 22nd Jan
 Brimstone 25th Jan Small Tortoiseshell 2nd Feb
 Comma 12th Feb

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We do not post Hummingbird hawkmoth (or other moths) records on this sightings page. Butterfly Conservation UK records sightings of migrant moths centrally at migrant watch

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February 2024
19thRomfordRed AdmiralZayed AhmedOne Red Admiral that attempted to feed on flowers but was buffeted away by wind.
18thSt Ives (TL306724)BrimstoneJeremy MilneSingle male flying in the early afternoon.
16thThorpe-le-Soken (TM179210)Red AdmiralRichard GreatRexA single Red Admiral flying in the garden in sunshine
16thHolme Fen (TL2089)Comma, Red AdmiralRosalyn Payne & Phil BromleyRed Admiral 1, Comma 1
15thnr St Osyth (TM144159)PeacockSimon CoxSingle Peacock settled on pale matting in our garden this morning
15thgarden Eaton Socon (TL166594)Peacock, BrimstoneSteve Bindinga lone male Brimstone flying around the garden followed by a lone Peacock ,in the lovely warm sun
15thWistow Huntingdon CambsBrimstoneRon HaroldOne male along garden hedge
15thLordsbridge (TL3954)Comma, PeacockVince LeaSingle Comma and Peacock around my home at lunch time, 10th and 11th butterflies seen by me this year. Butterflies 1-9 were seen in the previous hour.
15thLeigh on Sea, private gardenBrimstoneNicholas BarnettAmazed to see my first Brimstone of the year whilst putting the washing on the line. Male.
15thHaddenham Canbs.Comma, BrimstoneIan Dickerson2 brimstone 1 comma in the garden
15thGreen Island Garden, Ardleigh (TM055274)Red AdmiralClaire HarringtonOne butterfly enjoying the mild, sunny weather in the garden
15thCambridge (TL469570)BrimstoneEdward PollardSingle. First of the year for me
15thCambridge (Burrell's Walk) (TL442584)BrimstoneRob PopleMale Brimstone on the wing, c.13:05.
15thBovingdon Farm (TL7527)PeacockGeorge BrownVery mild with sunny spells. ! Peacock flying at field edge, 10.25a.m.
15thBasildon (TQ7087)BrimstoneChris Huggins
15thBarton (TL4155)Peacock, BrimstoneVince LeaOne Peacock and 8 Brimstones in Barton village and Lark Rise farmland. Very warm, but not very sunny and a bit of a breeze, nonetheless good enough to tempt out many hibernators - my first butterflies seen in flight this year.
12thSt Ives (TL306724)Small TortoiseshellBrian MilneA single Small Tortoiseshell flying in the afternoon sun.
12thCopperas Wood (TM202316)CommaRichard GreatRexA single Comma flying in the sun as we were coppicing chestnut.
11thNoak Hill, RomfordPeacockMartin Whitetwo peacocks basking in sun at 1pm
10thCottenham (TL4468)PeacockDavid BradleyMy first butterfly of the year. Peacock flying over a hedgerow on the edge of Cottenham.

Also, friend reported a Brimstone on the busway on Kings Hedges Road, Cambridge, opposite Kirkwood Road, 10am
4thGarden, Barton Road CambridgeRed AdmiralJeff RileyA single specimen in the garden at midday
3rdEssex wildlife Trust, The Naze , Walton (TM264243)BrimstoneJulian SidneyMale Brimstone seen, 12c light breeze,sunny, flying along hedge. Recorded on IRecord app
2ndWeald Common, North Weald Bassett (TL498039)Red AdmiralTom Simon1 Red Admiral on northern edge of Weald Common. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
2ndGreat Staughton back yard (TL132645)Small TortoiseshellSteve Binding15.30 pm Sunny a lone Small Tortoiseshell
flying around the yard. Also saw another one
in a Eaton Socon garden in St Neots.
1stpath near Woodditton (TL673576)BrimstoneJeremy Aldred1 male

January 2024
29thNoak Hill, RomfordRed AdmiralMartin WhiteFeed on Mahonia, then settled on ground
28thRomfordRed AdmiralZayed AhmedOne quite small Red Admiral fluttering rapidly in the afternoon sun, 10°.
28thBarrington (TL4049)Red AdmiralPaddy GroveOne flying in cold but sunny conditions (Photo(s) supplied: photo )
26thFoxton (south) (TL417477)PeacockGuy MannersSurprisingly one Peacock heading north on east (leeward) side of hedge
25thDry Drayton, Cambs (TL381624)BrimstoneVal PerrinMale brimstone flying in garden at lunchtime. Temp 11.5 degC. Damp, mainly overcast conditions, faint sun. Could be my earliest ever year's sighting of this species.
24thHollow Pond, Leyton FlatsRed AdmiralNicholas BarnettMy first butterfly of the year bolting out of the gorse eastern borders of Hollow Pond.
24thA13 Tarpots Crossroads South Benfleet (TQ882773)Red AdmiralDavid ChandlerFlying above the traffic in a moderate breeze.
22ndSutton Gault (TL4279)PeacockRob PatridgePresent in garden during short spell of sunshine.
21stHardwick garden (TL372594)Red AdmiralTrevor SawyerRed Admiral searching around the garden for somewhere to shelter from the increasing wind. Quite active in 9C and rapidly rising temperatures even though no dull, cloudy weather. (Photo(s) supplied: photo )

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